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What entity manages .com, .net, .gov, .us, .cn domains?

For the longest time I still have not a clue how this works. I am not sure if this is the right subreddit or something like networking
This is all I understand so far about the web (or internet?), computers, and electronics in general (its super long just skip to bold part if you need to)
Okay, but who manages the .info, .com, .net, .cn, .rs, and .gov top level domains?
There's obviously some domains that are specific to countries, and are most likely managed by that countries' government entity. E.G (.us for usa? .ws for russia, .cn for china) but aren't nearly as popular as the .net and .com domains.
.Org and .gov are US? government regulated top level domains to my knowledge, where .org is mostly nonprofit. U.S.A uses .gov domains for its government organizations
So I understand that some countries government manages that domain. But what about public top level domains, like .com, .info, .net, .ca?
Who manages the database for those? Who gives authority to godaddy for those domains for rent? Who mediates copyright conflicts for those domains? (E.G. say my name is Mike Cro Soft, and I wanted to rent a domain called mikecrosoft, but get DMCA'd / copyrighted by
Like, what are the big organizations mediating internet protocols and legislation on a global scale?
Who or what has access to the biggest picture of the web, and its workings and backend?
sorry for the long wall of text, I've been missing some vital information on how the web? (or is it internet?) works
disclaimer: I don't take CS classes and did not major in computer science. So I might be really off in what i understand about the internet as a whole. Most of this is just what I learned from browsing reddit and youtube
Apologies in advance if i butchered a bunch of terms and how things work. I just wrote things as they randomly came to me
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