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WSJ: Tackling Bitcoin Price Swings, With Eye on Emerging Markets (Abra, BitReserve, Xapo, SurBTC)

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Bitreserve Lets Bitcoin Users Gamble on Gas Prices

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New company Bitreserve protects against bitcoin price volatility

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Bitwage partners with Bitreserve for Bitcoin price hedging, and with Xapo for spending Bitcoin via Visa card

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Bitreserve Lets Bitcoin Users Gamble on Gas Prices

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Bitreserve Lets Bitcoin Users Gamble on Gas Prices

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Bitfinex introduces Tether. DIE RIPPLE, DIE!

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I just received some Gold from BitReserve!

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Bitreserve is open for business!

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CNET Founder set to launch bitreserve.org within days!

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Coinapult Locks vs Bitreserve price comparison

Now that Bitreserve is opening up, there is a lot of discussion of their fee structure. I have been using Coinapult's Locks service, which has a simple 2% spread. Bitreserve claims to do USD hedging for 0.45%, which would definitely be an improvement. Upon closer examination, though, this appears to be deceptive marketing.
The services
Coinapult Locks - https://coinapult.com/locks/info
Bitreserve - https://bitreserve.org/
  1. Deposit 0.01 BTC into a hedged account.
  2. Withdraw whatever remains of my 0.01 BTC
  3. Calculate the round trip cost
I did the above steps for each of the 3 currencies shared between Coinapult and Bitreserve (USD, EUR, GBP). Coinapult also supports gold and silver, while Bitreserve supports CNY and JPY.
Coinapult results
These came in almost exactly as advertised, and I was able to view these rates before completing the transaction. Each time the rate was guaranteed for 15 minutes, giving me time to evaluate the rate before committing to the transaction.
Bitreserve results
Wow that was difficult. The "Bitcoin network fee" on deposits doesn't make any sense, as I paid network fees myself. Since it is likely a flat fee, I did the round trip percent calculations with and without this ridiculous and badly named fee. I also was not shown the price I would get before depositing, so I had to figure this out after completing the transaction. They are even worse for withdrawals, where the price was never shown to me, not even after completing the transaction. The only way I was able to determine a withdrawal price is by dividing the fiat deducted from my account by the amount of BTC I received.
[EDIT: Changed formatting to make numbers more readable.]
[EDIT 2: Proof of fees charged by bitreserve added below, since they have been called into question.]
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Payments Startup Uphold to Use Ledger Vault

Payments Startup Uphold to Use Ledger Vault
French crypto hardware firm Ledger will provide its technology to American payments startup Uphold to improve security, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 13.
Formerly known) as Bitreserve, Uphold will reportedly incorporate Ledger’s institutional custody platform Ledger Vault to boost its anti-hack protection by adding an additional layer of security.
J. P. Thieriot, co-founder and CEO of Uphold, said that Ledger Vault integration was mainly driven by customer demand for thorough security measures.
According to the press release, the integration of Ledger’s tech will enable a number of key benefits for Uphold, including a multi-authorization governance model, support of new ERC-20stablecoins and other proxy assets such as the Universal Protocol-based tokens, among the others.
Ledger Vault first rolled out in May 2018 as a digital asset security tool targeting institutional investors. The firm subsequently announced that it was expanding its business to New York in November 2018, also appointing a former Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) executive as head of global operations.
Recently, Ledger announced that Canadian crypto exchange National Digital Asset Exchange (NDAX) would use Ledger Vault to secure its assets.
Yesterday, major crypto exchange Binance announced that the platform was planning to fully resume deposits and withdrawals, following a major hack that resulted in the loss of $40 million worth of bitcoin (BTC).
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What can I do with Bitreserve?

