Best Bitcoin Casino – Reviews and Bonuses (2020)

Earning cryptocurrencies: FaucetPay Faucet "Big BTC"

In this first article dedicated to a faucet that relies on FaucetPay (here the dedicated article), we will talk about one of the oldest sites for earning cryptocurrencies. First, access the site by following the banner below and perform the classic registration.

To earn free cryptocurrencies you need to sign up for BigBTC: you simply need to enter your Bitcoin wallet address to log in automatically.

Once logged into BigBTC, you can immediately make the claim in the center of the page. You will earn an amount of 8-10 Satoshi in Bitcoin while the waiting time to be able to run it again will be 5 minutes. At the bottom of the page, your referral URL is always visible, which will make you earn 20% on all claims made by your subscribers.

You can further earn cryptocurrencies (in this case BitCoin) by running the daily Claim Bonuses or watching videos on MoreTVTime.

If you are lucky, you will also be able to win the Jackpot that will be loaded with a certain amount of Satoshi - based on the amount of claims made by users on the site - only for a few hours before resetting.

The transfer to the FaucetPay Bitcoin wallet is set at 200 Satoshi.

Under the Account heading at the top you will find all the information relating to your accumulated amount on the site, the total Satoshi earned and the Withdraw button to transfer everything to FaucetPay.

Under Refer, in addition to your referral link, banners like the ones you can see in this article are also available.

See you soon for a new chapter!

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[CryptoNovel] Smells like Satoshi spirit (Part One)

Hi, all. I'm CryptoWukong([email protected]).
As an enthusiast of blockchain and cryptocurrency, I wrote a novel in that area.
Because this novel is my first work, it may be a bit sloppy or boring.
But if you could cheer me up with a little interest, it would be very helpful for me to write my next novel.
I will share this novel in a two or thtee part series, and this is part one. Enjoy your reading.
*Legal Notice: This post is for the purpose of providing personal works, so please be careful in your utilizing them. You cannot copy, distribute, edit the contents without my permission and you may be subject to legal disadvantages if you break this notice,.
Joseph woke up from his sleep, groaning in agony. Was it just a hangover or did he have a dream of his palmy days? Anyway, now he just hate himself for drinking like a dog last night. His former scoop lay on the floor to welcome him, as if it is proving that he was not suffering from a hangover after getting his heavy body out of bed.
「Satoshi Nakamoto, the serial killer of Satoshis」
After gulping down cold water, he feels as if he can remember last night like a film that is scattered everywhere.
It happened a few years ago and it was quite forgotten by the public, but when he looked back on it, Joseph even thought he'd rather have not had the scandal.
Satoshi, who launched Bitcoin in early 2009, paved the way of new monetary and financial systems in the world and disappeared along the way. However, developers who saw its potential continued to develop and apply, and as time went on, more and more people participated and added value into it. Thanks to the effort, Bitcoin showed off its influence from some point on, even the existing financial institutions could not ignored anymore.
But in the process, those who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto began to appear, and at one point such persons began to be murdered without any trace. Joseph, who was a big fan of blockchain and cryptocurrency, was personally and professionally interested, and he sensed that he could do something big as a reporter. It was a really good touch, and became a reality in the end.
(Doorbell ringing)
"Joseph, are you home?"
Yesterday, Henry, who is Joseph's younger friends from school, rang the doorbell and yelled.
"Jo, are you in there? Did something happen to you?
(Knocking on the door strongly)
Henry began knocking at the door with frustration.
"Stop it. I'm coming!"
Joseph opened the door calmly, as if it wasn't the first time this had happened.
"Hey, what are you doing without answering your phone?"
"What do you think I did?"
"Have you been sleeping? Oh my,,, I thought something was wrong."
Henry was concerned about Joseph and often visits him because Joseph became depressed seriously. But Henry is not always welcomed when visiting and taking care of him .
As going inside the house, Henry saw the article about the scandal on the floor.
"I think we should go out for some fresh air and to eat. I don't want to see you depressed so pitifully at home"
"Come on, Jo"
When Henry tried to pull him out of the house, Joseph took his hat pretending to not to be able to resist.
It was a normal day as usual, but the world was changing day after day. Especially in the economic field, the whole world is experiencing an era of transformation into a new economic and financial system.
The advent of Bitcoin in early 2009 had a significant impact on the existing status of the US dollar, yen and other currencies, and governments, central banks, and even major companies in developed countries began to seek strategies to take the lead in the new financial era by benchmarking it while keeping an eye on the growth of Bitcoin. When they were ready enough, they calmly waited for the biggest bubble in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, even intervened to make it happened.
However, the moment big bubble broke, major countries have revealed their hidden claws, and the maximum bubble began to burst, Bitcoin slowly descends into glory for several reasons. Meanwhile, China was the first country to seized the opportunity to get token hegemony.
Joseph and Henry, who decided to have brunch, settled down in the corner of their favorite restaurant.
"I think China was very clever"
Henry spat out as waiting for the menu he had ordered.
"What are you talking about?"
Joseph replied, looking out the window as if he was not interested.
"Look. China, which was cracking down on cryptocurrencies at the national level, issued national token based on Proof of Work. It was a big surprising. In some way, they would have preferred the most intuitive and straightforward method of proof as a one-party state, and they were probably confident that they wouldn't lose the computing power initiative based on the abundance of energy resources. What's interesting is that the token name is ONE. I think it was derived from the national slogan 'One China', but it's ironic that network on Proof of Work could bifurcate at any time"
"That's reasonable explanation"
Joseph said bluntly as getting the ordered meal as if he were slightly interested in talking.
"Another interesting thing is that China issued 1.5 billion tokens. They seem to have set the volume to fit its population, meaning one token for one person, and it revealed China's socialist characteristics in that way"
"Maybe it's true. China's socialism, highlighted by Deng Xiaoping in the past, highlighted everyone becoming wealthy under the Communist Party's leadership. And based one the socialism, it outwardly appealed to the people that each person can have one token, while inwardly controlling hash power to roll in money just like the way the vested interests did in the past. This is it. They pretended not to be interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies but spent a lot of money in researching behind the scene"
Joseph finally gave his opinion as showing off his knowledge.
"Wow, you are awesome, Jo. Anyway, I think it's a bit scary how China has been through because they are still trying to emerge as a global hegemonic power over the U.S., even after they experienced trade dispute were with the U.S. and then wept away by civil war"
"In that sense, the U.S. accepted the token economy in their way and turned it into a token economy democracy."
"I know what and why they did. As we know, there are 50 states in the U.S., and they have the same numer of validators. In particular, I think it was Hail Mary that they issued national token based on Delegated Proof of Stake(DPoS). That way, they can measure how much the value of local brand is through competition in good faith while maintaining communities' uniqueness. More surprisingly, they could keep U.S.' unique electoral voting system based on DPoS in every election including the presidential election"
"Maybe it was good to get election campaign fund at first. Actually, it was easier to pay cryptocurrency than fiat money, and at that time, it was a lot better to get cryptocurrencies because their price showed a constant boost. The politicians who knew much about cryptocurrencies won their elections, and even the president who was friendly toward cryptocurrencies, sympathized with pro-cryptocurrency Congress, and they altogether made the new thing called 'the tokenized economic system'. Even the Federal Reserve colluded with the administration and Congress on the condition that it maintained its existing mandate and power. Only ordinary people worshipped the innovation and then had nothing left in the end"
"Well, this is another story but ordinary people like the basic income system though. As artificial intelligence became common, our jobs were threatened first. In the old industrial revolution, we expected that new technology would create new jobs. But this time it's totally off the mark. In that mood, there was a consensus on the introduction of the basic income system. We've solved the problems of the basic income system in the past: lack of tax revenue and distribution of the revenue. But the problems were solved by issuing token. It also reduced the cash in the underground economy. I feel like a new world has influenced in many ways"
"That's because we've now got a mature society where people could be satisfied with their basic income and happily do what they really wanted to do. Fortunately, we've established a lot of places to use the token income rapidly. The bottom line is that both basic income and token focus on utilization, not possession. So far, it's been successful"
"There you go, Jo! As you said, the token system was a timely technology and policy."
Joseph finished the meal with a slight frown shrugging off compliments.
"Satoshi Scandal..."
Joseph exhaled as small as a sigh.
The scandal began with a well-known Australian developer who was one of victims in a series of murders where those who claimed they were real Satoshi were killed one by one. The way of killing was cruel and the scenes of the killing were as dispersed: the US, China, Europe, Asia and so on. While cryptocurrency supporters got widly excited about that, the national investigative agencies just looked incompetenct in the serial killings for slow investigations. Soon after, they began tracking it in a worldwide collaboration. At the same time, Joseph was inspired by his animal instinct and persistent research finally pointed Satoshi out as the serial killer, and this scandal was his biggest scoop.
As a result, Joseph became a star journalist, and registered his personal token, then his personal token exchange rate skyrocketed. He even established a one-man media company with his name, making himself a famous journalist.
However, when the world's most collaborative investigative agencies fell into the sidekick of the scandal, the governments and authorities of those countries involved in the investigation have rather sacked Joseph through media brainwashing and have accused him of being a serial killer. When Joseph was in the midst of popularity and persecution, the joint investigation authorities were closing in on a suspect of serial killing.
Eventually, the suspect committed suicide, leaving behind a suicide note with a private key in Satoshi wallet containing one million bitcoin. So the scandal of the century came to an end, and Joseph remained an issuemaker for a while at the same time as the charges were cleared. Meanwhile, Bitcoin marked the last rally for the highest market ever since the scandal.
"Since then, Bitcoin used its last strength..."
"What? What did you just say, Jo?"
"No, it's not a big deal. Let's get out of here"
Joseph went outside with Henry in a hurry.
Some days later, Joseph stopped by his favorite bar and sat on the place where he always sit. He just sat staring for some minutes, listening to bar songs. But soon, all kinds of thoughts came across his mind. He didn't want to admit it, but he'd rather die than being treated like a has-been because of his damn pride. What's more annoying is the reality of Joseph's personal token exchange rate, which has been on the decline.
It has not been long since there has been the individual token system, but it has become a global trend with demand exploding, mainly for influential people. With the introduction of the token economy system in full swing by country, financial authorities were able to make personal tokens that is linked to the national token through screening by the financial authorities, and these individual tokens were valued according to the national token in real time. The national token is based on the median wage of employees in the country, so higher than 1 means more than the middle class, and lower than 1 means there is no economic leeway. If you comply with the regulations of the authorities, you'll be able to build many business models based on individual tokens such as staking, loans, dividends and so on. Indeed, new era has come when individuals have become small economic players, and big individuals and corporations with influence are second only to a single bank or financial system.
Joseph's personal token exchange rate blinked on his smartwatch screen. Since he made him famous with the scandal then, his token rate was ten times more than the current rate but the reality is harsh now. Nevertheless, the reason for living his life is that there are people who support me like Henry with the faint hope that one day he will be able to hit another jackpot.
Henry, his younger alumni, has been working as an influencer in a decentralized autonomous organization(DAO) created by a well-known businessman. While one had a single identity as a nation's citizen, they now has another strong identity in the token community where each belongs. Feeling the same sense of homogeneity in the same community, participants are engaged in social activities aside from one's nationality and religion, and are also engaged in token-based consumption activities.
Joseph suddenly wanted to see Henry, but decided to have his own time this time.
He took a laptop out of his bag to write a column, trying to ignore his crumbling pride. Maybe it was because of the slight drunkenness, he wanted to write an article about a serious topic.
「Return to Sash caused by aliases and anonymity, coincident or inevitable?」
Bitcoin, which was released in early 2009, paved the way for cryptocurrency transactions that can be traced through distributed ledger technology thanks to 'aliases', although it can't certain who the transaction participants are. However, 'aliases' evolved to 'anonymity' as it met the desire to protect personal information that was close to human instincts over time, and eventually combined with advanced electronic cryptology and a huge token economy. Indeed, swiss bank accounts that anyone wanted to have went into their digital asset wallets. But no matter how anonymous it is, the moment a technical defect occurs or is transferred to a non-anonymous coin, its anonymity disappears and the transaction details may be exposed. Meanwhile, the government believed that they had secured a master key to open the token world by establishing a perfect token tracking system that would be possible to trace any transactions. But unlike that judgment, when the token economy permeates the daily lives of the whole generation, the token system with anonymity technology spread to the world without any problem. And then developed countries that have studied and monitored token system for a long time finally concluded that leaving uncontrollable anonymity and token economy would be such a handicap to gain vested interests in the future. This life-and-death check created unexpected repercussions: conflicts between the old and new generation.
The old generation, who was still accustomed to cash, began to return to cash in protest against the government and the young generation, who recognized tokens as daily currency from their birth, ridiculed the old generation and used them even more as the government kept them in check. By then, however, a fatal flaw in the anonymity protocol occurred and there was a great confusion when the biggest bubble in cryptocurrencies including bitcoin fell at a similar time. In conclusion, there was a rift in trust and support for decentralized tokens due to their aliases and anonymity which were considered safe, transparent and able to protect personal information. Also, major crypocurrencies, which had high brand value, just survived and became a means of preserving anarchists' assets. At the same time, some developed countries have been eager to promote national tokens, claiming that the only reliable assets including even anonymous tokens can be developed well only by nation. Is it just a coincidence or is it inevitable that all the suspicious events took place in this process?
Joseph suddenly lost his concentration wondering whether it was hard to write or it was because of a drunkenness. And he decided to edit it later and got out of the bar. There were many people on the streets friday night, and he strode home past the crowd. No one in the crowd recognized him unlike the past, but he still remembered himself and people back then. After the Satoshi scandal, many expected more provocative and conspiratorial articles from Joseph but he hated it. However, he instinctively began to pour out attention-grabbing articles to keep his fans from being forgotten. Was that a wrong judgment? He had had his day after the cryptocurrency bubble burst. Like so many tokens, he also lost his own value because he failed to show sustainable talent. But tonight he wrote for a long time and felt like he's back in the old days. As if he wants someone to know his feeling of pride, he is lost in his thoughts again sitting on a roadside bench and watch people passing by.
Although current Bitcoin's symbolism and impact has been considerably ruined compared to that of its former, he thought it was 'falling of glory' that would one day happen anyway. Because Bitcoin has shown enough value and possibility, other token projects have experienced less trial and error and are able to settle at a faster rate, and Mass adoption of the token has built up a big industry and brought forth a new paradigm for real economy.
The point here is why it fell from glory. It is widely believed that the reason was not one, but exploded at a certain time with a variety of reasons.
First of all, the scandal turned Satoshi out to be a brutal figure, who had had apparently existed but not at the same time. Some even raised the conspiracy that Satoshi's suicide note with the private key on his wallet was fabricated by the government or authorities, and that the real killer was definitely a puppet of the authority. Whether it's true or not, what's clear is that Satoshi is recognized as a cruel being in most people's brains.
Another reason is the ambivalence of the token. Although the Internet, for example, has shown immediate news and innovation that has given birth to big data in the past, many events and accidents that might have been ignored quietly, have spread rapidly throughout the world through the Internet. Eventually, the Internet platform turned into a political propaganda tool that the world is violent and so must be able to calm the turmoil only with force. The blockchain, which is more than Internet-wide and highly leveraged, has also had a special economic mechanism called 'token', although it has built a huge distributed network and instant digital community like Internet. But when this trait combined with human greed and crowd psychology, a 'New Totalitarianism' has been triggered. This was possible because the extreme supporters of Bitcoin and the anarchists built up spiritual solidarity, feeling homogeneity with each other, and tokens including Bitcoin became their economic basis. New totalitarian community that transcended nationality was inspired by the cunning incitement of shadow governance, causing bloodshed and terrorism in many parts of the world. And in doing so, such events drew the limits of Satoshi's spirit on its own. Then, Satoshi became a negative perception among people asid from the image that he was just a murderer.
However, there is a certain reason for its fall of glory: its bubble is over. As Satoshi was finally found to be a serial killer who committed suicide, Bitcoin recorded the highest-ever rally, and presented the biggest bubble ever in history. But soon the marketcap of cryptocurrency shrank due to the lack of network security affected by the endless political squabbling of ASIC mining groups or other big groups and the intervention of the market by powerful institutions that looked at Bitcoin as an eyesore.
Joseph suddenly became confused as thinking about the rise and fall of bitcoin he had covered in the past. He just wanted to go home for a rest. Looking back on bitcoin's history, which once raised expectations that it would replace u.s. dollar as well as gold, he felt some similarity with it because it was over-rapped with his history.
When he arrived at the front of the house and opened the front door, he saw something through a gap under the door. He found a briefcase stuck in a gap under the door and began to figure out what it was. He reached out and carefully pulled the corner of the envelope, wondering who stabbed a newspaper or something that he didn't subscribe to. And he found four letters written just below it, along with the words 'supreme confidentiality'.
Source :[SatoshiCode](
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We are now in July of year 2019. Bitcoin is making big waves in the world, Facebook is creating their own Libra coin, and US president said that he is not fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies... That only means that big changes are ahead of us, and that we are in the brink of new era. Crypto is the new standard now, so fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

