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Bitcoin Fund On Toronto Stock Exchange | Blue Wallet Adds HodlHodl | Novogratz Eyes $20K in 2020

Bitcoin Fund On Toronto Stock Exchange | Blue Wallet Adds HodlHodl | Novogratz Eyes $20K in 2020 submitted by benperrin117 to BitcoinCA [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Fund On Toronto Stock Exchange | Blue Wallet Adds HodlHodl | Novogratz Eyes $20K in 2020

Bitcoin Fund On Toronto Stock Exchange | Blue Wallet Adds HodlHodl | Novogratz Eyes $20K in 2020 submitted by benperrin117 to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

The Toronto Raptors Bitcoin Cash Wallet has been hidden: Address qz72j9e906g7pes769yp8d4ltdmh4ajl9vf76pj0v9 (PLS RT - Some local media tagged on it)

The Toronto Raptors Bitcoin Cash Wallet has been hidden: Address qz72j9e906g7pes769yp8d4ltdmh4ajl9vf76pj0v9 (PLS RT - Some local media tagged on it) submitted by CreativeName44 to btc [link] [comments]

Canadian BTC Exchanges

Looking to dip my toes into some crypto-coins from Canadian Exchanges and am having difficulty finding current reviews of the exchanges I'm considering the following and looking to make smallish trades with a few exchanges to see what I can do in 6-12 months while I learn the ropes. Seems tho that any reviews I can find on most of these are a year or more and hard to see what is legit vs bluffery.
The "predatory exchange checklist" sub has been helpful, for some in narrowing things down for me - hoping the hive-mind can give me some last-minute pointers.
I'm thinking of starting off with Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple or even Bitcoin Cash to start exploring. I have my own off-line wallet and am hoping to diversify a bit in the process.
For exchanges, I'm leaning towards Coinsmart or Newton but would appreciate any advice (good or bad) to help steer me in the right direction if at all possible. I'm ok with a bit of a leap of faith in my first foray as I'll be limiting my exposure, and try to make sure my risks are educated wherever possible.
Candidates exchanges:
Alternatives Candidates:
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Summary of Tau-Chain Monthly Video Update - July 2020

Agoras Live: Five functionalities complete: 1. Registration 2. Login 3. User Profile Page 4. Calendar 5. Categories List 6. Wallet Screen Payments: Decided that implementing lightning would be too complex. Instead, we decided to implement our own micropayment mechanism using the native BTC multisig addresses. We are going to use the Omni wallet for payments. TML: Continued debugging, getting a TML demo and test cases ready. Hiring: More hiring efforts to increase team size. Timelines: Committing ourselves to a release of Agoras Live and a basic version of discussions in TML in 2020.
Umar: Been working on making improvements to the context free grammar parsing. We now are able to add constraints to productions in the grammar, allowing us to recognize grammars that are context sensitive. Developed test cases for that, too.
Tomas: Fixed issues in TML and ran several steps in a TML program. Now adding more tests to make sure everything is stable and won’t break. Also been working on a TML tutorial, a recorded script based on the intro to TML which was contained in the TML Playground. Also new features are going to be covered such as arithmetics.
Kilian: More outreach & follow-ups to potential partner universities. Positive response by a professor based in Toronto, presented to him our project. Also, response by KULeuven, Belgium, who unfortunately don’t see a good fit in our project. We’ve had one applicant for the IDNI Grant program and currently are evaluating his proposal. Also, we’ve had an applicant from Bangalore, India for the IDNI Ambassador program and we also have been discussing his proposal. Translation Bounties: We’ve had the blog post “The New Tau” translated to Chinese and have been reviewing the translation. We are going to publish the translation on our website and on the Bitcointalk Chinese forum section. Still to be claimed: German translation of “The New Tau”. Done more effort on reach out to potential tribe channels: Research groups, LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups. Most represented keywords: Complex Adaptive Systems, NLP, Computational Linguistics. Usual feedback: Likes but no further interaction. Created an FAQ answering all possible questions surrounding IDNI, Tau & Agoras Idea: Hosting a virtual panel to spread the word about our project among the scientific community, as well as to create some visual content for our community. Two professors are interested in participating, one from Argentina with a focus in semantic parsing, the other one from the University of Washington with a focus on human-computer interaction and social computing. First step: organizing a pre-panel discussion where in 1on1 calls with the professors we get an opinion of them about what we are doing.
Andrei: Agoras Live: Implemented mail system so users now get their mails (e.g. registration email). Improved UX together with Mo’az, e.g. user profiles. Token creation for accessing calls to identify and charge users. Customized Jitsi interface to suit our needs: E.g. display of how much time passed in a call and how much it costs. Next up: Further improve UX; make sure everything works as intended.
Mo’az: Almost finished the IDNI website. Added two more pages: Events & Bounties in collaboration with Fola & Kilian. Agoras Live: Finetuned all the website’s components in collaboration with Andrei.
Juan: Continued working on the payments system for Agoras Live. Had some delays due to the complexity of debugging such applications. Still, we made significant progress and got the funding transactions implemented over the Lightning network through the Omni layer. Spent time analyzing the minimum amount of BTC to pay for the fees associated to the Omni transactions. We aren’t using segregated witness native addresses and instead are using embedded segregated witness. So transaction sizes are enlarged and transaction fees are a bit higher. So there is a bit of finetuning analysis needed in order to enable the multisig address to pay for the closing & refund transactions. So to provide payment channels over the Omni layer, the main remaining technical detail we have to solve at this point is the closing transaction & the refund transaction.
Fola: Have been continuing to look for great talent in different areas. Continued working on website with Mo’az and Kilian. Been working on the branding for Tau & Agoras. Been getting external support to make sure the branding for Tau & Agoras will be as professional as it can be. Working on marketing efforts needed for the release of Agoras Live to get the media pack for marketing ready. Working together with external people to put a plan together for listing the Agoras token on more prominent exchanges as we get closer to release of Agoras Live.
Ohad: Continued working on restricted versions of second-order logic to understand how to implement them. There is a translation in the literature about how to convert second-order logic by Horn into Datalog. Also, I have been revisiting papers that deal with descriptive complexity of higher-order logic. They mention that they have a translation from second-order logic to QBF. I wasn’t able to find where they explain this translation but I wrote one of them and he said he will send me the paper. If so, that will be very good because we already have a QBF solver. Any binary decision diagram is already a QBF solver, so we can just translate arbitrary second-order logic formulas into QBF. This will be very helpful for us to implement second-order logic. Also, those papers mention several aspects that are relevant for self-interpretation, the laws of laws. Apparently, they suggest that certain fragments of higher-order logic may also support the laws of laws. But this is part of the papers that I didn’t have access to, so I have to wait to get further clarification. I also pushed the whitepaper significantly this month and hope we will be finishing it soon. Also, I was thinking about some optimizations for the parser and also was looking into the Lightning network. It was my mistake that I haven’t done so beforehand and if I had done it beforehand, I would have understood earlier, that Lightning is too much. It is too drastic of a change to how traditional payments work and there apparently is no reason to believe that it is secure. So I’m glad I discovered better now than later that it’s not something we’d like to rely on, although we can have it as an optional feature.
Q: With the project development taking longer than other projects such as Tezos, when can AGRS holders expect something to be released and, how can you reassure us that we made the right decision?
A: With regards to when we see some releases, it seems that we will see some releases in 2020. For comparing to Ethereum and Tezos: Let’s first talk about funding. Both projects had a lot of money. For Ethereum, the reason for is that it has probably done one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns in history. It was completely lacking any kind of honesty. It was simply aggressive. None of Ethereum’s visions and promises became true. It simply became an insecure platform for scams. None of their vision of creating a world computer, of creating a better society, a better currency, became true. Because of this aggressive marketing, they not only raised a lot of money, they also took the price to be so high in the market. If you remember the campaign of the flipping, they did a whole campaign on how they would overtake the marketcap of Bitcoin. For Tezos, they made maybe the largest ICO in history in terms of money, mainly because they came at the right time, at the top of the bubble in 2017, and also their promises for better coordination didn’t come true. Their solution is based on voting and based on Turing completeness and the only reason why they managed to gain such a market cap as of today, is not because they offer better currency, better society, better anything. It basically is a Ponzi-scheme because they offer very high interest rate by very high inflation (5,51%). The only reason why people buy Tezos is to get into this Ponzi-scheme. Because both Tezos and Ethereum lack any true economical or technological substance, their value will not sustain and this is true for almost all projects in the cryptocurrency world. In the software, high-tech market, if you come up with good tech and you do all the right things, you succeed big time. But if you don’t have it and you are purely relying on brainwashing people, it will not sustain. Of course, our solution is so disruptive and sustainable. We offer to do advancements for humanity and for economy.
Q: What three subjects would you first like to see discussed on Tau?
A: Of course, picking three subjects now is a bit speculative, but the first thing that comes to mind is the definitions of what good and bad means and what better and worse means. The second subject is the governance model over Tau. The third one is the specification of Tau itself and how to make it grow and evolve even more to suit wider audiences. The whole point of Tau is people collaborating in order to define Tau itself and to improve it over time, so it will improve up to infinity. This is the main thing, especially initially, that the Tau developers (or rather users) advance the platform more and more.
Q: What is stopping programmers using TML right now? If nothing, what is your opinion on why they aren’t?
A: There is nothing essentially missing in TML in order to let it release. And in fact, we are now working towards packaging it and bringing it towards a release level. For things like documentation, bug fixes, minor features, minor optimizations. We indeed actively work towards releasing TML 1.0 and then we can publish it in e.g. developers channels for them to use it.
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Possible Work Scam?