In the process of responding to another reddit thread, I realized that my answer was addressing not just the poster's questions, but a number of questions I have seen redditors ask in one form or another about the company I work for: Bitreserve. So I thought I would create a new post to share my thoughts with a larger audience.
Thanks to @_Sheaf for the inspiration to write this us.
What can I do with Bitreserve once my bitcoin is in pounds/euros/etc.?
Good question. I hear this question a lot, and I think the answer becomes much more apparent when one simplifies the question to, "what can I do with my bitcoin?" or "what can I do with my dollars?" But I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth, so let me answer the question directly.
Bitreserve allows you to store digital money in the cloud. We are a wallet that gives users the choice of storing their value in dollars, euros, yuan, yen, pounds, gold, and/or bitcoin. Then, when you want to use your money for anything, you can use bitcoin rails to do so. Want to send someone money? Want to buy something at a store that accepts bitcoin? Want to speculate on the price of bitcoin or the value of gold? Want to store your money safely outside of a traditional bank, in an institution setting new standards for transparency? Yep, Bitreserve does all of those things.
Which brings me full circle -- I want to reframe this question as, "what can I do with the money I have at Bitreserve?" And the answer is: anything you can do with bitcoin, you can do with the money you have at Bitreserve.
Another question worth answering is the inverse: what can't you do with Bitreserve?
For starters, we do not yet touch the legacy money system. That means you cannot yet transfer bitdollars directly to your bank account, or conversely, you cannot yet transfer dollars to your Bitreserve account to get started, nor can you yet use a credit card to buy bitcoin from within Bitreserve.
Rest assured, we want what everyone else in the industry wants: we want to create a future in which digital money is the dominant form of value transfer in the world. Why? Because we believe that digital forms of value divorced from the traditional and opaque banking system are inherently more democratic, and will lead to a more egalitarian world. This is why it is a priority for us to build the necessary bridges, such as ACH, SWIFT, PayPal, Credit Cards, to help people emigrate their money to this new vision for the future.
Can I transfer it to a traditional bank account?
Not directly. At least not yet. Bitreserve is currently bitcoin in/bitcoin out only. And while I don't see this being the case forever, I also think one challenge we face in the industry is to eventually help people dispense with this feeling that they need to constantly be moving money between legacy and digital money systems. That is important right now, because we are in a period of transition, but eventually the need to store so much of our wealth in these older systems will diminish as services like Bitreserve, Coinbase, and Circle bring more and more utility to the world of money.
We like to compare the advent of bitcoin to that of email, when some would print their email prior to reading them. This is an anachronism now, but once upon time, it was neither crazy or that uncommon.
When my value is in dollars/pounds/euros, is it still just bitcoin?
This is a common misperception because this is how companies traditionally solve this problem. Our competitors, for example, "peg" bitcoin to the value of the dollar. In this model, value is not stored in physical dollars. Value instead is hedged through the use of futures and options.
At Bitreserve, when your value is stored in dollars, you are not holding bitcoin. You are holding value backed by physical dollars in our reserve.
Upon hearing this, some people ask, "but doesn't this defeat the purpose of bitcoin?" An understandable question - and I suppose if you are someone who believes strongly that the only way to bring legitimacy to bitcoin is to hold bitcoin, and to hold anything else would betray your ideals, those of the community, or of Bitcoin itself, then yes, I suppose for you it would defeat the purpose.
However, we want to create digital forms of value that people feel safe in using. Because long term stability will only come from people using digital money in their everyday lives, and if we want that to happen, then something has to be done about bitcoin's volatility. Period. Holding bitcoin because you think it's value will go up can only hurt the aforementioned goal, because it leads to hoarding, or to the destructive feedback loop of speculation.
What are the pros/cons of transferring between currencies on Bitreserve?
On the "pro" side of this equation, transferring value between currencies can service multiple goals:
  1. When you transact in a currency often, it is helpful to denominate some of your money in that currency. Most of us use only one currency in our lives. But those of us who travel a lot, or who routinely send money home/overseas often use multiple currencies on a regular basis.
  2. If you are a speculator, then using Bitreserve to instantly move between one currency and another at a very low cost is hugely valuable.
  3. And if you are moving money from bitcoin to any other store of value, you are able to escape the volatility of bitcoin that can make it scary to hold.
The only con that I can think of is cost. And while Bitreserve is committed to driving down the costs of money, every exchange on our network has a small exchange fee.
How does this work with gold?
Gold works like any other asset on the platform. When someone converts dollars to gold, we use the corresponding dollars in our reserve to buy and secure gold in a vault. We do not use an ETF. We possess real physical gold bullion.
Of course holding gold personally, e.g. in a vault in our office, in the quantities that we do and plan for is not wholly practical for Bitreserve at this time, not to mention practical for anyone really, therefore we have partnered with GBI as our Gold exchange and storage partner. We even had the pleasure of visiting one of their vaults to inspect the reserves ourselves. I will never forget the look on our founder's face when he got to see and touch a giant pile of gold bricks, and then got to hold one of those bricks in his hand. Awesome.
What advantages does Bitreserve have over an exchange?
First and foremost, our members get to take advantage of instant settlement. When you move dollars to bitcoin, the bitcoin is available instantly to be spent or sent elsewhere, or to be exchanged again for another store of value. No waiting. No settlement period.
Second, we have very competitive rates that are clear and simple. We have no spread either, which means we are not able to hide costs behind a relatively opaque notion most consumers aren't well versed in. And if you are a gold trader, we have no holding fees, which can dramatically change the cost overhead for holding and transacting in gold.
To wrap up - the value of Bitreserve is in the eye of the beholder. Those who are fanatical about bitcoin, and who feel that anything other than bitcoin is not to be used or trusted - well, Bitreserve may not feel like the best service for you. Those who are interested in participating in the world of digital money, but whose month-to-month budget cannot accommodate the price volatility of bitcoin -- well, Bitreserve might be perfect for you because it leverages the best of what different forms of money have to offer to create a service that removes much of the fear associated with switching to a new money system.
(update: minor grammar edits, and a few word choice changes)
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Bitcoin is the future of money. Is it?

