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After building my first ZCash mining Node I decided to do some sentiment research on Bitcoin. Particularly to try and find dissenting voices among technologists with a strong track record. I found a number of skeptics among economists but not many technologists. First up, Glenn Fleishman who publishes The Magazine on Medium and who our readers may know as a contributor to The Economist's Babbage blog From Medium: On the Matter of Why Bitcoin Matters Marc Andreessen was a big part of turning the Web into a mainstream experience, but seems to misunderstand Bitcoin profoundly, writes Glenn Fleishman. The journalist Glenn Fleishman, with whom Mr. Andreessen has been spiritedly debating Bitcoin on Twitter for several days, wrote a strong critique of Mr. Andreessen's thinking. Much of the argument is about the mathematics, or whether Bitcoin is deflationary, or the way in which the creation of new Bitcoins burns increasing amounts of ... His conclusion for now seems to reflect the thinking in Glenn Fleishman’s response to Andreessen, in that he recognizes the technical importance of Bitcoin and its ability to implement de-centralized digital transactions, yet is skeptical of its future as a payment mechanism and currency. A mantra among cryptocurrency investors is “HODL.” The phrase originated in a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Forum message board by an admittedly less-than-sober investor attempting to ...

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Bitcoin BREAKOUT! Stocks Recovered! AAPL Beat Earnings! Ep. 843 - Crypto Technical Analysis

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