I've recently found a job working remotely as a "customer service assistant" and the job description included various assignments like doing research, answering customer service emails, but also bookkeeping/finance for them.
I gave employers my name, address, phone number, and photo ID for employment and began working. At first when it started everything looked normal. They gave me tasks to do such as doing research on products and presenting pros/cons as if I were a regular intern. However, 2 days ago they asked me to do the bookkeeping/finance stuff for them and had me create an account on Shakepay which is a bitcoin and other currency online wallet for fund transfers. They then used Interac e-Transfer to give me $2000 directly to my bank account and asked me to transfer that into Shakepay.
I, incredibly stupidly, accepted the $2000 e-Transfer. However, this is when I realized that this could very well be a scam so I quickly called my bank and told them about this and they had me come into a branch to solve this for me. The bank said that they've never heard of someone wanting to send back/nullify an e-Transfer but it could be a scam as I've explained. Regardless, the bank said that they would call Interac and have the $2000 put on hold.
While all this was happening, the employer kept asking me to transfer the funds to Shakepay immediately as if the money were from me personally. And that if I didn't they will report me and start a fraud case.
Now, I've cut out all contact with the employer and told them that I have had the funds they transferred put on hold so I won't be liable to it. Anyhow, to me this seems like some sort of scam, perhaps a e-Transfer bounce scam or a money laundering scam. Am I at all in trouble? I've asked the bank and the teller told me that I am perfectly fine now when they put the funds on hold but I still worry.
This is in Toronto.
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Bylls — the Canadian Bitcoin bill payment service by Bull Bitcoin — celebrates its 6th birthday

I sometimes find it hard to believe that it has already been 6 years since the public launch of Bylls on January 13 2014. What started out as a simple and humble “garage startup”, the world’s first Bitcoin bill payment service, evolved into so much more.
Bylls eventually became the company that people know today as Bull Bitcoin, and it is from Bylls’ UASF advocacy that sprouted the Cyphernode open-source project. I also like to think of Bylls as a “bitcoin culture” institution that served as the vanguard of the Bitcoin Maximalist and Cypherpunk movements within the Bitcoin exchange and payments industry.
Happy Birthday Bylls! 🎂

What is Bylls?

For those of you who don’t know about Bylls, here’s a short summary:

Short history of world’s first Bitcoin bill payment service

Bylls was founded in 2013 by Eric Spano, a Montreal entrepreneur part of the original Bitcoin Embassy team. Eric, one of my earliest and most influential mentors, is a true Bitcoin OG. Check out his 2014 Bitcoin Ted Talk or his 2019 Podcast on Tales From the Crypt which describes in great detail the inception of Bylls.
When Bylls was launched, I was Public Affairs Director at the Bitcoin Embassy, the world’s first physical Bitcoin hub (a 14,000 square feet building downtown Montreal). Bylls was effectively a one-man operation, with Eric doing pretty much everything himself. I wasn’t directly involved with the company, but Bylls was one of the startups in the Embassy’s incubator program, so I was helping out in various ways. My first “public appearance” in the Bitcoin industry was actually to man the Bylls booth at the Toronto Bitcoin Expo in 2014!
In 2015, Eric was offered a huge career opportunity that he couldn’t accept without stepping down from running Bylls. It was to me an inconceivable tragedy for Bitcoin to let Bylls quitely close down. For the past 2 years, whenever somebody asked me “what can you do with Bitcoin?”, I would always reply “well, for starters, you can pay all your bills in Canada, even your taxes and your credit card”. What was I going to say now?
I had just founded my company Satoshi Portal Inc. with the aim of developing a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange (which eventually became Bull Bitcoin). And so, I acquired Bylls from Eric and it immediately became the focus of all my energy. For the first year, our team consisted of only 2 people including our lead developer Arthur which is still working on Bylls features to this day. From the beginning until today, we are still 100% self-funded. We grew organically and slowly. My philosophy on entrepreneurship and startup scaling is articulated in this medium post.It has been an incredibly intense journey. I cannot think of a more challenging professional experience than being a startup founder and entrepreneur in the Bitcoin industry. The number of Bitcoin startups that have perished since is a stark reminder. Some of them sank quietly, but many went down in flames taking down their users with them. The fact that Bylls is still standing — without VC funding and with its reputation intact — is my proudest achievement.
Over the past 4 years. we completely redesigned the software, continuously adding new features, but the core of the service remained the same. Most importantly, we added the ability for users to pay any individual or business in Canada by creating a personal biller from their bank details. Previously, they were limited to Bylls’ biller list of around 9000 billers.
One of the defining moments in the history of Bylls was UASF. Bylls was one of the first Bitcoin companies to support BIP-148 for the activation of Segwit (second after Bitconic). Not only that, but we were the first to run a public BIP-148 block explorer and public UASF electrum server. We had done a “seppuku pledge” regarding BIP-148, meaning that we would only accept coins from the UASF segwit chain and would pay the Bitcoin market price for them. If UASF had failed, we would not have survived. This cemented our ideology of “skin-in-the-game”. We would never compromise on our values, no matter the cost. Our policy on forks (2017) was described here. But the jist of it is:
Satoshi Portal is a Bitcoin-only company and does not conduct any transaction in any altcoin, including altcoins that are the result of a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain and which can be spent with Bitcoin private keys. This includes, but is not limited to, the coins commonly referred to as BCash, Segwit2X, BGold, Clams and Lumens.We strongly oppose the “New York Agreement” and will under no circumstance ever recognize the Segwit2X blockchain (and BTC1 client) as Bitcoin, regardless of market response or hashing power. In the unlikely event that an overwhelming majority of the Bitcoin ecosystem migrates to the Segwit2X blockchain, Satoshi Portal will continue nevertheless to support the Bitcoin blockchain.
Following the UASF/NO2X “war” in 2017, we devoted a large prortion of ressources to building Cyphernode, an open-source project that makes it very easy for startups to build and deploy Bitcoin applies without any third-parties, using exclusively their own full nodes. We are still developing this project today and plan on actively maintaining it in the future.
It is also worth noting that Bylls has never accepted any altcoins and was one of the first company to pledge never to accept altcoins in the future, leading to what became the “Bitcoin-Only” movement. We were also the first Bitcoin exchange and payment processing company, to our knowledge, that has integrated coinjoin as part of its processes.