Before I go into my story let me introduce myself.
I work in the financial services sector, live in New York and am new to Bitcoin. Recently, I’ve decided to give a try and buy some bitcoins. Everyone talks bitcoin so I wanted to evaluate the future of the currency for myself.
First, I googled the most popular ways to buy bitcoins. Decided to start with the exchange.
After reading numerous stories about Mt. Gox, bitstamp and other exchanges decided to register with Coinbase for the reasons you all probably know. The basic registration process was straightforward and simple. However, in order to buy bitcoins you have to go through verification procedure. You need to link your bank account to Coinbase, provide your billing address and in case if you want to make buying bitcoins instant you also need to link your credit card. So you provide the same information you need to provide to any US bank to be able to buy bitcoins. There is no anonymity or privacy. It’s a myth. Then you buy bitcoins. You would expect instant transaction but instead you have to wait 4-5 days for the transaction to complete. So if I need to buy something with bitcoins the same day – I can’t. Moreover, the worst part is that while you are waiting for the transaction to complete the price of bitcoin fluctuates. In my case, it fell 15 USD which was more or less equal to 10% of the price of btc on the day of purchase. So btc lost 10% value against USD while I was waiting for the transaction to complete. In addition, you also have limits. You cannot buy more than 1000 USD worth of btc in one week. I thought this was totally ridiculous. What was the reason for going through all these verification steps if you are still facing limits? However, as I am new to btc decided to give another try.
This time I registered with Coinbase Exchange. Again, you have to provide your SSN and link with coinbase account. When you register with the exchange Coinbase opens so-called “USD Wallet”. You can now transfer USD to this wallet and then instantly transfer them to btc or trade in the Exchange. However, the transfer again takes 4/5 days.
I was totally disappointed by how the whole system works. I thought bitcoin users were treated like some kind of criminals. I wasn’t simply asked to verify my identity by providing all the usual KYC information, but I also faced buy/sell limits (1000 USD a week), 4/5 delays in transaction completion. Moreover, I had to provide all my bank details to Coinbase. I felt like I had no other choice as to trust Coinbase despite the fact that they disclose very little information about security measures they implement to store my personal information. Moreover, Coinbase was not different from any bank around the corner with its KYC procedures.
Anyway, I thought it was too early to give up. Decided to try localbitcoins. Unfortunately, I experienced another disappointment. Bitcoins are sold in average with 6-7% premium. And you have to pay this premium every single time you buy btc. You also have limited options for buying btc: Moneygram/WU transfers, national bank transfers, paypal transfers and gift codes. From all these options the only instant and acceptable option was paypal. However, the seller of btc requested my photo holding some ID for verification process. Here you are not dealing with Coinbase, which is supported by NYSE, but with some ordinary guy who God knows how treats and secures the information you provide to him. I understand the reasons why he/she asks for the verification but still find it irresponsible to trust this person. I have no idea who he/she is and how he/she handles the information I provide (in case of buying using paypal).
Of course you can also buy with cash. I tried that option as well. Buying with cash involves arranging a meeting with some stranger somewhere in your town. So you have to arrange the time and place to meet and both of you should agree on this. Then you have to carry cash with you, which is another risk. And of course you wont carry over 1000 USD especially if this is your first transaction with some stranger. Finally, again you have to pay around 10% premium.