People want FAIR and SIMPLE systems, and they want to have some FUN in everyday lives. It is rear for me to see some good and interesting crypto projects nowadays, but from time to time I do find some gems and nice projects worth reviewing. One of them is:


What is Ethex.Bet? Ethex.Bet is Ethereum smart contract lottery game with great prizes and big chances to win. It is provably fair and secure cryptographically. Players need to guess the Etherium block hash using their bet transaction, and that makes it impossible to cheat, and in the same time makes it very exciting game to play.


Very easy. First thing you need to do is to visit official EthexBet website and install Metamask extension in your web browser: Then you need to guess last hexadecimal numbers of Ethereum block hash using numbers from 1 to 6. More symbols you match, prize will be bigger. With Ethereum on your Metamask address you can bet minimum amount of 0.01 ETH for each symbol. Once everything is ready, click the "PLACE A BET" button and confirm Ethereum transaction with your bet. Wait for miners to calculate the block with your transaction and smart contract. Cross your finger :) and if you WIN then please click GRAB YOUR PRIZE! Can't be more simple than that, but please first read the rules here: Good Luck!

You can play EthexBet on any computer and mobile device, smartphone or tablet. For mobile devices you will need to install Coinbase Wallet application from App Store or Google Play ( iOS, Android ) Then create a wallet, open it and go to the DApps section in the bottom bar and type You are now set to go! Good Luck.
You can also use mobile Firefox browser with Metamask extension, and you will have exact same result. It is always good to have more than one option for sure.
Before you start to play with real crypto, I recommend that you try and play in Demo Mode. Get to know how it works, and then use real crypto.


First, play smart and never invest more than you can afford to loose. Then you should know some basic rules for Ethex.Bet platform, and decide if you want to have low or high risk when playing. If you guess correct one or more symbols you win. If you choose group of symbols you will have higher chance of winning but prize will be smaller, and if you want higher risk simply choose specific symbol and your potential prize will be greater. Exact prize is proportionally divided between all winners of that block.
You can also win Jackpots, and there are Daily Jackpot, Weekly Jackpot, Monthly Jackpot and Season Jackpot. There is also a big Superprize with current potential win of 180.830531 ETH You need to guess all 6 last symbols of the hash to win this amazing prize.
Process of deciding the winner of jackpot is very simple. When the block of jackpot is mined, smart-contract uses its hash to convert it into the number and then count every bet registered for the jackpot. If there are less bets than the hash number, it starts again until hash number ends. Jackpot winner is the bet before the count ends. I think this is clear and everyone can understand how it is working.
Chances for winning are much higher than regular Lotto and Powerball, and remember that you need to guess only last 6 hash symbols for ETH block.
OK, now enough talking from me... go and try it yourself :)


Some people would say, ok but what advantages EthexBet have when compared to other similar platforms and regular Lottery?


One of the real use cases for cryptocurrenices is platform like EthexBet. Idea of predicting Etherium hash block is brilliant, and I think there is a space for EthexBet platform to grow even more and offer more games with this or some similar model. Maybe including Bitcoin blockchain in the game? I contacted EthexBet team regarding their plans for the platform, and I would like to write second part of this article with new and fresh information. Play Safe. Play EthexBet

Important Note: Please do your own research and investigation. I am not your financial advisor, but rather a crypto enthusiast researcher !
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Decentralized applications on TERA platform

Decentralized applications on TERA platform

Implementation of blockchain technologies provided a solution that allows to refuse of use of central servers for storing the database and to entrust them to a distributed registry. For the first time it was implemented through the example of digital currency – Bitcoin. Then enthusiastic programmers, who focused their attention on the opened opportunities, went further. They began to implement their ideas and supply new tools, laying the foundation for the digital system of the future. In such a way, smart contracts and decentralized applications appeared, presented to the user as software products for wide variety of spheres: business, entertainment, communication… Virtual blockchain began to obtain visual outlines.

Leaders in creation DApps

Ethereum became the first blockchain project that allows the creation of smart contracts and DApps.
But programmers faced difficulty - low transaction speed, which was limited to 20 tps. In 2017, EOS and TRON acted as projects that found a solution. They collected millions with the help of ICO and drove by roadmap.
On the one hand, indeed, the shown speed was significantly different and gave the opportunity to develop DApps (TRON - 1200 tps, EOS - 4000 tps). Although Ethereum took the lead in the number of created in its blockchain applications, taking a head start in two years, the competitors who appeared on the market began to drain-away developers to their platforms. For April 2019 EOS ranks the first in the number of unique users (171k) and transaction volume ($ 3 bln), TRON - the second (71k, 600 mln). This is despite the fact that more DApps allocated in Ethereum. The only thing is that transaction rate both TRON and EOS was obtained detriment of decentralization. Both projects work on the PoS consensus algorithm, and this is already a reason not to consider them decentralized. As for Ethereum, its blockchain with each fork also gradually moves towards the final transition to the PoS consensus. While the main developers justify their actions by that the PoW algorithm has already outlived itself and the distributed registry running on such a consensus cannot provide the characteristics, necessary for full-fledged DApps functionality.
That is not so!