Unbanking yourself with Bylls

The coolest feature of Bylls is that you can pay pretty much all your expenses with Bitcoin without needing to go through a bank account. In Canada, you can obtain a credit card without having it linked to a bank account. In 2016, the last of my personal bank accounts was closed due to my activities in the Bitcoin industry. I decided not apply at another bank and try the experiment of living completely unbanked. I’m happy to report it was a success, and serves as a powerful testament for the use-cases provided by Bylls.
I really like the idea of not owning any fiat. You can pay pretty much all daily expenses with a credit card, and pay back the debt with Bitcoin. Of course you have fiat-denominated debts which conveniently tends to diminish in price over time.
You can withdraw cash from a credit card and pay it off instantly with Bylls, so you can get access to cash at any time, in any country across the world, without having a bank account. The only inconvenience is the cash advance fee.
When you have to pay larger amounts such as rent or whatever services don’t accept cash or credit card, you can find the biller in the Bylls list or ask the recipient for his banking details, the same as you would for a wire transfer.

The future of Bylls

Many people ask us if we intend to expand outside of Canada. The answer is, unequivocally, no. We will always be a Canada-only, Bitcoin-only company. That doesn’t mean that we stop working hard to improve our services. We will continue to be the first to integrate the cutting-edge Bitcoin technologies that
Here is are some of the features you can expect in 2020:
Thanks for reading! 🎂
Yours truly,
Original post here: https://medium.com/bull-bitcoin/bylls-the-canadian-bitcoin-bill-payment-service-by-bull-bitcoin-celebrates-its-6th-birthday-ef6d22acdf2a
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My experience getting scammed for $1500 on LocalBitcoins and getting my bank accounts and credit card frozen for it