Then I found out about guys from LibertyX. I read some of their interviews and thought they were trustworthy. They claimed that one could buy their so-called Qpins in big stores nationwide and redeem them for btc. However, when I visited their website it turned out that I had some outdated information. In reality it’s possible to buy Qpins only from small stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They recommend calling the stores before visiting them. I followed their advice, but not a single store in Manhattan answered my call. So I decided to try my luck and go there without speaking to them on the phone. One store was out of business. Another one claimed that it didn’t sell bitcoins. In such case LibertyX recommends calling them, as they know how to handle such situations. So right from the store I called LibertyX. Guess what? All their operators (probably 1 or 2 people) were busy to answer my call. So decided to go to Brooklyn. And again one store was closed and the other store manager didn’t know what I was talking about. However, after 30 minutes of explanation the store manager finally figured out how to find in their system Qpins and sell them to me. Overall, the whole process took 1.5 hours. I came home, logged in to LibertyX website to redeem the pins and receive btc. They also collect personal information. I entered my real name and address. Their system gave an error message saying that it couldn’t verify the information I provided and asked me to send verification information (scan of ID). In order not to lose my money, I had to provide them the scan of my ID. Then I had to wait a day for my account to get verified. Please, note that they also have 1500 USD weekly limit.
I am a stubborn guy and I hate banks enough to give another chance for bitcoin to prove itself as future currency and therefore I decided to try bitcoin ATMs instead of all methods described above. I visited coinatmradar.com to locate the nearest ATM. I found three ATMs in Manhattan and two in Brooklyn. Visited all of them and didn’t find any ATM in any of these locations.
Finally, decided to try to register with the European exchange to compare with the US one. I couldn’t even register with them because Europeans avoid providing financial services to the US citizens. My attempt failed. The same happened when I tried to buy bitcoins through VirWox.com.
So here are my conclusions.
  1. Buying bitcoins is not anonymous.
  2. Unless you use cold storage/offline solution you do not hold bitcoins but some institution like Coinbase does.
  3. Buying bitcoins is not a straightforward process, is time consuming and requires risk acceptance.
  4. Buying bitcoins is expensive. You will normally pay 10% premium when buying for cash or paypal. This premium equals to a dream annual return of most hedge funds (and their investors accordingly).
  5. You have to verify your identity when buying btc through exchanges or companies like LibertyX. You go through the same procedure as when opening a bank account.
  6. There isn’t any operating ATM in New York. This is due to “bitlicense” uncertainty. However, even if bitlicense is implemented not a single ATM would operate profitably under money transmitter licensing.
  7. You face limits when buying bitcoins. Coinbase and Circle have 1000 USD weekly limits. LibertyX has 1500 USD limit. Localbitcoins doesn’t have limits but you cannot buy btc using debit/credit card. Moreover, when buying through localbitcoins you have to be aware of scammers.
  8. The high cost of buying btc can potentially offset the benefits of low transaction costs. It might be cheaper to use your debit card.
Therefore I don’t see a single benefit of dealing with bitcoin instead of fiat (i.e. banks) in current environment. There is no “killer app” requiring you to go through all the above procedures to buy bitcoin. I think the only people who are willing to go through all this hell in order to buy btc are the ones who use them illegally in the dark market, some enthusiasts/revolutionists/anarchists who believe in the long run success of btc, hate banks and current financial system; and people who either trade btc or use it occasionally for some purchases online. I don’t see how mass adoption can happen if you cannot buy bitcoins with two-three clicks online. I don’t understand who would wait 4/5 days to get btc when the price fluctuates every 10 minutes.
What I do now is I buy btc using Coinbase. Then I send them to bitreserve.org and hold them in different currencies. However, even if I want and need to buy btc instantly I simply cannot do this. If instant buying is possible then I have to pay high premium. I find it much cheaper to use my debit card and pay bank fees, which are nothing in comparison with the premium to buy btc.
Please, prove me wrong or enlighten me. Maybe I am missing something.
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If there are even 1,000 people like me.....