Attractive advantage of TERA

In 2018 the TERA Foundation blockchain project was launched, which proved that it is too early to throw PoW into the past, if only because it copes brilliantly with security issues.
The author of TERA Yuri Ivanov by combining the sha3 and secp256k1 encryption algorithms in cryptography achieved excellent results, guaranteeing 1,000 transactions per second. And the architecture features of the TERA blockchain have higher capabilities - 5,000 tps. Moreover, this speed is not the limit, but without a network load test it’s early to talk about other numbers for the moment.
Anyway, we already see that currently provided speed allow the creators of DApps to embody their ideas. Language of smart contracts JavaScript facilitates the challenge. Some developers together with the creator of TERA did not waste time and for a relatively short time period of the platform’s existence placed into its space a number of really decentralized applications, that are now available to all wallet owners.

What DApps are on the TERA platform

So, what is currently available for use to members of the TERA community?
TERA decentralized exchange and a multi-currency wallet
The first decentralized platform for the cryptocurrency exchange is already in operation.
To be honest, for the present is only in one, but the most important direction - TERA / BTC.
Meaning that those who wish to purchase a coin can use the sellers' offers, placed on the platform, without turning to other exchanges where TERA has already passed listing.
Upon that, thanks to the latest update you can create a BTC account that will be bound to the main one. For sure increasing the number of cryptocurrencies for both trade and storage will increase the attractiveness. However, this is just a question of time and monitoring with what time intervals updates are released there is a confidence that it will not take long to wait. Moreover, to the topic of wallets and coins it pays to add that TERA allows you to issue your own tokens.

Services for business
Special attention is given to decentralized applications that help to conduct business activities and other dealings. For example, DApp "Promise" is available. By activating a smart contract the seller fixes his obligations with a bounded frozen account without money. The buyer studies the conditions and if they are suitable for him, he transfers the specified amount. Then goods are forwarded, or services are being provided. When deal is fulfilled, the buyer defrosts the seller’s account with the payment received. In case of refusal, the case is regarded by the escrow - the creator of the smart contract.
There is a DApp "Frozen", where you can freeze funds on your own account until the specified date or until a specific block is generated.
A great way to avoid money wasting and to hodl some coins for a desired period.
Other applications are in the planning stage, that will facilitate business processes conducting on the blockchain directly between the parties, without intermediaries.

Gambling admirers comprise a third of decentralized applications users. Therefore, among the DApps hosted on the TERA blockchain, entertainment from this area began to appear. There are a double bet game, a lottery and a one-armed bandit (slot machine). The slot machine evokes associations with the very first mechanical gambling machine of 1905.
It also has 3 drums and one pay line. But the functionality allows you to win the bonus round with 5 free spins and increased prize payout. Yet truth be told, you should be careful.
Personally, I’ve got the combination giving the jackpot x 200 bets, but as I later noticed the winning did not arrive in the account. Therefore, record the evidence of such things just to be on the safe side.
By the way, after the post about these errors in Discord (, the reply followed immediately. The reason was that for the convenience of the player the slot does not wait for 8 seconds, which are necessary for the blockchain to confirm the block, but returns results earlier. But if there is a case of a lost block, an error occurs, where diamonds symbols are shown on the drum.
It was reported about the immediate update of the client version with the corrected drawbacks of previous one.

Online shop
The platform operates an online shop with toys on the game Minecraft subject. For TERA coins you can get soft toys, souvenirs and other goods with the next day delivery in Moscow and within 5 days to other cities of the Russian Federation.
But it will be no difficulty for other salesmen to join and offer their product range. Creating an online store does not require much time, cost or special efforts. It will take several minutes between the decision to open the goods sales point on a decentralized TERA platform and fully realized project. It is enough to load feed with an assortment and prices. Moreover, all data is stored on the blockchain, which excludes needs for hosting.
The buyer studies the product and if finds something interesting for himself, makes an order. A clear interface with a full functional basket is available to fulfill the order.
Payment is commission-free. The seller observes the process through the admin panel, which informs him about the state of affairs and reports the change of good statuses during all stages - from the moment of adding to the basket to delivery to the buyer.
The money paid for the goods is reserved on the buffer account at first and only after the buyer receives his order, the seller receive the amount of money to his account.

Other DApps
The first resources for communication appeared on the decentralized platform. This is a forum and dating chat.
Arcade games started to come in, like Floppy Birds. This game already was able to prove that for a poor little bird it’s so difficult to fly, even in the blockchain space!
Especially when the flight takes place in the neighborhood of a virtual industrial town, where there are more pipes than trees, and they grow right before our eyes (in the truest sense of the word!)
Once again, I would like to remark that all this is really decentralized, it works and TERA is waiting for new developers, those who want to distribute and monetize their software products free, and what is more, in the most popular programming language – JavaScript.

What else would be nice to see on TERA

Virtual soil of TERA is just beginning to put out shoots of the first planted digital seeds, and in the blockchain space there is enough space for the flight of imagination when creating DApps. I will give as an example just the first that comes to mind, as well as taken from the statements of members of the TERA community on
Thus, would be great to see:
- platform for trading binary options, for a start at least on the same pair of TERA / BTC;
- browser for work with DApps and recommendations for building applications;
- a service for voting on the blockchain would provide transparency into the system of election in any sphere (such a proposal was received at Eurovision-2019, why not create it on TERA);
- author's rights patenting services for works of art, inventions and other intellectual property;
- a full-fledged forum where comments would be saved and could not be deleted (the foundation of such an application has already been laid);
- chess, backgammon, bingo, durak and other classic games;
- more games! Strategies, shooter games, exploration games... Suggest to take a deeper look to the hits of the 80s and 90s. Could be found what to remember and transfer to the decentralized platform TERA;
- fully functional casino with a wide range of entertainment: 3-line and 5-line Slot games, roulette, blackjack, poker, bets and other services of gambling industry;
- and so on and so forth.
If such ideas do not come to developers’ mind, feel free to contact the author of this article and he will share his own in the field of gaming and gambling, and help with their realization with the creative approach!
In the long run, what we need for everyday life? Tools to make money and ways to spend it.
The unique features of TERA blockchain make it possible to place both in it.
Plus they will be independent of any central administration and free of censorship.
To inspire developers for actions, the Chinese TERA community announced a contest with a prize fund of 165,000 coins.
Those who are interested in placing their DApps on TERA will be helped by DApp Paper -
And a couple of words to the developers: You can choose TRON platform, you can choose EOS or Ethereum. But what are your priorities? All these systems are in the hands of corporate owners, which leads away from decentralization. And those who want to get away from totalitarian control and give the fruits of their creativity complete freedom should consider the TERA platform.
The TERA Foundation website has a page with a special world map. It shows in real time how many full nodes support the blockchain operation- To be among the first means to participate in laying the foundation, that is able to withstand a powerful boost to the rapid development of future technologies. If there is no your city on the map, only a few minutes separates you from correcting it. Instructions for node installation will help to join the TERA community and make your contribution right now.
It can be found here:
Participation in the expansion of TERA encourages growth and development of the idea of freedom from central administration, which was stated when Bitcoin was launched.
These are not just fantasies or dreams, there are authoritative representatives of science who consider blockchains to be the basis for the economy of future, which will have no boundaries. And with the help of active participants full decentralization will come much faster. This development has no limits, since it is fueled by the independent striving, own free will and potential that is inherent in each of us.
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The True Dark Web - "Bitcoin Gambling Addiction"

The cryptocurrency craze has been nothing short of a phenom, seeing billions and billions of dollars created out of thin air, seemingly what felt like overnight has been nothing short of a marvel to watch transpire.
The headlines, blogs, forums all speak of new found riches, what seem like buried treasures found yet, as new high’s are made for Bitcoin and other currencies, new lows of self worth are discovered daily by the countless gambling addictions that have popped up with the rise and adoption of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
Available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, Samsung, etc, 24/7, 365 days a week at lighting fast speeds. Deposit bonus’, VIP raffles for “free bitcoins”, holiday bonus’, VIP trips, personal hosts - yup, it’s all in there and at times - it is magnificent.
However, that is the single most toxic thing about gambling addiction - if even for the briefest of moments, that time it is “magnificent’ takes a grasp so powerful, so determined and so unlikely to be found again until the hooks are set, play play play, reward, play play play, reward are deeply embedded into our cognitive behavior and we have conditioned ourselves to only derive happiness from the briefest of moments that the brain thinks are “magnificent”
I am one of those soul’s who lost millions of dollars, friends, close relationships, values, moral compass and most importantly - my ability to derive self worth, self love and empathy until I was almost too far down the rabbit hole to turn back.
Some statistics suggest nearly 80% of all Bitcoin’s in circulation are used for online gambling. They are the ideal currency for such gaming activities - anonymous, instant and can be broken down into payments both big and small.
I am writing this not to shun any operators nor the industry, I am writing this to let the thousands of people across the world who are in pain that no words can truly describe from the ruin and shame that go hand in hand with gambling addiction see that they are not alone.
The cycle of destruction that comes with gambling addiction is on par with the greatest of natural disasters. I have had the fortune of experiencing almost every type of addiction one could experience, nothing even comes close to the grip, power and intensity of online gambling addiction.
Now, I can understand those reading have little room for sympathy, after all, gambling addiction is and has been portrayed as one of the most shameful addictions one can develop that are stigmatized by both the media and in real life.
The goal of this is to not earn anyone’s sympathy, I do not feel like a victim - these are choices I made however, the US Surgeon General (whom I have the greatest respect for going against the grain) has coined (no pun intended) any addiction as a “Cognitive Brain Disease”. This means that the chemical makeup of one’s brain is altered and is not a choice. The brain gets rewired to release the chemical dopamine only when a jackpot or “near jackpot” is obtained. Perhaps a brief explanation of the “gamblers high” will help put things into context.
If I am playing cards, and let’s say I had a good run and am up $1 million. Each win experiences diminishing marginal returns, this means that the pleasure or “high” I receive from each win decreases with each bet. In fact, even if I won another $1 million jackpot while up $1 million, it will offer significantly less of a “high” than if i were to be down $1 million.
The gamblers high, as little sense as it may make to some, is not experienced when someone is winning money. The gamblers high truly kicks in when someone is down big and comes out of nowhere with a big win.
The speed and velocity of such a swing, down $1 million to up $1 million (we call that a $2m swing) is the true “high” and the rush of that high is so great we chase it leaving our lives, pride and self worth behind. The force of that rush is so intense, gamblers will intentionally bet irrationally to lose their winnings simply so they can experience that rush. Like I said, it’s the most vicious addiction I have experienced
New technologies that show the game is “Provably Fair” allow players to instantly verify the “die roll” if you will to show that the outcome was already decided by the software before the person decided how much they would bet or what decisions they would make during the game. (Ex: the makeup of the shoe of cards in a game of blackjack)
I commend the industry for providing such transparency and unlike fiat currency gaming sites, offer the “fairest” chance of any gambler to “take down the house” however, it takes a bit more understanding of the psyche behind gambling addiction to understand the predatory nature of such sites and the bells and whistles used to retain those addicts over long periods of time to boost their CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)
Technology has led to great advancements and power, with that comes responsibility. I am very much a believer in capitalism and feel very strongly a business should have the ability to take advantage of inefficiencies in a market to their advantage. I would simply ask the operators of such site to do this with caution, offer a sense of humanity and empathy and help educate players around loss limits, self exclusion and even offer help if a player is playing on “edge”.
While taking advantage of a market opportunity is one thing, taking advantage of someone’s emotional and financial vulnerability goes against every facet of our own humanity.
For those who are struggling with online gambling addiction or any addiction to that matter, I know all too well just how dark times can get, I feel your pain and understand that hope is a hard thing to come by when such a spiral takes hold. Turn to those who you love for help, be brutally honest in whatever you are experiencing no matter how much shame you think it may bring.
Shame is a funny thing, everyone has it, nobody likes to talk about it and the less we talk about it the more we have. The sense of relief and hope that offers almost instant gratification when you are honest with yourself and your families about your addiction is the biggest catalyst to overcoming the darkest of days.
Find yourself, no matter how hard or dark it may be, the rewards are greater than any jackpot can offer
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Pizza Story -2 by HTML Hodlers

