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Strange transaction with KryptoKit which is now stuck!

What I sent KryptoKit (with small edits for clarity):
So I went to send my balance to another address. I copy and pasted my balance into the amount field, hit send and an error message returned saying something along the lines of needing to include the .0001 miner fee (I was unsure if it would be taken out of the amount I typed or not, glad it instructs you to leave enough for the fee) so I go back to the field, move 4 spots over and subract 1 like I would always do.
As you can see - somehow my fee turned into .000009997 and I was returned 4 satoshi. I am positive I copy and pasted my balance and that I only subtracted .0001 from the amount I was sending.
Any idea on what happened? It is rather embarassing because I was actually going to be sending some of that btc to a coworker I am trying to introduce to bitcoin. I don't blame you guys though, I friggin love kryptokit! Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!"
Anybody have any ideas on what happened or how I could go about resolving the transaction? Thanks.
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