Then the price of Bitcoin will climb over time. I started buying in Oct. 14, and I will be converting 2% of every check into BTC for the entire 2015 year as long as my portfolio does not fall below 50% in value (USD). I am convinced that this will not happen because I hold BTC as Gold and USD (Bitreserve). I keep the proportionality of the fund distributed as per the current sentiment.
Leading up to this formidable crash over the last 24 hours, I was only holding 30% as BTC. The result so far, since Oct., is that my fund is up 20% in total BTC, but -15% in total USD value. This is compared to almost -50% in the overall BTC market price. I plan on benefiting greatly when this ship turns around, and I can't help but to think...
Are there another 1000 just like me out there in the world, and what will that mean for the price in the future as we lap up all the goods.
With my current fund set up (between several family members) the price would have to fall to ~ $20/BTC for the fund to fall below 50% in value. In the same vein, my BTC holdings would rise > 650%. In some ways it feels like the only way to lose is to stop paying attention.
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So optimistic about bitcoin right now; bring on OB, Augur, Wall street money, scaling then the halving!

I have been in the game since late 2013 and that was the last time I felt as much buzz about bitcoin as I do now. From now until early next year I see;
Open Bazar Augur Wall street money coming in (Gemini, ETF and other channels) Scaling advancements including a block size increase Bitreserve now Uphold getting mainstream traction et cetera
When some of these give us a major price run up (which we might be in the early stage of right now) and make news the media reporting will not be mocking bitcoin, there will not be CNBC/bloomberg douchebags laughing and rolling their eyes at the idea that buying bitcoin might a good investment, a lot of average Joes will releases there is something real here.
That will take us nicely to the lead up to the halving at which point major, widespread fear of missing out will set in and continue the buying run up sending us to the moon.
The only 2 risk factors I see which could set this momentum back are adverse laws in major jurisdictions and no action on scalability and a block size increase.
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[ACTUAL SHILLING] Let's see who's defending Uphold over in /r/bitcoin.

So there's this company, Uphold, which basically made up most of their balance sheet by introducing a 100% premined cryptocurrency, Voxel.
They claim to operate as a full reserve, but the nature of their assets doesn't match the nature of their liabilities. If you remove all Voxel assets and obligations, there's a negative balance. Note that this is according to the balance sheet they publish themselves which is not audited in any way (they don't even publish their BTC addresses and provide signed messages).
Just three days after it was on /buttcoin, /bitcoin noticed it too. In that thread, several people defended Uphold. Let's have a look at them.
There's bittyboyboo with this comment:
OP is a Redditor for 12 hours, but sounds like a long-time and serious Uphold hater. Wonder why?
Uphold is an awesome service and I use it to move money from my UK bank account to my UH wallet to buy BTC. They are the cheapest and easiest way to buy and sell BTC that I've found. What's cheaper than free? What's faster than instant?
There's enough legit Garza/Gox action in cryptoland without bad-mouthing the only company that publishes what they are doing in real-time. OP--you sound like the insolvent (and butthurt) scammer.
The user history shows just three other comments, one hating on Cryptsy, one recommending another service, airtm.io, and, one month ago, a recommendation of Uphold.
Now you might say, okay, so this guy is just a satisfied customer who doesn't like to post a lot.
So let's go over to bitgoldtruth with this comment:
OP is way off and sounds like he's a competitor spreading FUD.
Uphold is centralized, so I don't use them, but they are legit and have become a very important part of the BTC ecosystem.
I've looked a the Voxel (VOX) as a potential scam (because that's what I like to do)-- see my previous posting history about Paycoin, Bitgold, etc.
Voxel is a pre-mine, but it does have a very specific real-world use-case-- the purchase of content on Voxelus.com.
UH puts it all out there on their transparency page, which is the only reason OP could do this analysis. I applaud that transparency.
TL;DR: Voxel not a scamcoin, Uphold is solvent and the only financial service in the world that I know of that is 100% transparent in real-time. Instead of bashing UH, why not demand that Circle and Coinbase and Bitstamp also implement real-time transparency.
You might not like their management, but there is no denying that they benefit BTC by offering an excellent and innovative service.
Again-- I don't like them and don't use them, but let's save cries of insolvency and scamcoin for the company's that deserve it. I've been guilty of this myself and now am much more careful. There's plenty of bad guys in this space, but UH is not one of them.
Looking at their posting history, you see them defending Uphold with an almost identical post three days ago, defending Uphold two months ago, calling Bitreserve (the old name of Uphold) legit eleven months ago and hating on Cryptsy. Also, they seem really sold on the idea that Bitgold, a competitor to and one-time opponent in court of Uphold, is a scam. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Well, you say, that's just a guy with a strong opinion, isn't it?
Let's go over to CaptainCloudMoney, who brought us this comment:
OP is full of BS.
Uphold is demonstrably solvent if you know how to do math.
The only reason OP can pretend to do the math is Uphold publishes a real-time accounting of their assets and liabilities.
I'm a long-time UH supporter and investor and they just keep getting better and better. The market values innovation and UH is by far the most innovative company in the fintech/crypto space.
And for the record-- I'm long voxels because it's a bet on the future of virtual reality, which I have little doubt will do to video what video did to radio.
Uphold FTW!
Now if you go through their comment history, it's basically one big Uphold advertisement, and before that, one big Bitreserve advertisement (as you remember, the old name of Uphold). I won't go into detail here because it's really that obvious, but note that they're also plugging airtm.io (and again), just like our four-comment friend bittyboyboo did.
Well then. I think we can close the case now, Uphold is just a great company with a lot of satisfied users who all love Uphold and will defend it by attacking anybody who posts something against them. There is absolutely no foul play going on here.
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Bitreserve - hourly compounding (0.15%) - fast cheap deposits

