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I'm about to launch my first onion. I would love my setup to be checked for ip leakage, or any other advice.

Hey guys. I'm about to launch my first onion site and I would love my setup to be double checked for ip leakage. It's just a small discussion forum with no Bitcoin,illegal activity, or emails/IPs, so even if it got pwned or shutdown, it wouldn't be that big of a deal.
Here's my setup:
Apache on Ubuntu Server. Phpbb3 forum (with site/cookie name changed to the onion address).
mod_status disabled (I recall there being a different status with fancy graphs that needs to be disabled too). ServerTokens/Signature reduced.
The hidden service is hosted on a different port, with a dummy site on 80. VirtualHost is set to so that the site only goes through tor. ServerName is set to the onion address. Do I need to use any other apache settings like "Require host"?
Mail functions disabled. SSH/FTP accounts will be limited, and unavailable through the onion address. Mysql limited to local access, and a weak user is used for phpbb3.
Would anyone be interested in taking a quick look for ip leakage if I PM the address? Is there anything I'm missing?
I also need a favor. Would anyone here be willing to create a subreddit for my site and then transferring ownership to one of my accounts? I have an eligible reddit account that I'm 97% sure I've only used through tor, but I don't want to take the risk.
EDIT: Here's a cloned setup people can checkout. I appreciate any help/advice.
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