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EDIT 4: Apparently this is making some waves. I realize there are people who will see this that are new to cryptocurrency. A fairly general understanding/background on Bitfinex, Tether, and the history of cryptocurrency exchange scandals would be useful. (i.e. Mt. Gox - which fraudulently made off with millions of dollars worth of BTC after artificially inflating its price at the expense of thousands of users) As this post is already extremely lengthy, I'll try and sum up the basics before getting started (skip to below this section if you are already familiar):
First off, I'm not the first person to look into this. And it's hardly new info. For example, Bitfinex'ed (medium, twitter) has been onto this situation for quite some time now, and it's worth checking out if you want to keep learning.
  1. I've previously posted on the interrelatedness of Bitfinex and Tether. Worth a read if you don't know how they're connected.
  2. Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange with a dark past involving multiple run-ins with trading laws and regulations, problems with banks and multiple hacks resulting in the loss of millions of dollars worth of BTC.
  3. Tether (USDT) is a fairly new development. Its first address came into existence in 2014. What it claims to be is a cryptocurrency backed 1:1 with the USD. So for every Tether, there is supposedly $1 backing it. Thus the name, "Tether." Problem is, there is no evidence of this. The requirements to buy Tether involve extensive verification hoops, that make it pretty much defeat the purpose of cryptocurrency.
  4. The primary difference between Tether and virtually every other cryptocurrency in existence is that it does not have to be mined into existence. It can simply be "typed" into existence through a keyboard. Go ahead, type a number on your keyboard. $100,000,000? No problem. Done.
  5. Because of this, and after seeing hundreds of millions of Tether being typed into existence to the tune of over 800 million, most of which is being used on exchanges, it has come to the attention of the cryptocurrency community as a whole, that Tether may not be such a great thing for Bitcoin - or any other cryptocurrency. We've found that it is being "created" freely, without any proof of its required $USD reserves.
Tether has the equivalent power of the Federal Reserve. That alone, is absolutely insane. You can see why these factors combine to create a somewhat stormy horizon for cryptocurrency as a whole.
All I aim to do in this post is to outline who owns the majority of Tether (USDT), where it's located, how much of BTC's daily trading volume it makes up, and how I came to those conclusions. Anything beyond that, like implications or predictions about price, manipulation, BTC being propped up by Tether, etc. or any kind of conspiracy, I steer clear from. The information below is, to the best of my knowledge, purely factual information, not theoretical.

Start here if already familiar.

This is going to sound crazy. But the wallets don’t lie, and I’ll break it all down below (as if summoning hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fake money out of thin air to spend on real crypto-currency wasn't crazy-sounding enough). I know this is long, but it's worth reading if you have the time. TL;DR at the bottom.
First, I need to outline which addresses are which. All the following addresses were at one time, or are currently on Tether's "Rich List." And as we'll get to below, belong to Bitfinex:
Tether Printer: 3MbYQMMmSkC3AgWkj9FMo5LsPTW1zBTwXL Tether Treasury: 3BbDtxBSjgfTRxaBUgR2JACWRukLKtZdiQ Bitfinex-A: 1KYiKJEfdJtap9QX2v9BXJMpz2SfU4pgZw unknown/Bitfinex-B: 1AA6iP6hrZfYiacfzb3VS5JoyKeZZBEYRW Bittrex: 1DUb2YYbQA1jjaNYzVXLZ7ZioEhLXtbUru Poloniex-A: 1Po1oWkD2LmodfkBYiAktwh76vkF93LKnh Poloniex-B: 1Co1dhYDeF76DQyEyj4B5JdXF9J7TtfWWE
As some of you know, I’ve been investigating the web of transactions and addresses from OmnExplorer for the last several days/weeks. It has become more interesting the deeper I dig: Tether, through Bitfinex (their own partner, arguably owned by the same company) is sending hundreds of millions of USDT to Bittrex and Poloniex accounts. This would be normal if it weren’t for the fact that all these accounts appear to be under control of Tether & Bitfinex directly.

From Tether to Bitfinex to Bittrex

I discovered this when I realized Bitfinex doesn’t have any USDT trading volume, nor is USDT offered for any trading pairs on Bitfinex, despite Bitfinex being the only Associate of Tether listed in its legal terms. “So what, Pepto?” Well this is weird for several reasons:
  1. Bitfinex is listed as the only partner of Tether in Tether’s legal terms. You’d think the only exchange partnered with Tether, and indemnified in its legal terms, would be offering USDT in its trading pairs, no? Why isn’t USDT offered on Bitfinex? After all, they are heavy users of it.
  2. Bitfinex-A has been the recipient of hundreds of millions of USDT, directly from the Tether Printer and Treasury.
  3. Bitfinex-A has spent the majority (hundreds of millions in ~half-million to million increments) of its USDT by sending it to an unknown address which exclusively sends USDT to Bittrex.
  4. Bitfinex-A and Bittrex are currently top 3 on Tether's "Rich List." They currently hold ~386million USDT across both addresses.
Think about these points. The only one who can be in control of this unknown address is Bitfinex. Here's why: 1) Bitfinex does not offer or trade USDT. Tell me what random soul out there is privately selling hundreds of millions of USDT worth of goods or services directly to Bitfinex, only to send their USDT revenue to Bittrex? Who in their right mind would sell anything in exchange for Tether? 2) It’s not Bittrex, because they would have received it from the Treasury if they had directly bought it from Tether for use in their trading pairs, the only place besides an exchange where you can get it. But besides offering it as a trading pair, what exchange would ever directly trade hard cash for a digital token whose terms of service explicitly outline its worthlessness?
It is because of these points that we can safely deduce that this unknown address is owned by Bitfinex. So we’re going to label this unknown address “Bitfinex-B” for future reference. Next. If Bitfinex-B is sending USDT exclusively to the Bittrex address on Tether’s “Rich List” immediately after receiving USDT from Bitfinex-A, who is the owner of the Bittrex address?
Do we need to ask why Bittrex would ever exchange cash, goods or services with Bitfinex for USDT again? It's pretty clear at this point that the "Rich List" Bittrex address belongs to Bitfinex as well. Alright, so in case we're lost, so far, the flow of USDT looks like this:
Tether Printer >> Tether Treasury >> Bitfinex-A >> Bitfinex-B >> Bittrex

From Poloniex to Bitfinex to Bittrex

But wait, there’s more. Bitfinex-B also occasionally receives several hundred thousand USDT from one of the “Rich List” Poloniex addresses (Poloniex-A). Poloniex-A also sends tens of millions of USDT to the second Poloniex “Rich List” address, (Poloniex-B) and visa/versa.
Poloniex-A >> Bitfinex-B + Poloniex-B Poloniex-B >> Poloniex-A
Now, if Bitfinex-B is receiving occasional USDT from Poloniex-A (as we outlined above), then who is sending USDT from the Poloniex-A? Let’s look at a few major hints:
  1. Poloniex-A has sent a tiny amount of USDT directly to the Tether Printer once before.
  2. What reason would Poloniex-A ...
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