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Slow, but steady wins the race?

I’m sure most would agree that nothing great comes easy and without a consistent effort. And just like in the old children’s story of the tortoise and the hare, if you “take a nap” at a critical time during the strive to success then you run the risk of losing out on an easy win. Hard work will get you results and most good things take time.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”— Confucius However, let’s be honest. If the hare wouldn’t have fallen asleep from being overly confident in its speed then the tortoise would have never won the race no matter how slow or steady it moved. In fact, if the hare would have showed humility then the race may have never even happened. This I feel is an equally important lesson from the story — remain humble.
But why shouldn’t the hare brag about its speed? The hare takes pride in letting others know how fast it is, and this is where the problem lies. When one does things for the approval of others then it can genuinely take away from the great act itself. Humility shows self-respect and in return helps gain the respect from others around us knowing that our actions were performed for the right reason.
When Satoshi successfully created Bitcoin he was humble. He did not brag. And he did it for the right reasons. This exact thing is what the crypto space needs more of and what #WWSS and ECC are aiming to convey.
Click “Start” to begin survey. What’s new and what’s news! Just like #WWSS, the Declaration of Currency Independence was created in order to establish a basis on how blockchain and cryptocurrency can, and I believe will, benefit all of us. This is why it is important that projects and cryptocurrencies within this space work together to achieve the overall goal of currency independence.
These exact ideologies can be heard within each interview I (@MrCryptoCarlton) conducted with the three members of Team McAfee (@GemCrypto and @bmiles84) including John McAfee himself (@officialmcafee). Listening to these interviews, you will be able to tell that Team McAfee is tremendously well-versed when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, and very much enthusiastic about its future.
Along with Team McAfee, I had the pleasure of interviewing two other heavy hitters in the investment, social media and cryptocurrency world as well — Sam Ball (@thesamball) and Warren Whitlock (@WarrenWhitlock). Both of these gentlemen are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields of expertise and the dialog was nothing short of intriguing.
When Podcast? The audio for these interviews will be released via my new podcast show called The Bull Pen Podcast presented by me, The Crypto Bully, and ECC in the near future so be on the lookout via ECC’s social communities.
Oh, and I may or may not be looking into pairing up with a very well known podcast network to launch my podcast show and these awesome interviews for maximum exposure. wink wink
Bridging the gap Shortly after the posting of our last ECC Stand-up Medium article two weeks ago, our Marketing Lead, Wim Sijberts (@wim), had a meet up with Bithumb Exchange’s General Manager, Ted Kim, and from the looks of things (see image below) it was a highly productive one.
ECC’s Core Values We also conducted a poll to vote for the top 7 core values that our community felt represented ECC the best. Well, those results are now in and are as follows (by percentage in descending order):
Simplicity : It’s not enough to have a great idea or an innovative product. If it can’t be easily understood and usable by the masses, it won’t be adopted. At ECC we strive to keep it simple! Positive Impact : As our community grows and our blockchain products become more widely adopted, so does our power. And with great power, comes even greater responsibility. ECC community members and product users seek to leave the world a better place than we found it. Security : Embedded in the DNA of our community is our desire for personal security and privacy. You reveal what you’d like about yourself. We’re just as happy to know you by your real name or an anonymous avatar. Patience : The best products take time and precision to get right. The cliche is true. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will ECC be. Respect: Compassion and understanding is the bedrock of the ECC community. We debate and we disagree from time to time, but we always strive to be respectful and have understanding for our fellow members. Equals : There are no heroes or superstars here. ECC is community-driven and community-powered. We are all in this together fighting for our decentralized freedom and security. Challengers : The world isn’t changed by yes men and yes women. Progress takes open-minded discussion and respectful debate. We welcome it at ECC. The community selected core values will be added to the website as a new page over the next two weeks so be on the lookout for that.
Hot off the press! The official WWSS press release, written up by our very own Kevin Bailey (@ECC Buddha), was successfully pushed out to over 650 premium television outlets, newspapers, major news sites, industry news sites, financial feeds, regional and local new sites and social media. The marketing team is continuing to promote the WWSS and are expected to do so throughout the month of June.