Well most of us join the crypto world with BTC hype in 2017, especially reading about BITCOIN developer who paid 10K BTC for Pizza which are 170Mio worth today. We all regreted, cursed ourself and finally decided to be rich with one jackpot.
Many people like myself invested less than 1000$ bought doge, RDD then sold bought DGB sold then BYteCoin , verge than burst and so on. Everyday we saw one video on youtube which says if you have this many X coins you will be rich etc etc.
Guys i am in crypto from last 8 months, i have learned alot and still everyday teaches me new lesson. I have gone through with all phases like hodling, short term buy, FOMO, greed and finally learn how to wisely invest by not just following people rather learning , research understanding the project, talking to dev and watching the community.
This HTML project i jumped when i joined the HTML community and spoke to the team, they were so positive and enthusiastic, one of the senior team member had personally chat with me for 30 minutes just to ensure that i understand crypto, use case , implementation and HTML project.
I jumped with less than 1000$ investment and bought a bag when it was 4sat. It went through with tough phase of manual swap (still going on) though i hodled. When it hit 39sat and my balance shooted drastically i hodled, i will keep on hodling HTML till it hit 1$ and one day i know it will happen, that day you will find 10, 0000 Millionaires because they believed the project ,trusted HTML team and community.
You will for sure see the article mentioning HTML has made 10K millioniars instead of of 1Pizza man.
Keep Hodling HTML, if you want to be part of Pizza Story 2.
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The wilkelvoss are trying to make bitcoin legit according to esquire magazine

