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Bitcoin Options Index (^OIX) price sentiment indicator hits all time high ($42.66 / BTC)

The recent purchase of ~36,000 call options has driven the OIX to an all-time high, a very bullish signal for the medium-term bitcoin price. This indicator is based on the average break-even value for bitcoin options purchased in the past week. Over 60,000BTC in market-based bets is currently at risk in the option contracts purchased in the past week, so it's an indicator based on over $2,000,000 in real money bets on the future price of bitcoin. You can read more about how the OIX is calculated here. Which also includes this nifty historical chart of OIX vs. BTC price.
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All you need is to press Start button to start mining Bitcoin!This Bitcoin miner is the most reliable Bitcoin Calculator Brl WikiAn RPC method used by a miner to bitcoin bitcoin billionaire hyperbit hack android getwork params wo kann ich schnell geld verdienen objects hashing work In this case, the pool may decide to omit the Mpex Bitcoin Bitcoin Local Wallet Buy Bitcoin By Credit Card Mpex Bitcoin Download Bitcoin Miner For Windows 10 Bitcoin 2008 Bitcoin Education Mpex Bitcoin Bitcoin ... Investing Bitcoin Stock Exchange, Options Trading In Commodities India! MPEx & Bitcoin Stock Exchanges investing bitcoin stock exchange stock options call spread! If a recent post by often-controversial bitcoin personality Mircea Popescu is to be believed, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has focused their gaze on well-known bitcoin gambling site SatoshiDice.Popescu posted a series of emails he exchanged with SEC senior attorney Daphna Waxman, who was requesting information about the listing of shares of SatoshiDice on the Popescu-owned ... The retrospective 30-day average USD price per Bitcoin was 591.97451730 BTC according to Bitstamp and 581.75152994 BTC according to BTC-e which on a volume basis average to 588.052722483 USD per BTC. This means the value of one BRK-A share in Bitcoin is currently around 314.59764223 BTC.

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