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Cryptocurrency Market - The Biggest Trends to watch out for 2018-2025

New market research study provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective profitability, liquidity and financial stability of Global Cryptocurrency Industry.
Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which operates on cryptographic techniques to complete safe transaction. Being decentralized with no governing body/central body involved in verifying transaction, secured protection and producing new currencies are projected to be the major reason for the market growth over the forecast period. Moreover, cryptocurrency’s community which include miners/stakers, developers, service providers, users etc. drive the governance of cryptocurrencies. The positive feedback loop has made the community more homogenous.
Globally, cryptocurreny has been selected as digital payment method for the future financial world. These convenient currencies are completely digital requiring online transaction unlike physical cash. Hustle free transaction and deduction in entire ownership cost are few key features propelling the industry.
Major drivers include authentication, ease of transaction, complete security, faster international transaction are expected to spur the market growth with steady performance. Moreover, the industry has not been confined with government rules, exchange rates, interest rates or international transaction fee, hence, making the currency more convenient for application.
The currencies can also be transferred digitally via devices such as smartphones, since they are completely unrestricted from any centralized bank/authorities. Vendors and consumers prefer virtual money for making payments, henceforth, creating new opportunities for the market growth.
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Tax-free & compliance-free transactions, lesser chances of identity theft & fraud and negligible fee charged for cryptocurreny transaction are few other key elements augmenting the industry growth over the forecast period. Moreover, lack of awareness among the people and stringent rules and regulations for application of robots in various countries is expected to restrain the market growth. The emerging industry is projected to grow over the forecast period with more public awareness and continuous increase of new market players with innovative product/services.
The market has been segmented into type of currency, mining types, and application. The type of currency segment includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others. Mining type is segregated into solo and pool mining. The application segment includes banking, real estate, stock market and virtual currency. Other application for the market includes retail sector, gaming industry, education, logistics & transportation, BFSI, tourism sector, media and entertainment industry. BFSI is expected to acquire the major share followed by retail sector operating on cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency mining hardware includes Central Processing Unit (CPU) mining, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining, Field-Program Gate Array (FPGA) mining, and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining. ASIC mining can calculate 10,000 times faster than conventional CPU mining.
Increasing acceptance and potential growth for this industry have attracted various small vendors globally for competing in the market. Apart from Bitcoin, Litcoin has also gained prominence in the market over last few years, there are plenty of vendors in the market namely as Litecoin, Namecoin, Novacoin, Peercoin, Ripple, Steller, Primecoin, Megacoin, and many others.
Geographically, the market is expended across North America (U.S., Mexico, and Canada), Europe (UK, France, Germany, and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia, and rest of Asia-Pacific), and MEA (Middle East, Latin America, and Africa). North America region dominates the market owing to the regulations offered by the government. Brazil and Canada are other major regions using cryptocurreny due to rules and regulations
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Key market players include Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Xilinx, Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, 21 Inc. AlphaPoint Corporation ,, Inc., Advanced Micro Devices, Inc, BTL Group Ltd.(Blockchain Tech), BitGo, BitFury Group , Coinbase UK, Ltd. Coinsecure, Unocoin, Coinbase, Bitstamp Ltd., Zebpay,, Poloniex Inc., Bitfury Group Limited, Global Area Holding Inc., Digital Limited, IBM Corp, are the other niche players.
About Us:
Xpodence Research is a U.S. based Market Research Company and offers the most extensive collection of progressive surveying syndicated and customized research reports of various categories for private and public industries across the globe.
We offer the comprehensive market research solution for all the industries by performing the in-depth study of industry trends, verticals globally. We believe in building an eternal bond with our customers through providing them inclusive research study both customized and syndicated based on their specific requirements.
The organizations in every industry such as Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Consumable Goods, Food & Beverage and others demands a market-based solutions for various significant decisions based on productivity and output globally. Our services are tailored specifically to our clients by proposing them the potential outcome, based on our in-depth analysis and insights for exploring the growth strategies through providing the best possible decision for quality production.
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Toll Free +1- 844-445-2861
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Primecoin's only problem: marketing [solvable]