Every idea needs a face, even if the faces are illusory simplifications. The country you get is the president you get. The Yankees you get is the shortstop you get. Apple needed Jobs. ISIS needs al-Baghdadi. The moon shot belongs to Bezos. There's nothing under the Facebook sun that doesn't come back to Zuckerberg.
But there is, as yet, no face behind the bitcoin curtain. It's the currency you've heard about but haven't been able to understand. Still to this day nobody knows who created it. For most people, it has something to do with programmable cash and algorithms and the deep space of mathematics, but it also has something to do with heroin and barbiturates and the sex trade and bankruptcies, too. It has no face because it doesn't seem tangible or real. We might align it with an anarchist's riot mask or a highly conceptualized question mark, but those images truncate its reality. Certain economists say it's as important as the birth of the Internet, that it's like discovering ice. Others are sure that it's doomed to melt. In the political sphere, it is the darling of the cypherpunks and libertarians. When they're not busy ignoring it, it scares the living shit out of the big banks and credit-card companies.
It sparked to life in 2008—when all the financial world prepared for itself the articulate noose—and it knocked on the door like some inconvenient relative arriving at the dinner party in muddy shoes and a knit hat. Fierce ideological battles are currently being waged among the people who own and shepherd the currency. Some shout, Ponzi scheme. Some shout, Gold dust. Bitcoin alone is worth billions of dollars, but the computational structure behind it—its blockchain and its sidechains—could become the absolute underpinning of the world's financial structure for decades to come.
What bitcoin has needed for years is a face to legitimize it, sanitize it, make it palpable to all the naysayers. But it has no Larry Ellison, no Elon Musk, no noticeable visionaries either with or without the truth. There's a lot of ideology at stake. A lot of principle and dogma and creed. And an awful lot of cash, too.
At 6:00 on a Wednesday winter morning, three months after launching Gemini, their bitcoin exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss step out onto Broadway in New York, wearing the same make of sneakers, the same type of shorts, their baseball caps turned backward. They don't quite fall into the absolute caricature of twindom: They wear different-colored tops. Still, it's difficult to tell them apart, where Tyler ends and Cameron begins. Their faces are sculpted from another era, as if they had stepped from the ruin of one of Gatsby's parties. Their eyes are quick and seldom land on anything for long. Now thirty-four, there is something boyishly earnest about them as they jog down Prince Street, braiding in and out of each other, taking turns talking, as if they were working in shifts, drafting off each other.
Forget, for a moment, the four things the Winklevosses are most known for: suing Mark Zuckerberg, their portrayal in The Social Network, rowing in the Beijing Olympics, and their overwhelming public twinness. Because the Winklevoss brothers are betting just about everything—including their past—on a fifth thing: They want to shake the soul of money out.
At the deep end of their lives, they are athletes. Rowers. Full stop. And the thing about rowing—which might also be the thing about bitcoin—is that it's just about impossible to get your brain around its complexity. Everyone thinks you're going to a picnic. They have this notion you're out catching butterflies. They might ask you if you've got your little boater's hat ready. But it's not like that at all. You're fifteen years old. You rise in the dark. You drag your carcass along the railroad tracks before dawn. The boathouse keys are cold to the touch. You undo the ropes. You carry a shell down to the river. The carbon fiber rips at your hands. You place the boat in the water. You slip the oars in the locks. You wait for your coach. Nothing more than a thumb of light in the sky. It's still cold and the river stinks. That heron hasn't moved since yesterday. You hear Coach's voice before you see him. On you go, lads. You start at a dead sprint. The left rib's a little sore, but you don't say a thing. You are all power and no weight. The first push-to-pull in the water is a ripping surprise. From the legs first. Through the whole body. The arc. Atomic balance. A calm waiting for the burst. Your chest burns, your thighs scald, your brain blanks. It feels as if your rib cage might shatter. You are stillness exploding. You catch the water almost without breaking the surface. Coach says something about the pole vault. You like him. You really do. That brogue of his. Lads this, lads that. Fire. Stamina. Pain. After two dozen strokes, it already feels like you're hitting the wall. All that glycogen gone. Nobody knows. Nobody. They can't even pronounce it. Rowing. Ro-wing. Roh-ing. You push again, then pull. You feel as if you are breaking branch after branch off the bottom of your feet. You don't rock. You don't jolt. Keep it steady. Left, right, left, right. The heron stays still. This river. You see it every day. Nothing behind you. Everything in front. You cross the line. You know the exact tree. Your chest explodes. Your knees are trembling. This is the way the world will end, not with a whimper but a bang. You lean over the side of the boat. Up it comes, the breakfast you almost didn't have. A sign of respect to the river. You lay back. Ah, blue sky. Some cloud. Some gray. Do it again, lads. Yes, sir. You row so hard you puke it up once more. And here comes the heron, it's moving now, over the water, here it comes, look at that thing glide.
The Winklevoss twins in the men's pair final during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. GETTY There's plenty of gin and beer and whiskey in the Harrison Room in downtown Manhattan, but the Winklevoss brothers sip Coca-Cola. The room, one of many in the newly renovated Pier A restaurant, is all mahogany and lamplight. It is, in essence, a floating bar, jutting four hundred feet out into the Hudson River. From the window you can see the Statue of Liberty. It feels entirely like their sort of room, a Jazz Age expectation hovering around their initial appearance—tall, imposing, the hair mannered, the collars of their shirts slightly tilted—but then they just slide into their seats, tentative, polite, even introverted.
They came here by subway early on a Friday evening, and they lean back in their seats, a little wary, their eyes busy—as if they want to look beyond the rehearsal of their words.
They had the curse of privilege, but, as they're keen to note, a curse that was earned. Their father worked to pay his way at a tiny college in backwoods Pennsylvania coal country. He escaped the small mining town and made it all the way to a professorship at Wharton. He founded his own company and eventually created the comfortable upper-middle-class family that came with it. They were raised in Greenwich, Connecticut, the most housebroken town on the planet. They might have looked like the others in their ZIP code, and dressed like them, spoke like them, but they didn't quite feel like them. Some nagging feeling—close to anger, close to fear—lodged itself beneath their shoulders, not quite a chip but an ache. They wanted Harvard but weren't quite sure what could get them there. "You have to be basically the best in the world at something if you're coming from Greenwich," says Tyler. "Otherwise it's like, great, you have a 1600 SAT, you and ten thousand others, so what?"
The rowing was a means to an end, but there was also something about the boat that they felt allowed another balance between them. They pulled their way through high school, Cameron on the port-side oar, Tyler on the starboard. They got to Harvard. The Square was theirs. They rowed their way to the national championships—twice. They went to Oxford. They competed in the Beijing Olympics. They sucked up the smog. They came in sixth place. The cameras loved them. Girls, too. They were so American, sandy-haired, blue-eyed, they could have been cast in a John Cougar Mellencamp song.
It might all have been so clean-cut and whitebread except for the fact that—at one of the turns in the river—they got involved in the most public brawl in the whole of the Internet's nascent history.
They don't talk about it much anymore, but they know that it still defines them, not so much in their own minds but in the minds of others. The story seems simple on one level, but nothing is ever simple, not even simplification. Theirs was the original idea for the first social network, Harvard Connection. They hired Mark Zuckerberg to build it. Instead he went off and created Facebook. They sued him. They settled for $65 million. It was a world of public spats and private anguish. Rumors and recriminations. A few years later, dusty old pre-Facebook text messages were leaked online by Silicon Alley Insider: "Yeah, I'm going to fuck them," wrote Zuckerberg to a friend. "Probably in the ear." The twins got their money, but then they believed they were duped again by an unfairly low evaluation of their stock. They began a second round of lawsuits for $180 million. There was even talk about the Supreme Court. It reeked of opportunism. But they wouldn't let it go. In interviews, they came across as insolent and splenetic, tossing their rattles out of the pram. It wasn't about the money, they said at the time, it was about fairness, reality, justice. Most people thought it was about some further agile fuckery, this time in Zuckerberg's ear.
There are many ways to tell the story, but perhaps the most penetrating version is that they weren't screwed so much by Zuckerberg as they were by their eventual portrayal in the film version of their lives. They appeared querulous and sulky, exactly the type of characters that America, peeling off the third-degree burns of the great recession, needed to hate. While the rest of the country worried about mounting debt and vanishing jobs, they were out there drinking champagne from, at the very least, Manolo stilettos. The truth would never get in the way of a good story. In Aaron Sorkin's world, and on just about every Web site, the blueblood trust-fund boys got what was coming to them. And the best thing now was for them to take their Facebook money and turn the corner, quickly, away, down toward whatever river would whisk them away.
Armie Hammer brilliantly portrayed them as the bluest of bloods in The Social Network. When the twins are questioned about those times now, they lean back a little in their seats, as if they've just lost a long race, a little perplexed that they came off as the victims of Hollywood's ability to throw an image, while the whole rip-roaring regatta still goes on behind them. "They put us in a box," says Cameron, "caricatured to a point where we didn't really exist." He glances around the bar, drums his finger against the glass. "That's fair enough. I understand that impulse." They smart a little when they hear Zuckerberg's name. "I don't think Mark liked being called an asshole," says Tyler, with a flick of bluster in his eyes, but then he catches himself. "You know, maybe Mark doesn't care. He's a bit of a statesman now, out there connecting the world. I have nothing against him. He's a smart guy."
These are men who've been taught, or have finally taught themselves, to tell their story rather than be told by it. But underneath the calm—just like underneath the boat—one can sense the churn.
They say the word—ath-letes—as if it were a country where pain is the passport. One of the things the brothers mention over and over again is that you can spontaneously crack a rib while rowing, just from the sheer exertion of the muscles hauling on the rib cage.
Along came bitcoin.
At its most elemental, bitcoin is a virtual currency. It's the sort of thing a five-year-old can understand—It's just e-cash, Mom—until he reaches eighteen and he begins to question the deep future of what money really means. It is a currency without government. It doesn't need a banker. It doesn't need a bank. It doesn't even need a brick to be built upon. Its supporters say that it bypasses the Man. It is less than a decade old and it has already come through its own Wild West, a story rooted in uncharted digital territory, up from the dust, an evening redness in the arithmetical West.
These are men who've been taught, or have finally taught themselves, to tell their story rather than be told by it. Bitcoin appeared in 2008—westward ho!—a little dot on the horizon of the Internet. It was the brainchild of a computer scientist named Satoshi Nakamoto. The first sting in the tale is that—to this very day—nobody knows who Nakamoto is, where he lives, or how much of his own invention he actually owns. He could be Californian, he could be Australian, he could even be a European conglomerate, but it doesn't really matter, since what he created was a cryptographic system that is borderless and supposedly unbreakable.
In the beginning the currency was ridiculed and scorned. It was money created from ones and zeros. You either bought it or you had to "mine" for it. If you were mining, your computer was your shovel. Any nerd could do it. You keyed your way in. By using your computer to help check and confirm the bitcoin transactions of others, you made coin. Everyone in this together. The computer heated up and mined, down down down, into the mathematical ground, lifting up numbers, making and breaking camp every hour or so until you had your saddlebags full of virtual coin. It all seemed a bit of a lark at first. No sheriff, no deputy, no central bank. The only saloon was a geeky chat room where a few dozen bitcoiners gathered to chew data.
Lest we forget, money was filthy in 2008.
The collapse was coming. The banks were shorting out. The real estate market was a confederacy of dunces. Bernie Madoff's shadow loomed. Occupy was on the horizon. And all those Wall Street yahoos were beginning to squirm.
Along came bitcoin like some Jesse James of the financial imagination. It was the biggest disruption of money since coins. Here was an idea that could revolutionize the financial world. A communal articulation of a new era. Fuck American Express. Fuck Western Union. Fuck Visa. Fuck the Fed. Fuck the Treasury. Fuck the deregulated thievery of the twenty-first century.
To the earliest settlers, bitcoin suggested a moral way out. It was a money created from the ground up, a currency of the people, by the people, for the people, with all government control extinguished. It was built on a solid base of blockchain technology where everyone participated in the protection of the code. It attracted anarchists, libertarians, whistle-blowers, cypherpunks, economists, extropians, geeks, upstairs, downstairs, left-wing, right-wing. Sure, it could be used by businesses and corporations, but it could also be used by poor people and immigrants to send money home, instantly, honestly, anonymously, without charge, with a click of the keyboard. Everyone in the world had access to your transaction, but nobody had to know your name. It bypassed the suits. All you needed to move money was a phone or a computer. It was freedom of economic action, a sort of anarchy at its democratic best, no rulers, just rules.
Bitcoin, to the original explorers, was a safe pass through the government-occupied valleys: Those assholes were up there in the hills, but they didn't have any scopes on their rifles, and besides, bitcoin went through in communal wagons at night.
Ordinary punters took a shot. Businesses, too. You could buy silk ties in Paris without any extra bank charges. You could protect your money in Buenos Aires without fear of a government grab.
The Winklevoss twins leave the U.S. Court of Appeals in 2011, after appearing in court to ask that the previous settlement case against Facebook be voided. GETTY But freedom can corrupt as surely as power. It was soon the currency that paid for everything illegal under the sun, the go-to money of the darknet. The westward ho! became the outlaw territory of Silk Road and beyond. Heroin through the mail. Cocaine at your doorstep. Child porn at a click. What better way for terrorists to ship money across the world than through a network of anonymous computers? Hezbollah, the Taliban, the Mexican cartels. In Central America, kidnappers began demanding ransom in bitcoin—there was no need for the cash to be stashed under a park bench anymore. Now everything could travel down the wire. Grab, gag, and collect. Uranium could be paid for in bitcoin. People, too. The sex trade was turned on: It was a perfect currency for Madame X. For the online gambling sites, bitcoin was pure jackpot.
For a while, things got very shady indeed. Over a couple years, the rate pinballed between $10 and $1,200 per bitcoin, causing massive waves and troughs of online panic and greed. (In recent times, it has begun to stabilize between $350 and $450.) In 2014, it was revealed that hackers had gotten into the hot wallet of Mt. Gox, a bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo. A total of 850,000 coins were "lost," at an estimated value of almost half a billion dollars. The founder of Silk Road, Ross William Ulbricht (known as "Dread Pirate Roberts"), got himself a four-by-six room in a federal penitentiary for life, not to mention pending charges for murder-for-hire in Maryland.
Everyone thought that bitcoin was the problem. The fact of the matter was, as it so often is, human nature was the problem. Money means desire. Desire means temptation. Temptation means that people get hurt.
During the first Gold Rush in the late 1840s, the belief was that all you needed was a pan and a decent pair of boots and a good dose of nerve and you could go out and make yourself a riverbed millionaire. Even Jack London later fell for the lure of it alongside thousands of others: the western test of manhood and the promise of wealth. What they soon found out was that a single egg could cost twenty-five of today's dollars, a pound of coffee went for a hundred, and a night in a whorehouse could set you back $6,000.
A few miners hit pay dirt, but what most ended up with for their troubles was a busted body and a nasty dose of syphilis.
The gold was discovered on the property of John Sutter in Sacramento, but the one who made the real cash was a neighboring merchant, Samuel Brannan. When Brannan heard the news of the gold nuggets, he bought up all the pickaxes and shovels he could find, filled a quinine bottle with gold dust, and went to San Francisco. Word went around like a prayer in a flash flood: gold gold gold. Brannan didn't wildcat for gold himself, but at the peak of the rush he was flogging $5,000 worth of shovels a day—that's $155,000 today—and went on to become the wealthiest man in California, alongside the Wells Fargo crew, Levi Strauss, and the Studebaker family, who sold wheelbarrows.
If you comb back through the Winklevoss family, you will find a great-grandfather and a great-great-grandfather who knew a thing or two about digging: They worked side by side in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. They didn't go west and they didn't get rich, but maybe the lesson became part of their DNA: Sometimes it's the man who sells the shovels who ends up hitting gold.
Like it or not—and many people don't like it—the Winklevoss brothers are shaping up to be the Samuel Brannans of the bitcoin world.
Nine months after being portrayed in The Social Network, the Winklevoss twins were back out on the water at the World Rowing Cup. CHRISTOPHER LEE/GETTY They heard about it first poolside in Ibiza, Spain. Later it would play into the idea of ease and privilege: umbrella drinks and girls in bikinis. But if the creation myth was going to be flippant, the talk was serious. "I'd say we were cautious, but we were definitely intrigued," says Cameron. They went back home to New York and began to read. There was something about it that got under their skin. "We knew that money had been so broken and inefficient for years," says Tyler, "so bitcoin appealed to us right away."
They speak in braided sentences, catching each other, reassuring themselves, tightening each other's ideas. They don't quite want to say that bitcoin looked like something that might be redemptive—after all, they, like everyone else, were looking to make money, lots of it, Olympic-sized amounts—but they say that it did strike an idealistic chord inside them. They certainly wouldn't be cozying up to the anarchists anytime soon, but this was a global currency that, despite its uncertainties, seemed to present a solution to some of the world's more pressing problems. "It was borderless, instantaneous, irreversible, decentralized, with virtually no transaction costs," says Tyler. It could possibly cut the banks out, and it might even take the knees out from under the credit-card companies. Not only that, but the price, at just under ten dollars per coin, was in their estimation low, very low. They began to snap it up.
They were aware, even at the beginning, that they might, once again, be called Johnny-come-latelys, just hopping blithely on the bandwagon—it was 2012, already four years into the birth of the currency—but they went ahead anyway, power ten. Within a short time they'd spent $11 million buying up a whopping 1 percent of the world's bitcoin, a position they kept up as more bitcoins were mined, making their 1 percent holding today worth about $66 million.
But bitcoin was flammable. The brothers felt the burn quickly. Their next significant investment came later that year, when they gave $1.5 million in venture funding to a nascent exchange called BitInstant. Within a year the CEO was arrested for laundering drug money through the exchange.
So what were a pair of smart, clean-cut Olympic rowers doing hanging around the edges of something so apparently shady, and what, if anything, were they going to do about it?
They mightn't have thought of it this way, but there was something of the sheriff striding into town, the one with the swagger and the scar, glancing up at the balconies as he comes down Main Street, all tumbleweeds and broken pianos. This place was a dump in most people's eyes, but the sheriff glimpsed his last best shot at finally getting the respect he thinks he deserves.
The money shot: A good stroke will catch the water almost without breaking its seal. You stir without rippling. Your silence is sinewy. There's muscle in that calm. The violence catches underneath, thrusts the boat along. Stroke after stroke. Just keep going. Today's truth dies tomorrow. What you have to do is elemental enough. You row without looking behind you. You keep the others in front of you. As long as you can see what they're doing, it's all in your hands. You are there to out-pain them. Doesn't matter who they are, where they come from, how they got here. Know your enemy through yourself. Push through toward pull. Find the still point of this pain. Cut a melody in the disk of your flesh. The only terror comes when they pass you—if they ever pass you.
There are no suits or ties, but there is a white hum in the offices of Gemini in the Flatiron District. The air feels as if it has been brushed clean. There is something so everywhereabout the place. Ergonomic chairs. iPhone portals. Rows of flickering computers. Not so much a hush around the room as a quiet expectation. Eight, nine people. Programmers, analysts, assistants. Other employees—teammates, they call them—dialing in from Portland, Oregon, and beyond.
The brothers fire up the room when they walk inside. A fist-pump here, a shoulder touch there. At the same time, there is something almost shy about them. Apart, they seem like casual visitors to the space they inhabit. It is when they're together that they feel fully shaped. One can't imagine them being apart from each other for very long.
The Winklevoss twins speak onstage at Bitcoin! Let's Cut Through the Noise Already at SXSW in 2016. GETTY They move from desk to desk. The price goes up, the price goes down. The phones ring. The e-mails beep. Customer-service calls. Questions about fees. Inquiries about tax structures.
Gemini was started in late 2015 as a next-generation bitcoin exchange. It is not the first such exchange in the world by any means, but it is one of the most watched. The company is designed with ordinary investors in mind, maybe a hedge fund, maybe a bank: all those people who used to be confused or even terrified by the word bitcoin. It is insured. It is clean. What's so fascinating about this venture is that the brothers are risking themselves by trying to eliminate risk: keeping the boat steady and exploding through it at the same time.
It is when they're together that they feel fully shaped. One can't imagine them being apart from each other for very long. For the past couple years, the Winklevosses have worked closely with just about every compliance agency imaginable. They ticked off all the regulatory boxes. Essentially they wanted to ease all the Debting Thomases. They put regulatory frameworks in place. Security and bankability and insurance were their highest objectives. Nobody was going to be able to blow open the safe. They wanted to soothe all the appetites for risk. They told Bitcoin Magazine they were asking for "permission, not forgiveness."
This is where bitcoin can become normal—that is, if you want bitcoin to be normal.
Just a mile or two down the road, in Soho, a half dozen bitcoiners gather at a meetup. The room is scruffy, small, boxy. A half mannequin is propped on a table, a scarf draped around it. It's the sort of place that twenty years ago would have been full of cigarette smoke. There's a bit of Allen Ginsberg here, a touch of Emma Goldman, a lot of Zuccotti Park. The wine is free and the talk is loose. These are the true believers. They see bitcoin in its clearest possible philosophical terms—the frictionless currency of the people, changing the way people move money around the world, bypassing the banks, disrupting the status quo.
A comedy show is being run out in the backyard. A scruffy young man wanders in and out, announcing over and over again that he is half-baked. A well-dressed Asian girl sidles up to the bar. She looks like she's just stepped out of an NYU business class. She's interested in discovering what bitcoin is. She is regaled by a series of convivial answers. The bartender tells her that bitcoin is a remaking of the prevailing power structures. The girl asks for another glass of wine. The bartender adds that bitcoin is democracy, pure and straight. She nods and tells him that the wine tastes like cooking oil. He laughs and says it wasn't bought with bitcoin. "I don't get it," she says. And so the evening goes, presided over by Margaux Avedisian, who describes herself as the queen of bitcoin. Avedisian, a digital-currency consultant of Armenian descent, is involved in several high-level bitcoin projects. She has appeared in documentaries and on numerous panels. She is smart, sassy, articulate.
When the talk turns to the Winklevoss brothers, the bar turns dark. Someone, somewhere, reaches up to take all the oxygen out of the air. Avedisian leans forward on the counter, her eyes shining, delightful, raged.
"The Winklevii are not the face of bitcoin," she says. "They're jokes. They don't know what they're saying. Nobody in our community respects them. They're so one-note. If you look at their exchange, they have no real volume, they never will. They keep throwing money at different things. Nobody cares. They're not part of us. They're just hangers-on."
"Ah, they're just assholes," the bartender chimes in.
"What they want to do," says Avedisian, "is lobotomize bitcoin, make it into something entirely vapid. They have no clue."
The Asian girl leaves without drinking her third glass of free wine. She's got a totter in her step. She doesn't quite get the future of money, but then again maybe very few in the world do.
Giving testimony on bitcoin licensing before the New York State Department of Financial Services in 2014. LUCAS JACKSON/REUTERS The future of money might look like this: You're standing on Oxford Street in London in winter. You think about how you want to get to Charing Cross Road. The thought triggers itself through electrical signals into the chip embedded in your wrist. Within a moment, a driverless car pulls up on the sensor-equipped road. The door opens. You hop in. The car says hello. You tell it to shut up. It does. It already knows where you want to go. It turns onto Regent Street. You think,A little more air-conditioning, please. The vents blow. You think, Go a little faster, please. The pace picks up. You think, This traffic is too heavy, use Quick(TM). The car swings down Glasshouse Street. You think, Pay the car in front to get out of my way. It does. You think, Unlock access to a shortcut. The car turns down Sherwood Street to Shaftsbury Avenue. You pull in to Charing Cross. You hop out. The car says goodbye. You tell it to shut up again. You run for the train and the computer chip in your wrist pays for the quiet-car ticket for the way home.
All of these transactions—the air-conditioning, the pace, the shortcut, the bribe to get out of the way, the quick lanes, the ride itself, the train, maybe even the "shut up"—will cost money. As far as crypto-currency enthusiasts think, it will be paid for without coins, without phones, without glass screens, just the money coming in and going out of your preprogrammed wallet embedded beneath your skin.
The Winklevosses are betting that the money will be bitcoin. And that those coins will flow through high-end, corporate-run exchanges like Gemini rather than smoky SoHo dives.
Cameron leans across a table in a New York diner, the sort of place where you might want to polish your fork just in case, and says: "The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed yet." He can't remember whom the quote belongs to, but he freely acknowledges that it's not his own. Theirs is a truculent but generous intelligence, capable of surprise and turn at the oddest of moments. They talk meditation, they talk economics, they talk Van Halen, they talk, yes, William Gibson, but everything comes around again to bitcoin.
"The key to all this is that people aren't even going to know that they're using bitcoin," says Tyler. "It's going to be there, but it's not going to be exposed to the end user. Bitcoin is going to be the rails that underpin our payment systems. It's just like an IP address. We don't log on to a series of numbers, 115.425.5 or whatever. No, we log on to In the same way, bitcoin is going to be disguised. There will be a body kit that makes it user-friendly. That's what makes bitcoin a kick-ass currency."
Any fool can send a billion dollars across the world—as long as they have it, of course—but it's virtually impossible to send a quarter unless you stick it in an envelope and pay forty-nine cents for a stamp. It's one of the great ironies of our antiquated money system. And yet the quark of the financial world is essentially the small denomination. What bitcoin promises is that it will enable people and businesses to send money in just about any denomination to one another, anywhere in the world, for next to nothing. A public address, a private key, a click of the mouse, and the money is gone.
A Bitcoin conference in New York City in 2014. GETTY This matters. This matters a lot. Credit-card companies can't do this. Neither can the big banks under their current systems. But Marie-Louise on the corner of Libertador Avenue can. And so can Pat Murphy in his Limerick housing estate. So can Mark Andreessen and Bill Gates and Laurene Powell Jobs. Anyone can do it, anywhere in the world, at virtually no charge.
You can do it, in fact, from your phone in a diner in New York. But the whole time they are there—over identical California omelettes that they order with an ironic shrug—they never once open their phones. They come across more like the talkative guys who might buy you a drink at the sports bar than the petulants ordering bottle service in the VIP corner. The older they get, the more comfortable they seem in their contradictions: the competition, the ease; the fame, the quiet; the gamble, the sure thing.
Bitcoin is what might eventually make them among the richest men in America. And yet. There is always a yet. What seems indisputable about the future of money, to the Winklevosses and other bitcoin adherents, is that the technology that underpins bitcoin—the blockchain—will become one of the fundamental tenets of how we deal with the world of finance. Blockchain is the core computer code. It's open source and peer to peer—in other words, it's free and open to you and me. Every single bitcoin transaction ever made goes to an open public ledger. It would take an unprecedented 51 percent attack—where one entity would come to control more than half of the computing power used to mine bitcoin—for hackers to undo it. The blockchain is maintained by computers all around the world, and its future sidechains will create systems that deal with contracts and stock and other payments. These sidechains could very well be the foundation of the new global economy for the big banks, the credit-card companies, and even government itself.
"It's boundless," says Cameron.
This is what the brothers are counting on—and what might eventually make them among the richest men in America.
And yet. There is always a yet.
When you delve into the world of bitcoin, it gets deeper, darker, more mysterious all the time. Why has its creator remained anonymous? Why did he drop off the face of the earth? How much of it does he own himself? Will banks and corporations try to bring the currency down? Why are there really only five developers with full "commit access" to the code (not the Winklevosses, by the way)? Who is really in charge of the currency's governance?
Perhaps the most pressing issue at hand is that of scaling, which has caused what amounts to a civil war among followers. A maximum block size of one megabyte has been imposed on the chain, sort of like a built-in artificial dampener to keep bitcoin punk rock. That's not nearly enough capacity for the number of transactions that would take place in future visions. In years to come, there could be massive backlogs and outages that could create instant financial panic. Bitcoin's most influential leaders are haggling over what will happen. Will bitcoin maintain its decentralized status, or will it go legit and open up to infinite transactions? And if it goes legit, where's the punk?
The issues are ongoing—and they might very well take bitcoin down, but the Winklevosses don't think so. They have seen internal disputes before. They've refrained from taking a public stance mostly because they know that there are a lot of other very smart people in bitcoin who are aware that crisis often builds consensus. "We're in this for the long haul," says Tyler. "We're the first batter in the first inning."
GILLIAN LAUB The waiter comes across and asks them, bizarrely, if they're twins. They nod politely. Who was born first? They've heard it a million times and their answer is always the same: Neither of them—they were born cesarean. Cameron looks older, says the waiter. Tyler grins. Normally it's the other way around, says Cameron, grinning back. Do you ever fight? asks the waiter. Every now and then, they say. But not over this, not over the future.
Heraclitus was wrong. You can, in fact, step in the same river twice. In the beginning you went to the shed. No electricity there, no heat, just a giant tub where you simulated the river. You could only do eleven strokes. But there was something about the repetition, the difference, even the monotony, that hooked you. After a while it wasn't an abandoned shed anymore. College gyms, national training centers. Bigger buildings. High ceilings. AC. Doctors and trainers. Monitors hooked up to your heart, your head, your blood. Six foot five, but even then you were not as tall as the other guys. You liked the notion of underdog. Everyone called you the opposite. The rich kids. The privileged ones. To hell with that. They don't know us, who we are, where we came from. Some of the biggest chips rest on the shoulders of those with the least to lose. Six foot five times two makes just about thirteen feet. You sit in the erg and you stare ahead. Day in, day out. One thousand strokes, two thousand. You work with the very best. You even train with the Navy SEALs. It touches that American part of you. The sentiment, the false optimism. When the oil fields are burning, you even think, I'll go there with them. But you stay in the boat. You want that other flag rising. That's what you aim for. You don't win but you get close. Afterward there are planes, galas, regattas, magazine spreads, but you always come back to that early river. The cold. The fierceness. The heron. Like it or not, you're never going to get off the water—that's just the fact of the matter, it's always going to be there. Hard to admit it, but once you were wrong. You got out of the boat and you haggled over who made it. You lost that one, hard. You might lose this one, too, but then again it just might be the original arc that you're stepping toward. So you return, then. You rise before dark. You drag your carcass along Broadway before dawn.
All the rich men in the world want to get shot into outer space. Richard Branson. Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk. The new explorers. To get the hell out of here and see if they—and maybe we—can exist somewhere else for a while. It's the story of the century. We want to know if the pocket of the universe can be turned inside out. We're either going to bring all the detritus of the world upward with us or we're going to find a brand-new way to exist. The cynical say that it's just another form of colonization—they're probably right, but then again maybe it's our only way out.
The Winklevosses have booked their tickets—numbers 700 and 701—on Branson's Virgin Galactic. Although they go virtually everywhere together, the twins want to go on different flights because of the risk involved: Now that they're in their mid-thirties, they can finally see death, or at least its rumor. It's a boy's adventure, but it's also the outer edge of possibility. It cost a quarter of a million dollars per seat, and they paid for it, yes, in bitcoin.
Of course, up until recently, the original space flights all splashed down into the sea. One of the ships that hauled the Gemini space capsule out of the water in 1965 was the Intrepid aircraft carrier.
The Winklevosses no longer pull their boat up the river. Instead they often run five miles along the Hudson to the Intrepid and back. The destroyer has been parked along Manhattan's West Side for almost as long as they have been alive. It's now a museum. The brothers like the boat, its presence, its symbolism: Intrepid, Gemini, the space shot.
They ease into the run.
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Update (March 17, 2018): Marinecoin Roadmap, POP AI Driven Airdrop, Transaction Confirmation