After having an experience and a half with my bank this week, I thought I would reach out to Reddit with a throwaway account to vent in hopes that this will help someone in a similar position.
So, a little background: I am a Canadian studying at university in Toronto, ON. I bank with Bank of Montreal and have for a couple of years. I do freelance development work in the crypto/fin-tech industry and as a result, I’m mostly paid in BTC. This has never been a problem since whenever I need local currency, I just sell off some BTC through desks like Coinsquare and Coinberry, or if I’m in a pinch, through a verified buyer on LocalBitcoins and the CAD is sent via Interac e-transfer.
I’ve been doing this for a while and never run into any issues. I have a Mastercard with BMO that I use for regular, reoccurring purchases and occasionally flights/Airbnbs if I travel. Whenever I need to pay off my credit card, I’ll sell off some BTC for CAD and pay off my card with those funds. However, I typically don’t keep a lot of CAD in my bank account just in case BTC spikes - usually less than $500 at a time.
Since heading back to school, I decided to sell off some BTC while the market was stable (at ~$10,300 US) so I had some CAD to pay for textbooks and any other expenses. This was last weekend, Saturday, and since I wanted the funds quickly, I opted to sell to a buyer on Localbitcoins.
I found a buyer who was looking to buy slightly above market price and had a good series of verifications and reviews. Seemed legit. I opened a trade for $1550 CAD with a user called bittor (https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/bitto) with my Interac email address to receive the funds. I promptly received an email notification from Interac letting me know that I had received an e-transfer for the right amount and that it was automatically deposited to my bank account. I logged into the BMO app and checked, and it had been deposited successfully to my account. Cool.
I logged back into LocalBitcoins and released the BTC escrow to the user since I had received the CAD funds, and the trade was now completed. I even left some positive feedback. Now that I had some cash in my account, I took the opportunity to pay a couple bills. Monday rolls around, 48 hours later, and I go to buy a coffee on the way to class; my Mastercard declines at Starbucks. I try my debit card, and that also declines. I tried logging into the BMO app, and see this: https://i.imgur.com/RwpLFMK.png
I brush it off and decide I’ll give them a call later and sort out whatever is going on.
Later I give BMO a call. After going through some basic account verification questions, they told me that my account had been flagged for fraud and that I would have to come into the branch to deal with it. I remember thinking “Great... I’m sure this will be entertaining”, dug out my passport for extra ID, threw it in my backpack, and headed over to my BMO branch to sort this out.
Before we jump into this, I want to note that I have a pretty good credit score and always pay my Mastercard bill in full. I have a solid financial history and a relationship with BMO and even maintain a TFSA investment there.
When I got to the branch, the rep notified me the e-transfer I’d received from the Localbitcoins buyer was flagged as fraud by TD (the buyer’s bank) and was clawed back from my account. As a result, once the e-transfers were reversed my bank account fell into overdraft to the tune of ~$1280. I was told I “owed” the bank this amount before they could reinstate my accounts and debit card. Additionally, since I had used funds from that transaction to pay off my Mastercard, they also froze my Mastercard and flagged it for fraud.
The bank rep proceeded to ask me a series of questions for a form which she told me would be sent to the fraud department to help sort this out. Most of the questions were straight forward - what was the transaction for, who was the sender, what were the terms of the transaction, etc. However, even after explaining how LocalBitcoins works, in which you don’t fully know the other party participating in the trade, she kept asking me over and over if I knew the sender, almost as though she was convinced I wasn’t telling her something. It was as soon as I mentioned that the transfer crypto-related that her overall approach changed. I suddenly felt as though it was more of an interrogation than her trying to help my situation. I assured her that I do not know the sender personally and that I was the victim of an Interac e-transfer scam.
I asked her what measures the bank has in place to prevent against e-transfer fraud, and she told me something along the lines of “Realistically, none. Only accept money from people you know”. Just that. What do I pay bank fees for?
I then asked her how I can restore access to my bank cards and credit card, since I need money to survive, like anyone else. mShe responded by telling me that until the ~$1280 was “paid back” to BMO, that I would have no access to any of my money or credit cards. She offered encouragement and advised me to contact the Police and file a report (another user on here pointed out that they usually don’t investigate thefts under $2,500 so I won’t even bother) or to get in touch with the buyers to sort it out with them, but that there was nothing she could do. She also told me that due to this, I would be banned from the Interac system for at least 6 months.
Annoyed, I went home and did a little bit of digging. Pretty quickly, I found this thread (https://www.reddit.com/BitcoinCA/comments/d1bc2q/got_scammed_for_460_is_there_anything_i_can_do/) in which someone else was also scammed by the same person in almost the same way.
The tl;dr there is that some guy gained access to the user bittor’s LocalBitcoins account, as well as another individual’s TD bank account. He conducted the trade through the stolen LocalBitcoins account and sent the Interac e-transfer from another individual’s bank account at TD. I’m assuming that when the owner of the bank account noticed the e-transfer to me, they reported it to the Fraud department at their bank. This is what led to my bank reversing the transaction and putting me in the situation that I’m in.
I opened a support ticket with LocalBitcoins to report the user. After a little while, a support agent gets back to me and told me they’ve suspended the user’s trading account and frozen their wallet. Okay, cool. They told me they’ll need proof of “payment misconduct” to proceed. So, okay. No problem. Makes sense.
The next day (today), I contact the same bank rep and come up to update her on the latest: that I’ve contacted the site that managed the trade, and that they need proof of “payment misconduct” to proceed with getting the user banned (and maybe getting back my BTC? I’m not hopeful but you never know). I asked her if she would be able to give me a printout showing where the payment was received, and then where it was reversed. She told me that this was “privileged information” that she couldn’t give me. I asked her how that can be since it pertains directly to a $1550 loss from a scammer that’s left me without access to any of my money or credit cards. She tells me all I need to send is the Interac e-transfer number and that’s enough.
On hearing this, I’m reluctant, since a screenshot of the e-transfer confirmation email isn’t going to prove much of anything, apart from the fact that I did initially receive the transfer. I asked her again if there was some sort of document or even just a screenshot of a statement showing what happened so I can try and recover some of my losses, and she bluntly told me that if anyone needs any more information than the e-transfer email, then to call her. I reluctantly left with that information and passed it on to the Localbitcoins support agent. I’m now waiting to hear back from them.
So where am I left? With a $1500-sized hole in my pocket. Until I hear back from the LocalBitcoins support agent, I’m not sure if I can recover the BTC either. They did mention that they had frozen the user’s wallet but did not mention whether there were any funds there.
I understand that a lot of this could have been avoided if I had kept a higher CAD balance in my account. I would have gotten back access to my account, just minus the $1500 and would at least be able to use my credit card, go out for food and pay for my school expenses. I’d still be in the same boat, losing both the BTC and the CAD. Either way, I get it. Mistakes were made, and you’ve gotta learn from them, right?
What annoys me about the situation is I feel as though BMO’s bank reps could have done a better job of helping out a customer who’d been ripped off. Especially since it happened through Interac, which even is dubbed as a “secure transaction” in the footer of the email you receive when someone sends you money. I find it strange that BMO doesn’t have any protectionary measures in place for blocking “fraudulent” e-transfers, or any sort of policy for protecting customers in the event of something like that getting by. If indeed the scammer had gotten access to someone’s account at TD to send me the e-transfer, they shouldn’t have been allowed to get far enough to send me a transfer and have the funds show up in my account, and then let me spend those funds for two days before clawing it back.
So here’s what I’ve learned from this experience:
I’ve come to terms with the fact there’s a good chance my $1500 is gone. It happens. It’s an expensive mistake, but it happens. I’m hoping there may be some luck recovering the Bitcoin from LocalBitcoins, but I’m not holding out. If I do get anywhere, I’ll come back and update this post!
How do you think should I proceed? Did my bank handle the situation properly? Did I? Do I have any grounds to get the CAD back from BMO/Interac/TD? Is it worth pursuing with the police for $1500 bitcoin trade? I’ve gotten recommendations to open an account at another bank, and slowly move my money over there. Apparently, BMO is not great with handling anything to do with crypto, and my experience this week proves it.
As digital currency becomes more and more prevalent over the next few years, I’m sure further circumstances like this will pop up. I hope this might be able to help someone who finds themselves in a similar situation or will help you avoid ending up where I am.
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Weekly Update: $WIB, $VID, $CHZ on ParJar, Pynk crushes Web Summit, XIO swap bridge, Sentivate reorg... – 1 Nov - 7 Nov'19

Weekly Update: $WIB, $VID, $CHZ on ParJar, Pynk crushes Web Summit, XIO swap bridge, Sentivate reorg... – 1 Nov - 7 Nov'19
Hi folks! We are catching up real quick. Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (1 Nov - 7 Nov'19):

