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Litecoindark specs... Algorithm: Scrypt Halving: 12813 blocks Initial coins per block: 3200 coins Target spacing: 1 minute Target timespan: 5 hours Coinbase maturity: 5 blocks Max Coins: 82.003.200

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Coinkings met Dennis Binnekade - Gamekings gamers duiken in Bitcoin

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Non-miner with newbie questions

Hello miners,
I know almost nothing about currency mining and have been trying to get into it. I'm not super tech saavy but know the basics about computers. I have been reading about how currency mining works and is interested in getting to know more about it.
I have some newbie questions that I'm now sure how to find the answers to, so I'll pose them to you guys!
1) Is GPU/CPU Mining still worth it? or do I have to purchase an ASICs machine to compete with other miners?
2) Is there a place where I can compare mining rates for all cpu/gpu/asics?
3) Can I put together old computer parts such as GPU/CPU into one case and use it as a dedicated mining system? -I currently have 3-4 old computers that are not in use and I want to turn them into a "rudimentary" mining system. Is this a smart move? Is it even possible?
4) I'm living somewhere with fixed utilities, which means my electricity bill will never cost me more than $75. Is there any way I can take advantage of this to help mine 24/7?
5) Are there any "Moron's guide to currency mining" online? I'm looking for a really, boiled down, bare-essentials guide.
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We need a leader

I see all talk and very little action. We don't have a leader. We need to choose or identify one that will be proactive. One that can organize us as a community, a president. We need someone to take the bull by the horns so to say. Someone that unite the community and make Quark successful.
We couldn't even get together enough mining power to get on We can't even get enough people to use a mining pool Cashman created. We can't even get enough mining power on Hashcows to support the price of Quark. The community is failing. We are supposed to be 2,000 members strong. Let's direct that force in the most efficient way possible.
I consider myself a complete newb and managed to figure out many things on my own with very little support from the "community". You have to beat down doors to get anything done. Even then we don't have an expert to turn to.
Solutions 1) identify a leader- someone that the community will follow. Someone that can provide a calculated plan of attack to grow our investments. Someone that is knowledgable to all things crypto.
2) identify this person and imidiatly convert all our use mining power to hashcows. We need to mine other coins and buy more Quarks. It will take a community leader to organize this. We need to stop the bleeding in Quark price. That should be the first plan of attack.
3) dedicate one user to teamviewer support to bring on and educate new users. I don't care if we set up appointments or what but we need one person who solely helps others with mining software issues. Just this week alone I've installed 3 different mining platforms. It's overwhelming for someone who is new to crypto.
4) new ideas - crowd funding, POS, etc. we need new blood. This needs to come from the community and experts that are far more knowledgable than I.
Idk about you guys but I'm pretty damn tired of waking up everyday and seeing my investment go down especially when Bitcoin is going up. Don't tell me it's all Altcoins. We don't even have the volume to belong in the 16 spot in market cap.
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Best ways to use your SHA256 ASIC to mine doge!

You cannot use your sha256 ASIC to mine doge "directly" yet, but it's also not impossible, just in case you don't feel like mining BTC and converting it to DOGE, there have been pools that does that and pools that simulate that, and the choice is yours.
Pools that payout in doge:
Coinking - you can point your SHA Miner to this pool and use your dogecoin wallet as your username, you will be paid doge. - Eobot simulates the speed you get from your sha256 into scrypt, it also supports cloud mining dogecoin, in other words no matter if your shares are valid or no, you still make constant amount of doge, and if BTC price goes up you will be making more doge at that point, if doge price goes down, you also be making more doge.
here is my profile and how much dogecoins I made:
This way doge goes to the moon faster as this is also simulating high demand for doge, you can go on and buy doge directly and miss the fun.
so this was the best ways to use bitcoin hardware to mine dogecoin for new comers I hope you find this helpful.
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King Bitcoin Doubler - YouTube

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