Update (March 17, 2018) from DISCORD Channel: Marinecoin Roadmap, POP AI Driven Airdrop, Transaction Confirmation
There has been a lots activities in DISCORD Channel over past two days on topics of Marinecoin roadmap, new AI driven airdropping method, and transaction confirmation technical details.
The Marinecoin creator and Dev Bruce in DISCORD explained the roadmap on Thursday that " Marinecoin is a mature complete product, it’s only road map is the distribution of MTC and make it devless by giving community the keys. The ultimate goal is providing the necessary easy to use tools to non-tech MTC community members and have them act as developers independently creating %100 decentralization". Bruce further attacks status quo in the current crypto world that "Currently all coins with miners and hot shot developers are not decentralized, every new wallet update takes away from the community and gives more to the miners and the developers, this type of scenario can only fool certain people for a certain amount of time."
Over pasts several days, the previous old Marinecoin airdropping method has been suspended due to large degree of scamming applicants. The Marinecoin Airdrop started initially with full KYC 2 months ago when the applicants had to provide government IDs and selfie upload as well as phone number SMS verification. The KYC process went well attracting the first thousand of applicants. However, at later stage of KYC period, Dev Bruce noticed that many people in crypto world are against KYC and also many scamming applications with fake IDs and photos showed up in applications. The Marinecoin dev team then abolished KYC and only required facebook account and later with wechat, twitter or any kind of impactful social media account plus 5 bitcointalk posts to obtain 450,000 MTC per member airdrop. Several Marinecoin volunteers include myself showed up as forum MOD to approve or reject the applicants. This method so far attracted and airdropped 450,000 MTC to about 3500 seed members so far up to date. This method also hit wall recently because of huge percentage of scamming applications observed so far. The volunteers are not paid for helping Marinecoin airdropping process. If the end results of airdropping is handing out large amount of MTCs to real human, I think volunteer model will work out fine because the more seed members obtain the airdrop, the more value will be on the existing holdings of each volunteer. This model breaks when the time and effort are spent on scam prevention with huge waste of resource.
Dev Bruce proposed and is implementing a third method of airdropping Marinecoin to future seed members, I call it "AI driven Airdrop". Jarvis will be taught Artificial Intelligence to review applicants's proof of promotion (POP) work. For example a new member promotes marinecoin ICO and provide to Jarvis link to your post in bitcointalk, and AI review the text with predefined parameters, If will pass by following all rules. Bruce showed a web page screenshot in DISCORD with title "Marinecoin POP - Proof of Promotion MTC Generator". Bruce gave an update on the progress two days ago and here are the update transcripts:
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:30 AM Before I leave, a final update on the status of the Jarvis AI proof of promotion MTC generator has been coming along nicely, I had to write extra code for some of the concerns I had about people who surely will try to trick the system, I had all the two parts working now, submission/verification is the first part and distribution of MTC to verified posts. Now we need messages at least 100 messages to start with so that every person is more likely to post a different message, I also added a shuffler so that the probability of a message appearing on the same topic is significantly reduced
Brightlight - Last Thursday at 11:32 AM Do you need the community to generate 100 unique messages for Jarvis to test?
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:37 AM I will try this tomorrow on bitcointalk change the settings temporarily for Bitcoin message approval so that I don’t get banned, after I will give you an update on the results. But from earlier tests I can tell you that it is working very efficiently. I added a message comparator feature, it checks the percentage of likeness of the submitted message to the pre-approved message just in case some users might miss the dot or manually correct a sentence, or the webpage parses some text differently. They will still get their MTC
Bruce_Wayne - Last Thursday at 11:40 AM @Brightlight#4138 Let’s start with 20 great messages so that the moderators can test next week on password protected page, if you make a topic and posted them on our forum it will really help fill the database initially.
Yesterday a user buffy238 who claimed to have a Hero account at Bitcointalk showed up in DISCORD Channel had long conversation with Dev Bruce and other community members on topics of new airdropping method and Marinecoin transaction confirmations. Below are the transcripts:
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:11 PM The best way to weed out scammers I have concluded is to unleash the non-scammers
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:11 PM what does that even mean bruce?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:11 PM it means human eyes
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:12 PM From now on every one can apply for free MTC as many times he wants It is the only way to stop scammers
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM It's not a huge deal really
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM raiblocks (nano) you could get as much as you wanted that was a free distribution
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:13 PM but less reward? but do the work and get rewarded?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:15 PM We are going to dilute the ICO with time, it’s the only solution for fair distribution with many many holders
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:15 PM I guess if the scammers are posting good posts thats good in some respect right?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:16 PM They can only post what we give them
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:16 PM So when less mtc are left to hand out the rewards will lower?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:16 PM what do you mean Bruce?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:16 PM If there is a spelling error they will not get
marcmeh - Yesterday at 5:16 PM @Bruce_Wayne was the amount of scammers that high the last weeks?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:17 PM Not really but they made life difficult @lacy25 For which one?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:17 PM Are you saying they will be posting the same post repeatedly? @Bruce_Wayne you said they will post only what you give them
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:18 PM There will be 100s of messages ready for hundreds of predetermined topics, each cycle the participant will be a assigned one from the shuffle One pair, a message and a topic to post the reply on
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:20 PM thats cool, sounds more organized and predictable which is what most people want consistancy and fairness
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:20 PM Some of the recent cryptos that distributed the majority through airdrop (some tasks required) ebitcoin, rebellious, deep onion they all have really large and strong communities of course raiblocks as well
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:22 PM but what will be the reward. if its small people might not respond to posts Who will be writting these 100s of pre approved messages? @Bruce_Wayne
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:24 PM just use old ones already approved?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:25 PM This one will the best ever, I will add other features such as points etc after we get going, if you get banned by BCT no problem your points will carry over to the new BCT username with your MTC wallet, there will be daily and weekly draws where people posted most in one week will have a higher probability of winning the jackpot, also the size of the jackpot will be calculated by a certain percentage of the daily MTC volume on the exchange this will be all provided automatically without any human input by our very own Jarvis himself
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:28 PM only bitcointalk accounts? or are other forums acceptable
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:28 PM @Bruce_Wayne So are you saying there will be a jackpot? But no guaranteed signup reward? Your reward is by chance? Will there be a baseline reward for signing up?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:29 PM @buffy238 There will be other versions but the reward will be calculated by the Alexa webpage traffic rank if BCT is 20.000 per post cryptocurrencytalk will be 2000 etc
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:30 PM ok
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:31 PM You'll have to make 22.5 bct posts to make 450000 . Is that possible? It will take a month?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:32 PM @lacy25 You will get 20.000 or so for your post but Jackpot there is no guarantee, it will be based on effort but will only increase the chance there will still be small probability the 2nd 3rd or the 10th place holder to win the jackpot also I said it, dilute the ICO with time. That’s the only way for fair distribution If you give up someone else will tag along next month and an other the month after. There is no 450.000 MTC limit also. You can aim much higher
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:35 PM so you can post 1 post a day and make more than 450000? @Bruce_Wayne
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:37 PM You can open 5 accounts and make 5 posts a day from different IP addresses anything scammers will do you are allowed to do also(edited)
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:37 PM blocking ips does nothing anyways
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:38 PM lol Dont give up.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:38 PM There is still a limit of IP addresses one can obtain, if you abuse it BCT will block all your C class network
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:39 PM how wil these posts be tracked and verified?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:39 PM You will be left with nothing @lacy25 Very easily because we know where they are and exactly what they should look like
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:40 PM Bonus points for Pictures ? :smiley:
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:41 PM But you ll still have moderators checking links and screenshoots?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:41 PM You will not be able to edit the pew approved messages, that will reduce the chance of approval
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:41 PM that will be a whole lot more volume for them to keep track of?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:42 PM It’s all automatic
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:42 PM but bitcointalk might delete these posts? So jarvis will check immediately that you posted it?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:44 PM Jarvis will know when it was posted and if it was deleted
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:45 PM will it still count if deleted?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:45 PM There will be delay payout @lacy25 Yes
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:46 PM cool The only problem i see is everyone using the same vpn may likely get banned they will need a unique vpn
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:47 PM at a college or library they are screwed
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:48 PM yes they will be
steopcik - Yesterday at 5:48 PM @lacy25 banned VPN will reduce scammers and not allow others to use same VPN many times
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:48 PM The messages will be across the platform, they will not be concentrated on a few topics message after an other, I think there will be less deletions Paid VPN scammers usually don’t pay.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:49 PM yeah i agree @steopcik just thinking about the worst case senario there will be innocent people caught with the scammers
steopcik - Yesterday at 5:52 PM also BCT have a great base of banned IP networks, i think they can ban an subnet, in this case any attempt to use free proxy or VPN will fail, they will try several times and will leave idea to scamm
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:52 PM When will these 100s of messages be ready. Whos writing them? Are you using old posts from members?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:55 PM I have created a special page where you can write and submit your message to the database you can write a message or two every week this is to be able to start, after we can have each new applicant submit a message to activate his account, or every time his BCT account gets banned
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:56 PM Everytim ehis bct account gets banned? I have a full member account...............
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:56 PM The new message can be archived and edited or approved for active duty when there is time
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:56 PM now I'm scared to even post
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:57 PM then he can post that message once a day after it is approved?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:57 PM @buffy238 You need to get a fake account. You will need many, if you want to generate MTC this way
buffy238 - Yesterday at 5:57 PM ok
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 5:58 PM @lacy25 Someone else will post it later, he will post an other message, new messages will be approved occasionally when there is free time or when the admins feel like doing it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 5:59 PM if you already got 450000 mct, can you use an old approved message?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:00 PM No
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:00 PM youll have you create or use a new approved one?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:01 PM When you create a message you will not be the one posting it.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:01 PM At some point youll need 1000s of new messages if someone wants to post every 24 hrs
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Everyone will post pre approved messages, there will not be someone waiting for you to approve your new message so that you can post it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Will they get a new message to . post every day?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:02 PM Let me worry about that
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:03 PM Ok thats still being worked out.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:03 PM 99.99 chance they will get a new message everyday
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:04 PM got it
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:04 PM Bruce do you have enough funds for development? I was willing to do the 10mill mtc invester option, although the price is much much higher than the current rate
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:05 PM What funds for development? You need to buy from the exchange.
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:06 PM Why do you have the 10mill invester buy option on the website ?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:06 PM i have a question about the block chain speed. Say a person makes a 50000 mct transaction, that should take 1 second? but i see mining requires 30 confirmations to finalize a block and that 30 confirmations takes a while?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Because that’s the price we know is fair.
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Hes talking about guardian nodes I think
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:07 PM Ok, I just wanted to support the project
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:08 PM @lacy25 What’s the rush, wait 30 blocks, you can still send it after the 6th confirmation
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:10 PM ok so the sixth is the magic number not 30. Trying to compare it to being faster than bitcoin which it 10 mins for one block @Bruce_Wayne
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:11 PM @buffy238 Buy from the exchange that supports the project you pay fees after every trade that’s good enough @lacy25 6 is a number, you can send MTC after 1 confirmation 6 is a safe number just Incase a block or two gets orphaned
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:13 PM So a block is fully validated in 6 confirmations? @Bruce_Wayne so why have 30 in the wallet's algorithm?
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:13 PM ok
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:13 PM @lacy25 That’s something else for maturity, for newly mined coins
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:14 PM oh thats only for new coins?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:14 PM A coin that already exists does not need to wait, mining pools sometimes steer away forming a fork it is to prevent the fork being able to spend the coins that are newly mined For bitcoin I think that number is 120
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:16 PM What will get orphaned a new coin or new transaction are you referring to? or either can get orphnaed. Why would they get orphaned?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:16 PM Or it used to be maybe they changed it
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:18 PM i get it what s a fork, is it bad?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:18 PM That happens when your wallets gets a solved block from someone and someone else’s wallet gets from an other miner, eventually or mostly one beats the other and one of them turns to orphan
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:19 PM Bitcoin has so many forked coins , I've lost count
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:19 PM @lacy25 OK, these are not things that can be easily explained over chat. Network fork is different It’s usually temporary
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:20 PM ok, but i understand everything youve said so far so the fork is block something from happening
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:22 PM it helps us all understand how things work better for the community I think Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:24 PM @lacy25 You can’t truly understand a network fork unless you experience it live as it happens, and see how wallets start to behave
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:26 PM Some of us are IT savvy, these transitions are not difficult especially when your discussing coding or patterns
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:26 PM I'm not an expert by any means but I understand the basics
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:27 PM Experiencing a fork is more like emotional, it is like what is going to happen to my coins way
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:27 PM lol @Bruce_Wayne We can absorb the information trust us.
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:29 PM Usually coins with lots of mining pools and low hashpower increases the likelihood, if two fastest pool wallets are disconnected from each other splitting the rest of the regular clients problems may arise Marinecoin coin does not have pools, and all GUI clients are connected to the backbone This reduces the chance significantly Each backbone node is also connected to each other directly
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:32 PM i got that part. So 1 million transactions will be supported by 1 miliion gui clients, is that what your saying?
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:33 PM 3 Million will be nothing , it is possible at the slowest speed
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:34 PM Do you mind if I work on Some signatures for bitcointalk
Bruce_Wayne - Yesterday at 6:35 PM Default blocks size is 1 MB but if you look at the code it is actually 34 MB max 1 mb is set it can be changed to a higher number No. Not at all
buffy238 - Yesterday at 6:36 PM ok Idk how many people will wear em But I have a Hero account I'll at least ewar the sig wear* I've gotten sick of the amount of scams recently Refreshing to be part of a good community coin
lacy25 - Yesterday at 6:38 PM Are you saying the code in the network will push through those 3 million transactions in 1 second?
wildan - Yesterday at 8:53 PM now i can still get 450.000 MTC for free?
lacy25 - Yesterday at 8:57 PM They are changing the rules you ll have to wait and see, you ll have to do more work I think to get 450000
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    5. Made this totem for a music festival lol it glows in the dark and has led lights all over it lol look at all of the Kandi bracelets they gave this doge :) so many people loved it! I’m thinking of making another one for my next event lol any suggestions? (25 points, 15 comments)
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[H] 337 Keys [W] Cash out at 75%~ Market Price (Bitcoin, Paypal, Skrill, Wire.)