Three new projects and their awesome communities joined the Parachute fam this week: Wibson, VideoCoin and Chiliz. Welcome! And if you missed, we also added Shuffle Monster, Harmony and CyberFM last week. #cryptoforeveryone is getting bigger by the day. Woot woot! In this week’s TTR trivias, we had Richi’s movie quiz qith a 25k $PAR pot. Charlotte's Rebus trivia in TTR on Tuesday had 25k $PAR in prizes for 10 Qs. Noice! Jason’s creative contest for this week was #artdeadmin: “draw/paint/sketch/whatever you imagine a group of the parachute admins doing together”. Click here to check out some of the entries of the TTR Halloween photo contest from last week. Doc Victor (from Cuba) hosted a Champions League wager round in tip room. And congrats to Victor (Anox) for passing his final Medical exams. We have 2 Doc Vics now. One from Cuba and the other from *redacted*.
Some of the top #artdeadmin submissions. Insane talent!
Jason’s running medal collection. Say what!
Andy shared the latest standings in the Parachute Fantasy Football League (#PFFL). Clinton (7-2) is on top followed by Chris (7-2) in second place and Hang (7-2) in third place. So close! As we rolled into November, Parachute crew signed up for Movember. So now we have 3 teams from the Parachute fold, doing a no-shave November for men’s health issues: Parachute (Tony, Cap, Alexis, Cuban Doc Vic, Richi), TTR (Vali, Ashok, Tavo, Alejandro, Marcos, PeaceLove) and TTR-Ladies (Mery, Martha, AngellyC, Liem, Durby, LeidyElena, Charlotte). Show them some support peeps! This is all for charity. Show them some support folks! This week’s #wholesomewed was about “your most precious possession and give us the story of why it is so precious to you”. A whole lot of $PAR was given out for some real wholesome life stories. Best. Community. Eva! Two-for-Tuesday theme for this week: colors! As always, a melodic Tuesday thanks to Gian! And thank you Borna for writing about Parachute and ParJar on the Blockchain Andy blog.
<- This is where Jose creates his magic. Respect / Cuban Doc Vic’s doggo, Symba, could easily be a TTR mascot. Good boi! ->
This week at aXpire there were two separate $AXPR burns: 20k of last week and 200k of this week. Last week’s news recap can be seen here. Congratulations to the team for being conferred the honour of being handed a key to Miami-Dade County by Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez at the 2019 Miami-Dade Beacon Council Annual Meeting & Key Ceremony. aXpire's disruptive solutions like Resolvr (expense allocation), Bilr (invoice management) and DigitalShares (deal marketplace) help hedge funds and PE firms scale through better profit margins. How? Read here. Did you know that the 2gether Ambassador Zone lets you customise referral messages with a #PicOfTheDay while you earn some sweet 2GT rewards? Super cool! There was an upgrade to the platform this week that might have led to a temporary deactivation in withdrawals while the update was being deployed. CEO Ramón Ferraz’s interview by BeInCrypto was released. Founder Salvador Algarra travelled to an ABANCA event for a keynote speech on Fintech innovation. Next week he will be at Rankia's Blockchain and Crypto Tech gathering to speak on "Blockchain, from predicting the future to building it". CardRates’ feature article on 2gether came out this week. The BOMBX:XIO token swap bridge went live. The swap will be open till 15th December. Plus, $XIO is now listed on DDEX and Switcheo. There were some disruptions in the bridge from time to time because of heavy traffic. Hence, the team also set up a manual swap page as an alternative solution. And please be wary of scammers posing as admins to help with the swap instructions. For any doubts, always reach out to accounts with admin tags on the official Telegram channel. The first set of incubated startups will be revealed on the 22nd of November. Ever wanted to find out about the people who frequent the BOMB token chat? Well, the BOMB Board is running a "Humans of Bomb" series to feature some of the most active members. This week, say Hello to Gustavo.
Key to Miami-Dade County awarded to aXpire. Cool!
WednesdayCoin’s founder Mike floated the idea of making WednesdayClub open on all days. The nature of the $WED token will not change on chain. Just that it will be usable inside the DApp everyday. What do you think? Let him know in the Reddit thread. Birdchain’s $BIRD token was listed on Mercatox this week. A new monthly referral contest was launched as well. 50k BIRD tokens to be won. Nice! Want the SMS feature to be released in your country? Start promoting! A featured article on Chainleak capped off the week perfectly for Birdchain. $ETHOS, $AXPR (aXpire), $HYDRO, $BNTY (Bounty0x) and $HST (Horizon State) were added to the eToro Wallet. The airdrops for Switch’s various token holders were distributed this week. As mentioned earlier as well, $ESH and $SDEX are revenue sharing tokens. Winners of the John McAfee contest and trading competition were announced. Congratulations! Tron blockchain support will be added to the Switch-based McAfeeDex next week. The news was covered by Beincrypto, U Today, Crypto Crunch, Altcoin Buzz and Tron’s Justin Sun as well. The Dex was featured in a Forbes article about John McAfee’s views on Libra. The latest community contest at Fantom involves writing educational articles on the platform. If you have been following Fantom developments, then this would be a breeze. Also, USD 100 in FTM tokens to be won. Sweet! Check out the cool $FTM merch on display at Odd Gems fashion. Even though these are not official gear, they have the blessings from the project. CMO Michael Chen sat down for an interview with Crypto Intelligence India to talk about the upcoming mainnet launch. The crew also appeared for an AMA with Atomic Wallet community. The latest technical update covers "Golang implementation of Lachesis consensus" or Go-Lachesis in short. Check out its demo with 7 nodes here.
Parachute presentation (WIP). That’s right. 500k transactions and counting. Wow!
While the Uptrennd Halloween contest got over last week, AltcoinBuzz made a friggin amazing graphic! Don’t forget to follow the Ann channel to stay up to date with the latest from Uptrennd. Founder Jeff Kirdeikis also announced that he will be working closely with PrefLogic on Security Tokens. Jeff’s interview with MakerDAO Biz Dev Gustav Arentoft came out. After some upgrades on Uptrennd, withdrawals are live again. Instead of the weekly meme contest, there was a flyer contest this week. 5k $1UP prize pool for winners. Wicked! The latest community picked TA report was on ETH. And the crew reached Malta for the AIBC Summit. More pics next week! Did you know that you can get Opacity Gift Codes for various plans at ShopOpacity.com? If not, make sure to read up on the Opacity October update. Catch up on the latest at District0x from the District weekly. The District Registry was live demo’ed. Looks cool! Hydro crew travelled to the Web Summit in Lisbon to spread word on the project. They were also represented at the Chicago fintech science fair this week. For a summary of the last few weeks gone by at Hydrogen, you can read the Project update and Hydro Labs update. We have covered most of these in previous posts. For the latest scoop on Hydro Labs, there’s always the Ann channel. Silent Notary’s Ubikiri wallet is undergoing upgrades. One of which is, wallets will be auto-named after creation. A ton more upgrades to be released. Sentivate announced a reorganisation in the company in order to devote full focus on Sentivate. The parent company will close and all resources will move to Sentivate. Here’s another use-case story to emphasise the potential of Universal Web. In the latest community vote on Blockfolio, folks voted overwhelmingly Yes on whether they would like to see more explainer articles on web tech. Also, the epic shoutout from Scott Melker (The Wolf Of All Streets) has to be the best thing ever!
Updated Sentivate roadmap for next 3 months
Pynk travelled to the Web Summit in Lisbon (wonder if they crossed paths with Hydro and SelfKey teams) as an official delegate of the Mayor's International Business Programme and were featured by KPMG. How to catch people’s eyes in a Summit where everyone is trying to grab your attention? With LED back packs. Genius! Such a lit idea, that even Web Summit tweeted it. Woohoo! And then they rocked a series of pitches to get to the big stage. Wins in Round 1 and quarter finals ensured an entry into the semi finals on the main stage. Click here to watch their presentation. Great job guys! Business Insider Poland included Pynk in their list of 12 Fintech companies worth following. The latest Pynk Tank episode delves into deep fakes in political advertising. One of the upcoming features on the platform will be the addition of gold to the daily price prediction tool. Pynk has "absolutely no interest in Bitcoin fanatics, ‘bagholders’ or ANYONE who mentions moons or Lamborghini’s. It’s tacky". This vibes perfectly with Parachute. Read more on Pynk's guide to becoming a super-predictor here. Horizon State announced that it will be resuming business under a new management. Welcome back! The original $HST token will not be supported anymore. The team will be looking into how the token holders are included in the new system. DENGfans, don’t forget to check the mini-projects posted by Mathew in the Telegram channel. Look up #getDENG in the channel. If you’re proficient in excel and VB, get in touch. Shuffle Monster’s $SHUF token is now listed on Dex.ag which acts as a decentralised price aggregator. CyberFM distributed the $CYFM payouts for October this week. Total payout as of 1st Nov is USD 266k+ in crypto. Say what!
Pynk’s LED back packs are a stroke of genius
OST’s Pepo was the 19th most popular dApp on State of the DApps last week. This week it climbed to the 16th position. Upcoming features on Pepo include video replies, threads and debates. Stay tuned! OST crew was at the Web3 UX Unconference in Toronto to talk all things UX. Next week they will be at ETHWaterloo to present and judge the UX award there. SelfKey’s $KEY token got listed on Hong Kong’s Lukki exchange. Like Hydro, the SelfKey team also attended the Web Summit in Lisbon for networking. If you were there, hope you said Hi. Ever wondered how Distributed Identity keeps your information private and safe when blockchains are supposed to be public? Click here to find out how SelfKey does this. More insight was shared into the Chainlink partnership this week by Constellation CEO Ben Jorgensen. The team attended the Air Force Space Pitch Day where it was selected to pitch the platform to attendees. Go get’em! How and why does Constellation do things? Check out the Constellation Principles. The October update for Yazom covers news such as alpha build of the app nearing completion, ongoing deal negotiation with clients etc.