The only problem it has is marketing and its association with scientific calculation, which is not its point. The point is that prime numbers chain ( cunningham) has very interesting properties that give superior features to Primecoin vs Bitcoin/Litecoin in terms of security, inflation and fees. Specifically, the cap that is not artificially fixed (a fixed cap implies that the price or fees grow exponentionally otherwise miners stop mining ) allows for a nevertheless rare coin, and low inflation, qualities of a good currency backed by precious metal.
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Using the Bitcoin protocol for more than just money

I think Bitcoin is a very interesting technology, and I'm glad to see it's taking off. But at the same time, I think it could be so much more. The real interesting technology is the block chain. With a few improvements and minor modifications, it could be the basis of much more than a digital currency. Namecoin and Bitmessage are two examples of other uses for a block chain, but AFAIK each uses their own, independent chain and network. I feel like should be possible to combine them.
Please mind that I haven't studied the protocol in extreme detail and I'm not a mathematician or a cryptographer, so I might be wrong on some understandings of the details. Corrections are highly welcomed.
Please also don't just view this as another "Bitcoin protocol sux, here's how it should be done" post. That's only the first section. ;-)

Improving the protocol

Firstly, I think the biggest issue Bitcoin (and all alternatives I know of) has is overhead. The block chain is several gigabytes, and bitcoind likes to choke my network with a lot of connections and big uploads.
Maybe the growth of technology will outpace the growth of Bitcoin's resource needs, but I don't think we can rely on that. Phones have been stuck at ~16GB of internal storage for quite a while now (maybe there are some reaching 32 and 64GB, but I don't know of any), and internet service is actually making backward progress in much of the western world - slower connections and tighter caps. One of Bitcoin's goals is also to prevent being controlled by any government or central authority - but if it relies on fast network connections, that's something an oppressive government can easily restrict to choke it.
Especially for a new client, to have to download the entire block chain can be daunting. And for a mobile client, the amount of network I/O seems like far too much for the piddly data caps mobile networks have, and the block chain would quickly eat up their available storage.

Size of the block chain

My understanding is that the solution to the blockchain size issue is to create a new genesis block; essentially replace the entire chain with a single block containing a hash of all previous blocks and start chaining again from there. But as far as I know, this is something that the Bitcoin developers have to do manually with a change to the source code (which also means they have to be able to do it - what if they disappear?), and this hasn't been done yet. This new genesis block creation needs to be built into the protocol and happen automatically, so that the chain never grows too large.

Network strain

As for network issues, I don't know why Bitcoin requires so much overhead, but I believe it's from clients transmitting large portions of the block chain (sometimes the entire chain) to new clients who don't have it. I think a simple solution here would be to download small chunks from many clients instead of large chunks from a few clients. The new client still has to download all the blocks it's missing, but the sending clients don't need to upload as much, so their connections won't be as strained.

Block generation rate

One thing I've never understood is why blocks are generated at 10-minute intervals. Litecoin shortens that to 2.5 minutes, but that's still fairly long. 10 minutes might be plenty of time if you're ordering online, but if you want Bitcoin to completely replace fiat currency, it needs to be as fast as fiat currency. Nobody wants to wait 2.5 minutes (let alone 10) in the grocery store or fast food drive-thru for their transaction to go through. Cash payments can be as simple as handing over a bill, and debit payments can complete in a few seconds.
The usual suggestion for how to resolve this is to put some Bitcoin in an account, controlled by some payment processor, so that when you later want to actually buy something, you just ask the processor to transfer from your account and they can do so immediately, and the shopkeeper can trust that the transaction will go through. But isn't this just a bank? How can we be sure we can trust the payment processors to not just run off with the money (especially with no controlling authority), and to not pull the kinds of annoying things banks do (fees fees fees)? To me it seems like relying on some third party to handle your Bitcoins is no better than the existing system Bitcoin intends to replace.