Have 337 Pure Keys (No eSports or Sticker Keys)
Only looking to cash them all out at once and I think what I'm asking for in price for them is cheap but if I'm wrong please let me know!
How I'm looking to cash out:
  • Looking to do my first BitCoin BULK transfer. All Keys for $640 in Bitcoins.
  • If you're able to do bank transfer I'm also open to doing that for $640.
  • If you're doing paypal/skrill I'm down to do that too for $640
I will go first of course but you literally must be;
  • A well known Streamer (or representing one)
  • Mod or listed on somewhere reputable (SteamRep, etc)
  • Extremely well known on GOtrade
  • Founder of a CSGO Skin site (Jackpot, Shuffle, Exchange, etc)
  • Jesus Gaben himself
I have no cash rep because this is my first time trading for cash since I begun trading, although I do have a CSGOrep thread with no negative comments :P This will be my first cash out so please don't add me if you're going to be rushing me along or impatient. I will drop the deal if you're of an asshole! Even if you pay me $1,000.00.
I know I must go first and that's why I'm asking for such high standards. I've sold a BFK Fade back when the market was good for $245ish to Matty and you can ask him how thorough and picky I was and we still used a middleman (Hammy), if Matty would still be trading I'd trust him in a heartbeat.
I'm asking for extremely high standards so please don't take it personally if a decline to trade with you. Not in a hurry to cash out so I'll just keep trading up in the meantime.
Add me here to talk it out.
lol took me almost an hour to write this.
B/o: If it isn't obvious enough, It's $640 USD
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Bitcoin's chance of $100K per BTC is actually very likely and is not that much