And with that, we close for this week in Parachuteverse. See you again soon. Ciao!
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I’m sure it’s a scam but what are your thoughts?

I’m pretty sure it’s a scam
The first post I read as soon as I clicked on this page is very similar to my experience but imma go ahead and share it.
Back story, I’m a 19 year old, broke university student looking for a job. I’ve applied to so many but I live in Toronto and chances of me getting those jobs are slim to none.
A month ago, I applied to some data clerk jobs, but I forgot the names of the companies I applied to. A few days past after I applied and someone reached out to me, saying that they liked my resume and want me to work for them. The company itself is legit but all the forms I got from this person are all in Google Docs.They included amounts they would pay per week if you’re FT or PT. The email stated;
XXX is glad to welcome you. From petroleum chains to multi-site operators and tunnels to in-bay automatics, XXX helps operators to securely manage their businesses from the internet, adding new memberships easily, managing car wash locations remotely, and using valuable data about users to make better decisions. We are looking for a new teammate. What we can offer you: • Full Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision Insurance, Car Allowance) • Excellent opportunities to work anywhere in Canada • Professional training, mentoring and job coaching • Salary for Full time 40 hours/week (1470 CAD), Part time 20 hours/week (735 CAD) This is an online position and you do not need to change your place of residence. We work your time. About you: • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (English) • Strong interpersonal and computer skills • Exceptional customer service orientation • Ability to pay close attention to detail and accuracy • Strong organizational and Microsoft Office skills • Place of residence Canada If interested, kindly indicate your interest by replying this email.
So I’m 100% sure it’s a scam but a friend of mine told me to go through with it thinking it might something else. I did it only because I’m currently moving cities and the address that would be listed on the form would not be registered to my name. The email below states what I’m supposed to do for the job;
Dear XoXo, Congratulations! You are accepted to XXX for the trial period. We have chosen you out of a certain number of candidates for this position, and we hope that you will not let us down. You are familiar with our responsibilities and we are ready to get to work. You should check your e-mail constantly and respond to my messages quickly.Just keep your cell phone available to get a call from us always.
XXX provides clients’ needs with staffing and human resources services. Our customer service managers perform the full preparation of the client. Your task is to ensure the full sale of services to customers. Your duties will be to accept payments for the company's facilities, which we provide to our customers. Our customers pay for our services using electronic Bitcoin currency. Payments made in this system cannot be canceled. The coins themselves cannot be forged, copied or held twice. Such capabilities ensure the integrity of the entire system. Our company has become one of the first among companies of this scale, who preferred to use the cryptic currency to pay for services. The Bitcoin currency goes the same way as PayPal before, and has already become a part of modern life. The purpose of using Bitcoin is to maximize customers’ satisfaction with minimal financial costs - our customers no longer pay large commissions and fees to a bank, which allows our customers to save our company and earn money.
In the trial period, there are several stages. At the first stage, you have to fulfill the task of accepting payment for the services provided by our company (this is the replenishment of the Bitcoin corporate wallet). In the second stage, you will maintain long-term growth and keep the customer in sight. You will have to provide our clients with any kind of our services, selling and informing them about the advantages of our services. You will have access to your online account and all instructions for use. I will train you gradually. For the trial period, you will have 3-4 clients. To get started with Bitcoin, you need to fill out your wallet. Our company will transfer money through the Interac system. There is no fee to receive Bitcoins, and many wallets let you control how large a fee to pay when spending. Most wallets have reasonable default fees, and higher fees can encourage faster confirmation of your transactions. After receiving electronic transfer, you will have to fill up your Bitcoin wallet. We will send you 1-3 transactions through the Interac system. You must ensure all necessary tasks for the client. You should find an individual approach to each customer. You should offer services and products to them.
In other words, your position requires you to do everything possible to make client happy. For the future, he will work with us and recommend our company to others. You need to understand your customer, how to do it: Providing a high level customer care often requires you to find out what your customers want. Once you have identified your most valuable customers or best potential customers, You can target your highest levels of customer care towards them.
It may sound hard, and sometimes it is not clear to you. Do not worry; I'll be in charge of You throughout the 10 days. I will give the detailed instructions gradually. So, after the trial 10 days, You will learn this profession in case you will work hard.
! You must fill out a form for transfer of payments through the Interac system. After that, I will send Bitcoin wallet to you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
Sorry for the long post. At first, when reading this what I’m supposed to do, it sounds legit and all, but when i think about the little details, something is fishy
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Wirex CEO Paval Mateev discusses their plans for cryptocurrency payments (BTC, ETH, LTC, Nano, XLM, XRP, & more) - 2.5 million customers and growing

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awt-5PE0hLk
My notes are below.
Company Products and Features
Other Thoughts
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Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev - Wirex's Past, Present, and Future (Nano UK Meetup 2019)

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Awt-5PE0hLk
My notes are below.
Company Products and Features
Other Thoughts
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The votes are in, and additionally, I am proud to announce a partnership. [Announcement]

We have exciting news for /MillionaireMakers! or boring, depending on what you know...

Minor Announcements:

(Programming experience may be necessary to properly see the results; this is for validation purposes only.)
These announcements are to inform everyone of what’s going on at /MillionaireMakers. These announcements are made for the purpose of making the selection process much smoother, and to show as much transparency as possible. The subreddit will continue its best efforts to spread generosity, and perhaps one day, make someone a millionaire.
In addition, I’d like to personally make one major announcement.
This partnership will help /MillionaireMakers prosper, so without further ado, let me be the one to introduce you to...

