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2006 d2jsp account 150k FG I bought this account in 2019 and have no longer use for it since I am unable to cash it out through VGA keys. I always maintained this account with a proxy on the IP address from origin country (Germany) So the login records are from one country only. I got 24 000 d2jsp fg for sell. I need 12$ per 1k fg. I'm real fg seller, you can choose seller with 10$/1k fg but you can be scammed. I accept Paypal but I don't want to trade with new people, I don't care if you go first etc. I prefer to sell gold to trusted people here If you're new here you can buy my fg with BITCOIN or other ALTCOINS Buying d2jsp fg with bitcoin, Hello, I would like to purchase several thousand d2jsp forum gold. I offer $10 per 1k fg and I will pay with bitcoin. I know I am new here so I think i, Digital Currency and Non-Game Sales, I ain't hatin on your topic, just sayin, bitcoin/cryptocurrency talk is everywhere on the internet atm. Touche, that's why I created the topic tbh, I didn't see an active thread for it yet. I searched "cryptocurrency" which resulted in a couple 1-2 page threads which seemed to die out. Buying & Selling & Trading ⭐D2jsp⭐ FG + Account ⭐ ⭐Good & Nice Price Always⭐ ⭐Instant Payment⭐ PayPal WMZ Skrill Visa Mcard BTC You metod payment possible Ways of Contact: Email: [email protected] Skype: live:.cid.e095e051afaf0733 Discord: safeRMT#4369 Conact me if you have any questions

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Bitcoin Vault Full Presentation - YouTube

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