Scientific value of computations

One altcoin that I really like is Primecoin. Instead of brute-forcing hashes, Primecoin's proof of work is finding prime numbers. I feel like this is a nice benefit - in addition to everything the network does, now it's also doing calculations that are useful to science, instead of calculations that exist solely to be difficult.
Of course, if someone found a much more efficient algorithm to compute prime numbers, then this protocol would break. But the same is true of the hashing Bitcoin uses. Also, most existing cryptography is based on prime numbers, so I think there'd be a lot more to worry about than just Bitcoin. (That also implies that if the difficulty of prime numbers is trustworthy enough for everything else, it's probably good enough for Bitcoin too.) In either case, the protocol can be updated to a harder algorithm (even if it means going back to calculations that aren't scientifically valuable).

Using the block chain for messages and information

Already, every client has to download every block, and look through it for transactions involving its addresses. It should be an obvious and trivial extension to allow it to store messages sent to a Bitcoin address as well. This method of exchanging messages has a few nice advantages as well:

Making Bitcoin function as a P2P file sharing network

Expanding on the above idea: who says the messages have to be text? By using a binary format (perhaps with a container such as a zip file), it would be simple to send someone a file this way as well.
Of course, once you start sending blocks containing files, the size of the block chain becomes an issue again (and the size/quantity of the blocks for a large file could push transaction fees quite high as well). I think there are various ways to resolve this.
The way that appeals to me is to do what Freenet does:
I've emphasized may here because it's important in Freenet. Since there's no guarantee which clients will save/pass along a chunk, it's difficult to tell which clients have it.
Bitcoin clients, then, would be running this sort of chunk exchange system to share files. The block chain would just keep a record of the file's existence. It would identify the chunks that belong to a particular file, and perhaps the "owner" of the file - so that just as only the owner of a coin can spend it, only the owner of a file can upload a new version of it. Clients might also periodically broadcast a public message, stating that they have (or no longer have, or know where to find) chunks X, Y and Z (which may or may not be all the chunks they have).
Of course, another way to share files would be to simply broadcast a message saying "file X can be found at ftp://blah.blah.blah/X". But this isn't really sharing files, only their locations. This method doesn't give you any of the benefits of the Freenet method, but it might be suitable if you don't care about people being able to find out that it was you, in particular, who uploaded/downloaded the file. (Peers could still randomly grab copies of the file and rehost them, perhaps in chunks, to maintain availability and mask who's actually requesting it.)
Again, it'd be possible to encrypt a file with someone's public key, or leave it in plaintext so everyone can see. What Freenet does is something along the lines of including the decryption key in the file's URI. That way the nodes who hang on to its chunks can't know their contents (which means you can't get in trouble if someone uploads something illegal and your node happens to cache it), but anyone can be given the URI, allowing them to decrypt the file.

Using the block chain as a generic record of object ownership

Already the block chain is essentially a big record of who owns what coins. More generally, it's a giant key-value store. Spending a coin is telling all your peers "I'm giving Bob ownership of my Foo", and having them agree that you're able to do that. There should be little reason it couldn't record the ownership of other things, and other messages than just transfers of ownership, such as:
TL;DR Bitcoin and its block chain technology could be not just a digital currency, but the future of decentralized networking, incorporating email, DNS, file transfer and just about anything else all in one system.
(edit: add a couple more possible uses)
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Primecoin (XPM) price stats and information. Share: Primecoin Price (Primecoin price history charts) 1 XPM = $ 0.005 USD (2020-08-23 18:06:32 UTC) 1 USD = 200 XPM Primecoin (XPM) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates from August 12, 2020. Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. Check the latest Litecoin (LTC) price in Primecoin (XPM)! ... (100 Primecoin to Litecoin) Exchange Calculator Amount. Currency from ... to US Dollar 1000.000 Elrond to Bitcoin 110000 VeChain to Canadian Dollar 0.00270 Dash to Egyptian Pound 200383 Elrond ... Litecoin (LTC) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator This currency convertor is up to date with exchange rates from October 3, 2020. Enter the amount to be converted in the box to the left of the currency and press the "convert" button. Primecoin’s price and value have enjoyed a surge in recent months – as with all cryptocurrencies. Primecoin is a fork from the Bitcoin blockchain and is designed to process transactions four times quicker than the original cryptocurrency.

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