Bitcoin Cash Fund:

Who are the Bitcoin Cash Fund?
The Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) is a non-profit organization composed of a team of individuals taking on the role as marketing dedicated to spreading Bitcoin Cash. Their efforts include inviting users to purse.io, a website that offers Amazon orders in exchange for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, the Bitcoin Cash Truck that was in Toronto, Canada, and a promotional video featuring the narrator of The Stanley Parable.
What are their plans for /MillionaireMakers?
In exchange for spreading awareness of Bitcoin Cash by adding information on the sidebar and featuring it as a prominent cryptocurrency alongside Bitcoin and Litecoin, the BCF will help advertise subsequent drawings, offer programming work to make running this subreddit a lot smoother, and provide future winners with additional Bitcoin Cash.
How are you benefitting from this partnership?
The partnership allows this subreddit to be capable of doing things that I can’t do alone, including promoting this subreddit beyond its 100,000 subscribers. Also, I can work with other much more informed and talented individuals more closely on enforcing rules and making processes much more automated, thanks to programmers offering their time to make running /MillionaireMakers smoother. I am not being funded for promoting the Bitcoin Cash Fund, be it directly nor indirectly. This collaboration is directly for the benefit of the winners, this subreddit and to spread awareness of Bitcoin Cash.
What does this mean for the winners?
The BCF vows to donate $200 to the winner, and encourages the low fees incentivized by Bitcoin Cash. In addition, their marketing will bring in more people, which correlates to more donors for the winner.
Wait, does this mean that Bitcoin Cash will now replace Bitcoin in choosing a winning hash?
Bitcoin will continue to be the providing blockchain used for selecting the winning hash, and the address will continue to be listed as another method of sending donations to the winner. However, more information will be provided on Bitcoin Cash, including its tipping bots (tippr, chaintip, and BCHTips).
As always, the type of donations sent are all determined by the donors. Of course, people are welcome to use tipping bots listed and any others that I have not been made aware of, but other cryptocurrency addresses for donors will continue to be present (at the choice of the winner), such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among more. Additionally, cash transfers will continue to be in use, including Google Wallet, PayPal, and now, Square Cash. The winner is welcome to exclude certain forms of payment themselves in what they accept, should they be chosen.
Hopefully, this partnership will please people on both sides of the Bitcoin community, and is met with content from the subscribers of /MillionaireMakers. This collaboration will help make this subreddit bigger than what it already is thanks to the efforts of many people.
The Bitcoin Cash Fund have made a respective post on yours.org detailing what this partnership signifies and their goals. The link is provided below, so check it out.
Yours.org Post: https://www.yours.org/content/the-bcf-and-lottery-style-subreddit-r-millionairemakers-have-made-a-pa-2aee0a5b047e

Thank you for your time here, and once again, on this Thursday at 16:00 UTC, this subreddit will be performing [Redraw #32]!

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Ethereum's future is bright, the DApps are coming!

The DApps are coming, the DApps are coming!

Chin up boys and girls – the DApps (Decentralized Apps) are finally coming. Utility, not speculation/manipulation/shilling etc., is what, in the end, will give/justify the value of blockchains.
Of the top 100 tokens, 91 of them are on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20). The most valuable non-Ethereum tokens by market cap are USDT (4) and GAS (25). Eventually, ICX (6), VeChain (3) and EOS (1) and several others will be migrating to their own blockchains. Still, this leaves Ethereum with an overwhelming market dominance for tokens (aka DApps) and Ethereum has been clearly recognized as the blockchain to launch ICOs/DApps.
We have already seen several DApps successfully launch on mainnet including CrytptoKitties, Crypto Sportz, Edgeless, Etherbots, Ethercraft, Etheremon, Etheroll, ETHLend, Forkdelta (RIP Etherdelta), 0xBitcoin and Ethlance among others. Check out a whole list on DappRadar and track the progress of some lesser known, smaller projects on StateoftheDApps (Note: I cannot vouch for all of these DApps. There have been and always will be scammers in the crypto space. Please, always do your own research!)
For the rest of March + Q2 (April - June) we are going see the biggest implementation of DApps on the Ethereum mainnet to date. Below I’ve laid out, in alphabetical order and in varying detail, what’s happening between now and the end of Q2 of this year. (I’ve also added some info, where especially relevant, of big stuff coming after Q2). I hope any biases I may have do not come through too much in the writing.
To hammer home on utility once more: One year ago today, the daily transaction count was at 57,000. Yesterday, the network confirmed over 752,000 transactions (a 13x increase) (And remember, ATH in January was 1.349 million txns!) [Source]

On to the DApps:

This project can take a little time to understand, so here's a thorough ELIM5 walkthrough.
The 0x Protocol
Also, an informative article about some of the differences between the various decentralized exchange protocols here.
Some general Ethereum news to be excited about:
  • Vitalik recently hinted, in a since deleted tweet, that the sharding testnet will be coming online in the near future (I think Q2 isn’t too early a guess).
    • What is sharding? Sharding is where the entire state of the network is split into a bunch of partitions called shards that contain their own independent piece of state and transaction history. In this system, certain nodes would process transactions only for certain shards, allowing the throughput of transactions processed in total across all shards to be much higher than having a single shard do all the work as the mainchain does now. [Source]
  • Alpha Casper FFG testnet has been successfully running since Dec. 31, 2017.
    • What is Casper? Casper FFG aka Vitalik’s Casper is a hybrid POW/POS consensus mechanism. This is the version of Casper that is going to be implemented first. In a Proof of Stake system, validators stake a portion of their Ethers and start validating blocks. Meaning, when they discover a block which they think can be added to the chain, they will validate it by placing a bet on it. [Source]
(To stay up-to-date on Ethereum research development, check out Ethresear.ch)
  • The Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is March 8-10 in Paris. Talks will focus around “scalability, anonymity, development tools, governance compliance” among other topics.
    • Speakers include representatives from the Ethereum Foundation, Ledger, Metamask, Shapeshift, Oraclize, Uport, Web3Foundation, Melonport, ConsenSys, JP Morgan, Coinbase – Toshi, Parity, SpankChain, FunFair, Aragon, AirSwap, EEA, IExec, Cosmos, OmiseGO, Circle, Gnosis, among others.
    • UPDATE: EthCC was a resounding success! If you missed it or want to re-watch any of the talks, check out this handy thread of videos, painstakingly culled and timestamped by u/alsomahler.
  • The Ethereum Developer Conference (EDCON) is May 3-5 in Toronto. This will be the biggest ETH dev conference since DEVCON 3 last November. The agenda is still being worked out, but speakers include representatives from the Ethereum Foundation, Polkadot, Parity, Plasma, OmiseGO, Cosmos, Tendermint, Giveth, Maker, Gnosis, and many others.
  • The Enterprise Ethereum Foundation (EEF) just keeps growing and growing and growing.