[SEE EDITED CONTENT BELOW] Bitcoin's meteoric rise grabbed attention. A less volitile price would bring the crypto world more respect. Bitreserve's flat interest can draw investors when BTC prices are bouncing around.
Check out Bitreserve. It returns BTC instead of Bitconnect's USD. Tiny hourly percentages add up to better end of days. You can use Litecoin to turn the transfer fees into pennies and time into minutes. Please use my reference link below. Search the web for 2018 videos. Reviews are appearing daily. UK company with verification.
Please note that there is a minimum investment of 0.001 BTC. So compounding is restricted by BTC returns of this size.
If you background research “Bitreserve”, here is the story you will find:
Bit Reserve Coin https://bitreservecoin.com/ Bitreserve was also a precursor to Uphold. https://uphold.com/en/press-media/posts/press-release/bitreserve-now-uphold-integrates-with-the-global-financial-ecosystem It was even linked to gold. https://techcrunch.com/2014/12/03/bitreserve-brings-bitcoin-to-the-gold-standard/ This was CNET’s Halsey Minor’s project. https://www.coindesk.com/qa-halsey-minor-bitreserve/ Minor’s (and Thieriot) name is even on this SEC document. https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgadata/1600903/000160090316000001/xslFormDX01/primary_doc.xml There is even a dot com. http://bitreserve.com/
Bitreserve is on www.whois.com https://www.whois.com/whois/bitreserve.io But not on whois.icann.org https://whois.icann.org/en/lookup?name=%20bitreserve.io
Complaints beginning to pileup. https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/bitreserveio/slidell-louisiana-70458/bitreserveio-bitreserveio-is-a-total-scam-they-took-my-investment-and-blocked-me-from-l-1424834
The Coin Journey’s withdraw proof. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ze6LaNvavI The Coin Journey’s subsequent warning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svyhtbdwqTA
The MAD Crypto Show withdrawals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_qK91-BkGQ The MAD Crypto Show subsequent complaints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFoML51lT2U
The website that just went down is “bitreserve.IO”. Currently Bit Reserve Coin and Uphold remain active. Also, remember the SEC “document”. It was for Bitreserve LTD.
I do not like erasing content once it is circulating. Rather, I prefer editing so that the information can be consider in the time-frame it was deliver. You know like that permanent ledger some people are chatting abouts.
This post serves to update the following: https://www.reddit.com/Bitreserve/comments/7q5j30/bitreserve_hourly_compounding_015_fast_cheap/
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Bitreserve update.....

A month ago there was lively discussion about Bitreserve.
Since then, their leverage ratio has increased to 19.55 to 1 and their capital has dropped $4K to $124,000 even though the price of Bitcoin has increased. This is a higher leverage ratio than allowed for a bank.
I qualify that this is only based on their reported status; they may have other financial resources (e.g. paid in capital, capital commitments from investors).
From June 11:
You are not "over reserved" any more than a typical bank is. If this is your full balance sheet you have about 14.47 to 1 leveraged (i.e. 6.9% of assets as Capital). This is calculated as assets/(assets-liabilities). You have about $128,000 in Capital, each 10% increase in the value of the GBP will blow away $19,000 and each 10% decline in the value of the Bitcoin will blow away $18,000. You are also exposed to the risk of a bank failure. If the bank holding your USD reserves goes under, only $250,000 is insured. You would need other sources of liquidity while you wait to get the rest.
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Price does matter, unless you use Bitreserve

There is really no need to miss out on the security blanket that is Bitreserve. I have had zero issues, and no worries. I hope they fulfill their mission, all the while staying as transparent as possible.
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Bit Money