Tip: Google “Hundreds of Crypto Influencers, Developers, and Holders Speak for Satoshi” to see Google indexed pages.
It’s finally live! Be sure to check ECC’s new, robust FAQ page which has a lot of useful info.
The home page for ECC, a multi-chain cryptocurrency focusing on a solution to currency transfer, name resolution, file… ecc.network Until further notice After several attempts of communication with Octaex we have not received any answer regarding the status of their exchange, so for the moment we would advise the community not to use this exchange until further notice.
Welcome the new team members! The ECC team seems to be becoming more well-rounded when looking at the skill sets that come with each new member. Over the past two weeks we have added an additional 7 team members:
Marketing Tom van Els (@tomve), Strategic Development and Partnerships Colin Eason (@Khaleesi), Community Outreach Lucas Moran (@Skywalker), Community Outreach Michael Ventura (@Ziggy ECC), Marketing Logistics
Project Consulting Brent DesRoches (@Mr. Plow), Consultant Yoseff Diaz (@yoseff), Consultant
Each of these individuals have put some serious time and effort into ECC, helping with everything from pushing #WWSS to setting up the most recent interviews mentioned above, and I for one am highly appreciative. They will all officially be added to the Our Team page of the ECC website over the next few days.
Let’s give them all a warm welcome!
Dev Update The versioning system for ECC has been changed, and the daemon versions will go from (current version of daemon) to (next version of daemon). Since ECC references the BCH code base, the versioning system will now reflect the BCH code that we more closely relate to.
Note: the reference code is in terms of networking and mempool improvements; ECC does not plan to add colored coins.
With that being said, version is under development. A few bug fixes have already been implemented, most notably the staking bug where coins wouldn’t return will be fixed. Some of the other planned upgrades/features for are as follows:
The network manager and service systems were reworked a bit in preparation for the messaging and file storage code, which means you will be able to change networks without restarting Sapphire (very useful for the services). Expect to see a huge increase in performance and reduction of syncing and loading times. Some of the ways files are stored on disk will have changed so the folder structure will look a little different. Messaging test net will launch. A change in algorithm from scrypt to SHA256. PoS reward calculation will change, and it will now be a max of a flat 10 coins per block staked. The fee and coin system within ECC is being reworked and with that comes a few more useful functions for figuring out fees before sending a transaction. The update to also indicates that ECC’s second chain is coming soon. It will not launch right when is released, but should happen either shortly after it or with the release of
ANS There has been a lot of progress made with ANS. These are the bugs that have been squashed:
Change address issue — when a new address is generated if exactly 50 ECC was sent then nothing would happen. Improvement on ANS relay (better message propagation). Incorrect display of a message that reads “insufficient balance” when the balance is indeed sufficient. With that being said, we are happy to announce that the code for ANS is now complete and functioning properly. The only thing left to do is to finish coding the interface so that everyone can use it within Sapphire. The dev team is currently working on this, so it won’t be long now until ANS is available for everyone.
Marketing Update In case any hodlers are wondering, the types of marketing we’re doing right now are very light community and brand building things. It may look like a lot since these types of things haven’t been done much within ECC before now, but it’s light. Major marketing initiatives launch when we’re actively seeking new users for working products.
Looking forward to ramping users up when everything is ready. By that time we’ll have a sizable group of marketers fully trained up via the efforts we’re making now.
There will also be an official update coming soon on exchanges and supporters/partnerships, as the team has been working these sectors quite vigorously over the past few weeks.
ECC on Wall Street Ever wonder what someone on Wall Street might think about blockchain and cryptocurrency? Well so did Lucas Moran (@Skywalker), so he took to the streets — the Wall streets!
All captured on video, Lucas went to Wall Street located in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan in New York City, New York and asked multiple individuals questions from the WWSS survey in search of their responses and he received plenty. He is currently preparing this footage for release so expect to see his findings in the not-so-distant future.
And be ready because I have a feeling this video is going to be interesting!
I hope everyone enjoyed reading this week’s ECC stand-up as much as I enjoyed writing it. See everyone in another 2 weeks!
Cheers, Lyndon (@MrCryptoCarlton)
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