I have seen many great posts here and other posts from way back when the coin was in its infacy. Sure there are many other AltCoins out there but don't forget the focus here is BitCoin. Since BitCoin may well be eventually as the prime player of online currency, other Alt currencies are actually only just a way to buy fractions of BTC ( for now, until the owners of that currency pump and dump, which few will). Sure you can make money on their boom now but nowhere like a BTC will take it. Dont expect online merchants to post over 100 types of cryptocurrencies all over their "We Accept" area. Especially now one can make their own currency. Dont lose the focus here, again BitCoin is the prime player and it will be for quiet some time. Be careful investing long term in AltCurrencies. As we have other credit cards out there like Visa/Master Card etc, this is different. This cryptocurrency is a currency on its own and Alt Currencies are those variations which allow you to own a fraction of the prime currency which is BTC. Think of them as companies that provide options to buy their currency vs what it is per BTC amount. For these AltCurrencies, its the supply/demand of the currency that allows others to jump on board while making tons of money, be also careful as many are pump and dump. BitCoin is the cryptocurrency here ( others are copycats ) and also don't forget the CIA Investment Branch fund has also funded BitCoin. The FBI has also A LOT of bitcoins. They were interested in currencies and what could be made out of it and what it could be worth to have another alternative to fiat money in the world. Personally i think the U.S is interested in finding out other interesting ways to make money and tax us, and I think they hit the jackpot here and they are interested to see just what can happen with a limited currency such as BitCoin.
Remember, the CIA also funded the hell out of Facebook ( google, etc keep going) eventually and nobody close ever came to it or will replace it for decades. Since they got their hands on it you can be sure this one will stay around for a while.
With time, more universities, online retailers like Amazon/Ebay will start accepting BitCoins which they should now because of the potential it has, it would be stupid not to. (they are already talking about it), then the chances of 1BTC to hit 10K are not far away at all. It's only 10X what one is worth today. However, because of the demand it is very likely to see 1BTC to equal 100K within the next 2 years or less with the demand hitting it 100 times its value. Which is not unreasonable too.
We have to set a going rate for 1BTC eventually, but because of its limited availability don't expect it to ever be in 1K for long. As soon as those major online retailers accept it, be prepared for it to skyrocket at 100+ times its value ( which is nothing compared to its 1,000% jump in the last 2 years and we are BARELY scratching the surface). Even $10,000 per 1 BTC would be history very shortly.
Look at the market caps guys! Facebook is worth 100Billion. Created by a Harvard guy and well funded by many investors including the CIA. ""
Google market cap 250B.
An extremely conservative chance of 1-10% of BitCoin being worth JUST 1 BILLION would mean 1 Bitcoin is well worth above $100K in the near future.
Don't also forget that every year U.S loses out 100Billion Dollars of taxes due to offshore companies, a problem no nation can control ( yet). Since the world can tax BitCoins what an opportunity it is to make up for that loss, even at 1B market cap!
Thats only $1Billion market cap which is NOTHING!
As another user wrote "I personally think, 1 coin will be worth $1M within the next 5 years". It may look very promising that one could reach that high, after all the government has to tax something, and with only 21 Million bitcoins, thats massive tax profit for countries. Nobody wants its value to be at 1K, 1K is a joke, its peanuts, nothing in other words. This thing would be deflated ridiculously and at $100K per BTC is still even nothing.
There is a lot of power behind this coming in daily and a lot of backing, especially China with their ridiculous economy and wealth, this thing will not be killed off anytime soon so 100K per coin is very likely and is very soon.
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High Limit Coin Pusher full of Bitcoins! I came out a ... Joshua Bartley - YouTube Coin Pusher Talk..Bitcoin..We are doing the Boozled Challenge! Huge Bitcoin Win on the High Limit Coin Pusher! - YouTube WON OVER $1,000 & BITCOIN Inside The High Limit Coin ...

The Bad Beat Jackpot will be activated whenever a good poker hand is beaten by an even better poker hand. This is a cool way of getting people to keep playing poker in the poker rooms available. ... Pinterest, BitCoin Talk, Medium, and 2+2. In addition, players can subscribe to the CoinPoker newsletter by simply providing their email address. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All content provided herein our website, hyperlinked sites, associated applications, forums, blogs, social media accounts and other platforms (“Site”) is for your general information only, procured from third party sources. We make no warranties of any kind in relation to our content, including but not limited to accuracy and updatedness. This jackpot is distributed to 6 players. If you have 6 good numbers you win 85% of the total (8 Bitcoins or 250,000 Dogecoins). For play and win the jackpot you must choose 6 numbers (1 to 9) and press "play" . The first try is free , next is 0.001 Bitcoin and 1 Dogecoin. Every new player receives a unique id don't lost him ! You can send ... You will find 5 of the best bitcoin casinos in details, as well as the bonuses offered, a brief description of the most popular Bitcoin games, and some info on mobile Bitcoin casinos and wallets. Those interested can also find the answers to 5 of the most FAQs regarding Bitcoin online gambling. I signed up with one company,of investing bitcoin,they have a plan, I started with plan 1 which you invest 10usd by bitcoin after 24hrs – after 2weeks I withdrew 35 usd, I remove my 10,and continue with their money. I withdrew again and again. Now I have 400usd on that account, when I try to withdraw they said you have to upgrade.

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High Limit Coin Pusher full of Bitcoins! I came out a ...

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