Bitmoney.eu believes that anybody and absolutely everyone must be capable to gather bitcoin. Bitcoin ensures that your cash will not disappear, ever. It is extraordinarily safe and secure to preserve as non-public money, as well as making transactions.
Bitmoney.eu is aiming to launch Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and different common deposit card charge methods in the coming months. Additionally, Bitmoney .eu is additionally looking to extend by featuring more widely used price alternatives on their web site in the future, opening up to even more human beings across Europe.
Bitmoney.eu two makes the technique of shopping for bitcoin effortless and efficient, especially in view that clients are now not required to have a bitcoin wallet before purchasing. Bitmoney.eu serves as a platform to buy bitcoins, while additionally automatically developing a bitcoin pockets for customers who do now not already have one.
Bitmoney en bitgeld zijn de nieuwe termen voor het beschrijven van de huidige digitalisering van het geld en de ontwikkeling van nieuwe digitale toepassingen voor het verrichten van betalingen. Twee duidelijke voorbeelden van bedrijven die ook werken met deze termen zijn o.a. BitReserve two en BitGold .
Bitmoney.eu dares to distinguish themselves from other on line buying systems via supplying a very various decision of payment methods, and is proud to have the SOFORT two payment choice built-in with their platform.
Bitmoney.club two proposes the secure activity. However, to avoid possible loss the business enterprise is constantly replace contingency fund. In the case of force majeure situation all company's buyers can assume to acquire money back minus the income they obtained earlier.
Overall, Bitmoney.eu two is an convenient online price platform that focuses on simplifying the manner for European clients to purchase bitcoins. Bitmoney.eu launched in the past in 2017, and currently accepts popular European fee techniques like SOFORT, as properly as Giropay, iDEAL, and many others.
Bitgeld of bitmoney verwijst naar de vogue dat de wereld van financiën en onze geldstromen volledig aan het digitaliseren zijn. Het meeste geld bestaat in digitale vorm als nummers op een laptop scherm van banken. Er is een duidelijke trend waarbij het gebruik van contant geld wordt ontmoedigd. Tegenwoordig moet je je bijna schamen wanneer je met contant geld naar de financial institution stapt. Dit is natuurlijk belachelijk en ik zal deze digitaliseringstrend in BITGELD duidelijk aan de kaak stellen. Er zijn behoorlijke risico's verbonden aan deze ontwikkeling.
That is why Bitmoney.eu is looking to increase on the payment strategies they have currently, such as iDeal, Sofort, Bancontact and GiroPay. Recently, Bitmoney.eu has also brought ecoPayz into the mix — a famous price choice within the gaming sector, as well as everyday purchases.
To purchase Bitcoin through Bitmoney, you ought to first create an account and get verified. Once that is done, you can fill in our purchase shape to make your order. You will be guided thru our charge go with the flow then directed to your impervious banking surroundings of the price method you choose. When you whole the order there, you will then be re-directed returned to Bitmoney with confirmation for your order and your bitcoins will be in your wallet rapidly after.
On top of these 5 methods, Bitmoney.eu has additionally simply added TrustPay as a fee option on their platform. TrustPay is a financial institution transfer-type service that is two processed in real-time and broadly used in the Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovakia. TrustPay accepts euros (EUR) and Czech koruna (CZK) for currencies, with a most of 5,000 EUR or 5,000 CZK per transaction.
One of the unique features about Bitmoney.eu is that we will robotically create an e-wallet for you. Unlike many other online price structures and exchanges, there is no want to create a wallet earlier than you go to buy. Bitmoney.eu works with the gorgeous and well-trusted Spectrocoin in order to create secure wallets for new customers. However, clients are free to use other, non-Spectrocoin wallets; you can additionally checkout with a wallet if you already have one.
Buying Bitcoins has by no means been easier. Since Bitmoney .eu two has opened its on line portal, it is now viable to purchase bitcoins all round Europe the use of some of your preferred online price methods, together with iDeal, Mistercash/Bancontact, Sofort, and GiroPay.
Bitcoin is a impenetrable and non-public way to maintain cash -- it guarantees that your money will now not disappear, ever. Owning bitcoin is as correct as gold, solely in digital format. Bitmoney.eu believes that bitcoin need to be for anyone; every person and anybody have to be capable to gather such a secure form of money.
Cryptocurrencies are advancing significantly, and it is only a remember of time earlier than they turn out to be definitely mainstream. Bitcoin is a long way extra superior when compared to different cryptocurrencies as its price continues to grow exponentially each year. With their headstart, Bitmoney .eu is searching to be at the very front of this new and upcoming technological trend with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
We’ve all experienced the small victory of a beneficial trade rate, however what if you may want to make the most of these fluctuations on a each day basis and a larger scale? The dynamic overseas exchange market offers a prosperous investment opportunity, but only if you understand how pleasant to capitalize on its potential. At BITMONEY.CLUB, we specialize in navigating this problematic landscape on your behalf, so that you can take a seat lower back and watch your investment grow.
Bit cash additionally refers to a new development. The development and software of new digital economic units, functions and fintech companies for supplying other picks for the company of our personal finances. The peer-to-peer financial system is developing swiftly and thanks to all kinds of new varieties of cryptocurrency and digital currencies and tokens, in addition to the regular digital currencies such as the Euro, we can use two Bitcoin two to elevate out our financial affairs barring the intervention of banks. Bitmoney or Bitmoney refers to these new trends and technological applications. All these things will be mentioned on this blog Bit Money. In fact, two crypto currencies characterize two new choices to our modern fiat cash system. Questions and troubles regarding our modern-day financial system will also be discussed.
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Is Uphold being smeared by a person/group?