More, because I just can’t stop:

  • MetaMask recently passed 1 million installs!
  • 5.6 billion requests per day for Infura.io (Decentralized web3 infrastructure)
  • 280,000 downloads of TruffleSuit (ETH development framework)
  • ConsenSys has grown to over 600 employees in six major offices located around the world. I personally think ConsenSys is important (and awesome) because they are huge Ethereum evangelists and provide (in)valuable resources to help bring DApps come to life!
    • From their website: “The ConsenSys “hub” coordinates, incubates, accelerates and spawns “spoke” ventures through development, resource sharing, acquisitions, investments and the formation of joint ventures. These spokes benefit from foundational components built by ConsenSys that enable new services and business models to be built on the blockchain.”
    • Several of the projects I listed above are ConSensys formations including AirSwap and MetaMask.
Thanks for reading this far! Hopefully it wasn’t too exhausting of a read.
I am certain I have forgotten some DApps, so please feel free to comment/PM any and all suggestions/corrections to make this list more informative/inclusive/accurate and I will update it.
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AMA Summary

By popular demand, I've taken the automatically-generated transcript of the AMA video and broken it down to bullet points. Of course, this is not a word-for-word transcription and I've paraphrased a few things, so it's highly recommended you watch it for yourself: https://youtu.be/FGOSDZbETr4
Team Goals/Priorities – seen in current and future job postings
Coin accessibility
Project Apollo
Awareness about Aion (video choppy here)
Unity Economics
Building the next “Killer App”
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Awareness in developer communities
Java developer interest
Market position
Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano interview
(Video skipped)
Big Enterprises
Singularity University
Charles Hoskinson/IOHK/Cardano
Challenges as FoundeCEO
European presence
Value to Aion
Interoperability (part 2)
Thank you so much for being patient with us. Stay tuned for our weekly AMAs from different members of the team, community surveys, and these quarterly video AMAs. There's going to be a lot more information coming out of the project especially as we wrap up Unity.
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Building a Future on Ethereum at Canadian Hackathon

Building a Future on Ethereum at Canadian Hackathon

A hackathon may sound like something conducted in a disused warehouse by a bunch of computer nerds trying to break into government websites. In reality it is the complete opposite; a gathering of whitehats and industry professionals sharing knowledge and innovating on current networks. A weekend Ethereum hackathon in Toronto, Canada produced some interesting developments as the ETH community continues to grow.

Ethereum Innovation Continues

Ethereum has no shortage of detractors and it gets more than its fair share of FUD. But the bottom line is that there are more developers working on the Ethereum network than any rival blockchain project and this has made it the global standard platform for dApps and smart contracts.
The leading minds in the cryptocurrency space joined over white hat 500 hackers from around the world over the weekend to collaborate on Ethereum based dApps. The Toronto based ETHWaterloo event is organized by the core ETHGlobal team and has been running since 2017.
Prizes were awarded for innovation and 65 projects were submitted over the weekend which brought total hackathon projects to more than 1,000. The most famous dApp ever to emerge from the hackathon was ‘CryptoKitties’ which overwhelmed the network in late 2017.
A recent post by Camila Russo’s ‘The Defiant’ has taken a deeper look into some of the developments and cool things that were built on Ethereum at the event. Previous collaborations have focused on DeFi which is seeing monumental growth this year however this event’s attention was geared towards smart wallets, messaging and gaming.
There were five winners at the event and the first was a concept which turned Google Sheets into an Ethereum wallet. Dubbed ‘Sheetcoin’ (which could have other connotations), the platform allows users to send ERC-20 tokens to a Gmail account. Essentially a Google Sheets sidechain has been strapped on to Ethereum making it ridiculously easy to use.
Another project used Ethereum to prevent spam voice calls, SIM swapping and telecoms providers selling personal data. Eth P2P VOIP uses a token based system that enables users to allow or block calls by placing a price on them that the caller has to pay if not on a whitelist.
A DeFi custody wallet was also developed which, using Metamask, can interact with any dApp. This one if developed further could help simplify DeFi and accelerate its adoption.

Another MetaMask based dApp called Connexion allows users to instant message using their ENS names (Ethereum based domain names). Messages can be sent and received directly on the blockchain without needing third party apps that eat your data such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype or Apple’s Facetime.
A similar system for notifications was also showcased. Wallet Notify sends push notifications to Ethereum addresses for things such as smart contract expiry, loan liquidations, governance votes etc.
As the Ethereum community grows, more of these hackathons will be scheduled. ETHGlobal already has plans for an online DeFi event early next year.

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QuadrigaCX: A history of suspicious activity

This is a compilation of everything suspicious I found with Quadriga. Please let me know if there’s anything incorrect or missing

Early History (2013-2017)
All account fundings are considered to be purchases of QuadrigaCX Bucks. These are units that are used for the purposes of purchasing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. QuadrigaCX Bucks are NOT Canadian Dollars. Any notation of $, CAD, or USD refers to an equivalent unit in QuadrigaCX Bucks, which exist for the sole purpose of buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
QuadrigaCX is NOT a financial institution, bank, credit union, trust, or deposit business. We DO NOT take Deposits. We exist solely for the purposes of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Banking troubles throughout 2018

Period leading up to Gerry’s death

Gerry’s death and announcement

Chain analysis of the crypto trapped in cold storage

Formal Active Investigations

Quadriga’s History
CCN Article listing suspicious activity
Court Documents
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A Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Mobile Wallets! (How To Set ... Sending and Receiving Bitcoin on your Blockchain Wallet ... Guide to the Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2019 - YouTube Hands on with the World's Fastest Bitcoin Wallet - Bitcoin ... Bitcoin Wallets - YouTube

We find it a quite scary that some Bitcoin wallets trust the main microprocessor with their most valuable secrets. Instead, Coldcard uses a Secure Element to protect your Bitcoin. Specifically, the Coldcard (Mk3) uses Microchip's ATECC608A to store the critical master secret: the 24-word seed phrase for your BIP32/BIP39 wallet. On September 24, Hut 8, the world's largest public cryptocurrency mining company based on operating capacity and market capitalization, announced to be the first company to be listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX] via TSX Sandbox. The Toronto Cryptocurrency Conference brings together the people changing the industry in Canada monthly for great speeches, panels, and networking.You should join us and find out what is happening with the latest altcoins, regulations, and investing. TorontoStarts is Toronto’s Startup & Entrepreneur Community advancing Toronto’s entrepreneurs, founders, funders, innovators, hustlers, and ... There are approximately 105 concealed bitcoin cash wallets hidden all over the world with a large portion of these funds hidden in the U.S. and Australia. A Bitcoin wallet is a software program used to store Bitcoin. It contains a public and private key that provides access to a unique Bitcoin address. By accessing this address, Bitcoin can be stored, transferred or withdrawn. There are wallets for desktops, mobiles and tablets, as well as specialized hardware wallets that can be used to store crypto offline.

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A Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Mobile Wallets! (How To Set ...

LET's make money online- https://www.beermoneyforum.com/threads/best-bitcoin-wallets-for-secure-storage.1043/ "There are 4 types of Bitcoin wallets: 1. Bitco... If you ever want to spend or send your Bitcoin (BTC) in person at a store or to a friend then a mobile wallet is definitely the way to go. These are much eas... Bitcoin wallets are of the utmost importance to me; they’re a part of my daily life and enable me to participate in commerce. I recently got my hands on THE ... This is my guide to the best bitcoin wallets of 2019. Of course, the best bitcoin wallets are totally based on opinion, but with that said, these are my favo... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.