Besides Coinbase/Circles near monopoly on the exchanging of usd for btc, there really aren't too many options out there.
I think Gocelery is a joke, whatever algorithm they use to determine the current bitcoin price is nearly always rigged around $5(sometimes more) in there favor. Seriously, GoCelery is a horrible alternative, and there UI looks like it was created using a template by a temp they hired for an evening.
Enter Uphold. Very elegant, unique design to a usd/btc exchange in the ecosystem. I really like the card system, and its all really easy to use. They offer transfers at 0% fees, and debit/credit cards with about 2.5%. IMO, this exchange has the potential to steal coinbase/circle customers, so there does seem to be incentive to silence a competitor before they can ever really gain market share.
There has been a string of negative publicity around them recently, the problem is this
Redditor for 1 month, all of his posts are negative hits on Uphold(not including his "lol" comment, because that is a shitpost)
Now, why would someone do this? Personal? I have no idea, but there obviously would be economic incentive for other companies/groups to smear a competitor in a monopolized market.
Furthermore, here is a response from an employee I found buried in one of his "hit pieces".
Essentially, he subtly hints that the OP has no real understanding of how "capital, FX, trading and liquidity works" and also hints that hes suspicious of ulterior motives behind these insolvency "attacks".
I like using Uphold, its a breath of fresh air in the USD/BTC arena. I don't however, wish to get goxed, but I'm willing to give Uphold the benefit of the doubt right now, as it does seem something very nasty is going on.
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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 - YouTube 80 Trillion Dollar Bitcoin Exit Plan - YouTube Is Bitreserve the best Bitcoin return on Investment? 3.5% daily returns with hourly payouts Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Episode 115 The Most Realistic Bitcoin Price Prediction for October ...

Adoption Bitcoin Bitreserve. Bitreserve’s API is the first time developers and businesses have been provided with access to its financial services platform, or any other cloud money-like services. Bitcoin price: $259.51 (£175.98, ... Bitreserve recently revealed that since launching four months ago, more than $10m worth of transactions had been made through its platform. Bitreserve offers to convert bitcoin into eight fiat currencies and four precious metals. “Built for a post-trust world, Bitreserve’s real-time transparency system eliminates the opportunities for fraud and destructive risk-taking that have caused the collapse of banks and other financial institutions throughout history,” the startup's ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. Bitreserve seems to understand the world-changing potential of digital money, showing its commitment by helping people take advantage of Bitcoin. The firm believes that by helping to remove billions of dollars in fees and commissions charged by financial institutions, it is creating a more fair and equitable world.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020 - YouTube

Try out bit reserve for yourself - DO NOT INVEST MORE THAN YOU ARE WILLING TO LOOSE!!! MY FAVORITE CLOUD MINING PLATFORMS: Hashflare - https://hashflare.io/r... In order to choose which precious metal to invest in, I check out the long term price charts for Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum. And I show you why I chose to turn a $6 CDN (0.0202 BTC ... Bitreserve CEO Anthony Watson on the company, its business model and the challenges bitcoin faces. Watch Deirdre Bolton talk about Currencies, Financial Services, and World Markets on Risk And Reward. BitReserve CEO Halsey Minor discusses Bitcoin price volatility and what to do about it. Bitcoin price is set to rise in 2020. Let's take a look at both the technicals on chart and on chain activity to see how those holding Bitcoin for longer tha...